Post the most emotive moment on series. I'll start

Post the most emotive moment on series. I'll start.


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Why didn't Goku go seek out Gohan when he died in Z the first time?

>he doesn't read raw manga

He was too busy training to fight the saiyans.
Real question is why didn't he meet him when he died the second time, he was dead for like 7 years.
Maybe he did.

because toriyama decided to change his characterization and make him not care about family despite his original reasoning for protecting the dragon ball was familial devotion

My son, my grandpa or rice?



1. Jiren
2. Goku
3. Toppo
4. Vegeta
5. Frieza
6. Gohan
7. 17
8. Dyspo

3, 4, 5 are difficult to conclusively place but based off the spoilers with Toppo I’m inclined to put him as third. I put vegeta fourth due to new powerup (however terrible it may be). Frieza fifth because effectively controlling his ki doesn’t necessarily make him stronger. We know he was stronger than resurrection F era vegeta and Goku but that was long ago. I have Gohan at 6 but I fully expect him to have some sort of power up based off the massive push for him prior to the tournament. 17 is seventh but has definitely outperformed most of the fighters. Dyspo is super fast but I do not believe he is very strong at all.

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>or rice



Saike Matashitemo.

I actually think more of the emotion comes from the build up with how Hizu was willing to sacrifice an innocent person to save Saike even though Saike himself was ready to die.


Most triggering page in manga history.

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It's a shame Grandpa Gohan was a pervert

Did TFS ever use this joke? Sounds too good to let pass by.



Goku is not a very attentive father if you hadn't guessed.

He was raised by Gohan and spent most of his childhood with him.

Gohan on the otherhand just appeared out of Chi-Chi's inside out, ballsless cock one day.

You could post so much shit from the Jinchu arc if you want to evoke feels.

Sort of. But with Vegeta