Ywn run your tongue all over Hideri's butt

>ywn run your tongue all over Hideri's butt
Why live?

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I'd rather use my d*** if you know what I mean.

>all over
I'd rather get my tongue deep within that sweaty boybutt.

>sweaty boybutt
Fucking God YES!

What a fucking slut.

I'm not gay so I'm fine.

Fuck you faggots stop posting traps, I don't want to be gay.

What kind of top both goes below your ass and also has no back whatsoever? Are fashion designers just butchering their own clothes to sell them at higher prices like ripped jeans?

Threadly reminder that the meme sweater scene was invented by the anime team to pander to trapfags and does not exist in the anime.


* does not exist in the manga

He is wearing a Virgin Killing Sweater.
Basically a meme clothing that was popular for some time in 2017 with the sole purpose of being lewd and slutty.

Bless the anime team then.

New doujin that was scanned last week. It's on sadpanda

I feel like scent is a big part of sex appeal which is why traps would be pretty gross irl if you're straight. That and the hair in places where you wouldn't want it to be.


>What is deodorant/perfume
>What is waxing/shaving

In real life you can't put on a wig and women's clothing and be mistaken for being a girl.

That's why 3D will never meet 2Ds perfection

>implying traps don't take care of themselves and that sweaty boibutts do not smell nice

Traps are not gay

>the hair in places where you wouldn't want it to be
3DPD females have that too.


True, but not as bad as guys. Maybe I'm just a bit hairier than average so that skews my perception.

The virgin killer part was probably the best moment for Hideri.

Hideri likes fucking older men.

Why is he so hot? He doesn't even try to act feminine.

Is it just considered a fetish? Is the heavy appeal in the taboo aspect of it? For most guys, I don't think they'd ever want to do stuff with another guy irl after all.

Is he bi?

And he always keeps his smug face.
He's unfazed even by most kinky acts.

Good doujin, but I imagine Hideri would get a little more aggressive once his switch is turned on.
Still visible for me.

like me?

This makes a lot more sense now, thank you user.

Where's the doujins of him geting fucked by men?

user, don't project.



It's true.
Hideri is a smug slut.

why is hideri :3?

Smug slutty boi~

forced cuteness

How hard would you need to fuck Hideri to get rid of the smug?


You just have to make him cum before you do. But the moment you do cum, his smug comes back

Hideri a semen demon.

Is this faggot going to be added to Kirara Fantasia?

>gray hair like an old man
>5head like an balding old man
mistakes were made
no taste faplets will cherish poor design regardless. Enjoy settling for "good enough" and never having a 10/10 trap emerge from your shit coddling.

Imagine being this gay.
5heads are cute.


I want Hideri to sit on my face so i can eat his sweaty boi butt.

Trapfags will latch onto anything, more news at nine or something. That said Hideri is more likeable than the anime made him out to be, not even his design they could get right. Non that any of that matters since all people are going to remember is some tryhard fanservice.

improved in 5 seconds with paint

It still has room for some more improvements

He is still not sucking my dick so it's not a big improvement.

That's actually closer to how he should look. Granted, I tried drawing him and that fringe is hell to get right. But I'm shit at drawing.

A glass full of chunky semen would be an improvement.

nigga you got chunks in your semen?

Chunky means also thick.

No it doesn't, admit you were wrong

is teal/light blue the color of traps?


Lol this motherfucker has chunks in his cum and he's trying to walk it back

Y'all fucking GAY

Where do you think we are?

i want to have sex with his feet

when will you queers just admit you're gay and stop shitting up my anime

No I don't know what you mean, please elaborate

You can't outline for shit, user.

>implying it's not the same shitposter who's been making all these Hideri threads in the last two days


You want us to kiss our sisters?


I'd rather that than your brother you absolute homosexual

its not gay if its 2d, its just a drawing its not real



would Hideri be okay with getting fucked by guys?

Gross, hairy smelly man butt.

>hairy butt
>smelly butt
>man butt

I'm going to 'F' Hideri's 'A'!

That only makes it hotter somehow.

Sup Forums lied to me again.

The place is filled with images of hideri , and everyone telling me the show is good becouse of the trap.

went to see the whole thing and hideri barely appears on that anime and most of the time does not do anything that funny.

Same happend with that girl from kemono friends , it literally appears on 1 episode and only for a few minutes

Every time I look at his face I can see Spurdo.



Hideri was main character of the best episode if nothing else. Maika is super cute too!

Traps and trap lovers should be nailed to a cross.

I thought the Romans liked traps?



does he have gross man hands under those gloves?

That's just gross.

Traps aren't gay if they don't like guys.

Still not sure what you mean




Reminder that Hideri is S T R A I G H T. You filthy degenerates wouldn't be able to so much as sniff his boy butt consensually

That's not true.
All Hideri cares about is attention, so if guys love him as a cute idol then he doesn't mind.