It's matsu monday once again.

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What was karamatsu taxi about?

is Jyushimatsu farting going to be the new Tottyface they overuse?

What Sup Forums boards would they browse?

AU skit show with Karamatsu as a useless taxi driver

Very cute Karamatsu AU.

/h/ /e/

They're all Sup Forumstards.

I'm happy for more much-needed Kara focus but bummed that it has to be AU stuff.

You're stolling down the streets of Akatsuka ward when suddenly this approaches you. What do you do?

Jar skit had sextuplets acting stupid for the sake of acting stupid, but Totty quiz had some really funny parts (like the Choro burn).


Next week has Cute Neighbor.
Same title as the Oso-kun story.

Beat it up.

Ask for his hand in marriage.

But it's mafia AU Kara, so maybe I wouldn't be so forward.

Why was he mad at Totoko at the end? I can't into Japanese.


I liked it! It was a fun, perfectly serviceable episode. Nothing hugely memorable aside from Karamatsu's taxi but there was variety and plenty of good gags.

Wonder where Osomatsu is then immediately start looking for my wallet.

Call the trigger-happy cop from -kun.

Matsubara finds a way to limit Karamatsu however possible. No true delivery skit all the way to this season.

She went to a job interview but beats me why he's mad.

Yeah, he hates his guts. I was even glad for the amount of not-au skits, but he wriggles his way out of this one still. I wanted a legit skit of Kara trying to be a taxi driver. AUs always feel like a cop-out.

'Cause she was playing up the cool big sister angle, like she actually knew what she was talking about and was in a position to give advice about work and getting your life together. Then he realized she was lying the whole time.


It's dead

>It lives in the sewer system
>Iyami lives under a bridge

>Iyami also thoroughly hates children

It's all coming together. They're even similarly immortal.


I was wondering when you'd show up.


No, it's not.

>only friend and accomplice is a child (Chibita)
>bought all that shit for Chibita's baby
>hates children

Fool, you should know matsu is an evergreen.

Discotek got 80s kun but no word on if there are plans to stream it on Crunchyroll or what of the 60s version yet.

no one cares

yet you still responded, here's your (you)

responding takes few seconds and I forgot about that post right after hitting submit
Doesn't change the fact that no one gives a shit about -kun

ichimatsu is for esp nyanko

Look at this too cool for Sup Forums anonymous.

that looks disgusting. Even more so when you remember that Nyanko has a voice of an old man



Smells almost like a rat up in here. or a Furrett.

What was the -kun story about?

apparently there are two chapters with that title, one being about some literally who girl and the other about Iyami wanting to fuck some chick next doors
how exciting

A new cute girl moves next door and sextuplets and Chibita screw up trying to impress her.
At least that's the story that's been animated before.

You mean Honkan? He's gotta deal with Bakabon's dad, he doesn't got time to save you now user.

I care, that other user cared, people in Non-matsu circles I told about it cared.

Then again you're probably watching S2 out of spite anyway. Get outta here with that shit, nobody asked for your edgy backhanded responses.

Ichimatsu is for bitter loneliness and despair.

Giving the "Ko" in "Nyanko" a whole new meaning.

>Not signing your life away ton the Yakuza for a chance to be with creepy 2.8D Kara
Get bent.

Humans are out of question, otherwise he would be Nya-chan fan too.

Ask him where I can find Iyami and fast

Fuck man I made a thread not realizing there was another one, my bad

Nyan-chan is a fucking poser

At least you didn't get warned like me. I really wish you can delete your own thread if hardly anyone has posted in it yet.

Yeah it sucks
You take that back fuckface

I get the feeling he only doesn't like Nyaa because she's a "fake fan" of cats like said.

Good, I'm not the only one that hates nyaa chan

musceru musceru!

I've noticed patterns for few months in people hatewatching this season that either
a. pretend to like the original kun so they can go on a moral crusade of how san made the sextuplets predatory rapists
b. they hate it because its old and think only autists would like it, but wind up infodumping on their own shit-tier kinks with Ichimatsu where nobody asked.

