I cannot figure out if this series is good or if it is just blatant wish fulfillment that the neet mmo girl would get a...

I cannot figure out if this series is good or if it is just blatant wish fulfillment that the neet mmo girl would get a chad that just happens to play mmos.

Who the hell plays mmos in 2018 anyway.

Why not both?

It's was AOTY last year so lets go with it's good.


Yeah. What with FIFA2018, PUBG, and LOL.


It's fine. I expected it to be embarrassing with the premise, but it turned out to be a cute little romance story.

>a chad
don't use this dumb /r9k/ term, also that's not what the guy was in any way, shape or form

Until episode 5 it's good, then it's
>just blatant wish fulfillment that the neet mmo girl would get a chad that just happens to play mmos

Do the people that make this questions have never watch anime before or they just wanted to asobo with us?

It's a piss poor adaptation, shilling and general wish-fulfilment. Same story could've been told in 3 episodes. A solid 5/10

>AOTY last year
Maybe if it was the only anime you watched in 2017.

>Same story could've been told in 1 OVA

>literal limpwristed cuck salaryman who nearly ruins the show
Try actually watching anime before shitposting about them

>it's one more anime where "development haircut" happens on long haired girl
This anime is shit, period.

FATE is a great literary series. Stop shitting on Psycho-Pass dude. It has high ratings!

>play MMO
>deeply bond with another player
>said player is conviniently a good looking single guy of your age
>manage to bump into him several times IRL, world is small huh?
>his only friend was your coworker
>said player who is a perfect match for you, who bumped into you multiple times and has a friend who knows you and can act as an intermediary was also your best friend in an old MMO you played
What are the fucking odds? The series was extremely lazy and predictable. Literally just watched it for Mori-chan and I don't regret it.

I binged this anime last night. It had such a fucking generic """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""romance"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ending where NOTHING happened except fucking hand-holding. Holy shit Japan go fuck yourself.

>What are the fucking odds?

You've never watched a romcom?

>binged this anime last night

Same here. By ep 9 I realized that they won't even kiss and that I fell for another manga bait garbage.

>NOTHING happened except fucking hand-holding.
And that is how you know it was true love. The Japanese are fucked like that. Any overt sexuality and it would of been considered a henti or echi rather than a "real" love story.

So are they both virgins or what? Their behaviour kind of implies that but I still have to ask.

NTR b8 threads were fun
Half of the Sup Forums retards dropped it after that.

Don't remember haircut-development happening in Fate.
Psycho-pass is average in first season (it has good idea, but meh implementation), but second season is crap.

>Literally just watched it for Mori-chan
And even then she was ruined at episode 5.

>So are they both virgins or what?

>NOTHING happened except fucking hand-holding
That's because this anime is about love.
Anime showed that they love each other and nothing more is needed.
It's not a murrica where making out in public is normal.

Neh, I like both the messy NEET Mori and the elegant mature one.

It's the guy writing it. He can't write relatable characters for shit.

That's when I dropped it.

Closer to the latter than the former but it does MMOs more justice than most series that dabble with them.

I always drop anime when that shit happens.

I do, that's why I found this show to be incredibly predictable and lazy, it abused those coincidences way too much.

>it abused those coincidences way too much
Usually in romcoms convenient coincidence is just used to START the plot, but here it's the coincidence that starts, moves and ends the plot.
It's just too much.

>Literally just watched it for Mori-chan
That's not how you spell Koiwai.

I found his constant teasing annoying.

Nope, it was shit.

>not playing Vina Teelo

Nah, it was up there, 2017 wasn't a great year

>people getting mad at the haircut
holy shit, how low can this board sink?

Maybe if there was an actually good MMO to play, there would be a reason to. Don't say FFXIV.

I thought this show was alright but not even top 5 for me. 2017 wasn't that bad.

>implying there could be anything worse than female character cutting her long hair off

Your existence is way worse than that.

Woman that cuts her hair short doesn't deserve to be called woman.

Anime based on an unfinished romance manga/LN is a recipe for disaster.

It's ok to accept you'll never be a decent human being.