Mary Sue Thread

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We are the knights who says ne?

Attack on garbage is full of them

Kato is actually a good one.



AOT has many OP characters, but they all play for different teams to keep it interesting.

More like a boring one, those are the worst kind.


my memories of fma are pretty weak but didn't he get humilated countless times?

>it's literally everyone's fault but hers
>s-she didn't fail, Camelot was fated to fall
>people hate her because she's too perfect!
such a cancerous piece of crap


He gets pretty fucked up a lot and made fun of, hes a very competent alchemist though and has the edge of not requiring a circle.


Nice bulge down there.

those body looks disgusting

This. This yucky body is absolutely disgusting.

>western normalfag "art"


Now to bust a rhyme without further ado, take it away Mary Sue!

Is there anything this holy Saint can't do?
>Bonus: Super Saiyan mode unlocked if pregnant and starved.


>Who is Reiner and Zeke


Way too messed up as a person to count.