You're just plain fucking wrong though because I've spoken to tons of people who care about -kun. Not as many as -san but they exist, and are in non matsu circles too. You're factually wrong and need to take this elsewhere. I don't understand why people like you go out of their way to shut down people who take the time to look into the history and the prior works related to a series they're passionate about.

When HorribleSubs translate lines like "Fappumatsu" or "Shittymatsu" is that what they are actually saying in japanese or some cultural equivalent?

>How San made the sextuplets predatory rapists

Shikomatsu is from shiko-shiko which is the sound effect for fapping.
Kusomatsu is simply "Shitmatsu."

they're about right.
fappymatsu= shikomatsu
shittymatsu= kusomatsu

You see a train of disembodied kuns coming at you, what do you do?

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot about your 10 hipster friends.
I'm sure the eleven of you are enough to carry that shitshow on your own.

Maybe not in the west but Japan sure gives a shit about it. In fact why are you trying to start an argument over this?

Only 13 eps in so far but i notice that they seem to avoid showing any of the digital aspects of modern life.

If you HONESTLY think it's just hipsters watching -kun you're part of what's giving this fanbase a bad name.

Yeah you're right and it's retarded. No wonder it's so hard to get new fans now.

why exactly would Japan give a shit about an English release?

Because Japan's pretty far behind with that stuff, computers/tablets arent nearly as commonplace as they are here.

That's not the point, you sounded like you were saying no one gave a shit about kun in general, which isn't true.

>If you HONESTLY think it's just hipsters watching -kun
There is literally no other reason to watch it other than to be a smug elitist cunt

Considering Akatsuka HIMSELF wanted -kun to become a worldwide property (same with Bakabon) It's safe to say somebody cares. Besides that's ignoring that there's still people in the west that are actually passionate about this. There was a guy who worked at nick who was a -kun fan before -san even happened for god sake.

>-kun was released in English
>no one cares
>"you sounded like you were saying no one gave a shit about kun in general, "
Are you feeling well, user?


>Implying people don't find it entertaining
>implying there's a reason to watch ANYTHING in the grand scheme of things
>Implying Iyamifuckers don't exist
You're living in a bubble user.


Why did they take away the ability to do that anyway? I remember you used to be able to delete your own threads

Yeah I'm fine, I looked back. I know that you said "no one" cares, but you have no evidence to back that up and frankly we have the higher ground, so I'd just give up

Yeah, Bob Boyle to be exact, if you look in the back of this picture he's got Ataro stuff and what appears to be a Matsu figure.

Oso: /h/
Kara: /fa/
Choro: /r9k/
Ichi: /d/
Jyushi: Sup Forums
Todo is the only one I'm not too sure about

What did he work on again? If its anything pre 1997 I wouldn't know

You fucking moron we've just passed that point, you're still objectively wrong and repeating yourself won't help

If you can repeat yourself I can too.

>Todo is the only one I'm not too sure about
/fa/ and /soc/
I think it was because people abused it and would delete threads in the middle of discussion.

i watched through the whole christmas episode expecting something to happen but it really was just fujowank


It's just bait, I'd ignore it

Wow Wow Wubbzy and Yin Yang Yo.

Granted not the best of stuff, but it's proof people in the west, let alone someone in the industry cares about -kun.


The only objective truth is that literally no one gives a shit about -kun and your "circle of friends" won't be enough to keep that shit going.

>Granted not the best of stuff
I only know the second one because people on Sup Forums tend to post it in terrible cartoons thread. What the hell, that's sad.

You have to have a pretty thick head if you actually believe that

Ignore the wanky hunter, post your best little or big matsus.

You're the dense one here. Because, by law of averages, and definitive proof from people online that post about -kun, there's more than just "elitist hipsters"

I get it. YOU don't like -kun. That's ok. But this is an Osomatsu thread, and that means people are probably GOING to post about it. You bitching and whining wont change that.

Is this some new tumblr meme?

You know what I actually made a mistake and thought you were the person who was talking shit about kun, my bad