…nope. I'm not making this fucking mistake again.

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Its fun if your like world building and cute girls.
But from your post your probably not going to like it so just drop it now.

Will there be motor vehicles?

>12 weeks later

Watched the first episode and pretty sure it's just like that smartphone shit.

it's not, it actually has a story.
if you don't believe me reed the manga.

No, but the MC goes to the local bar and shag some whores in each town he arrive, blueballing all the femcucks that follow him.

The only thing that can save this show is if they don't fuck up pochis voice

Why the hell did they think that making MC sound like the world's most flamboyant faggot was a good idea?

i think its cute since he is suppose to be an adolescent.

See you next episode

Smartphone was good though

No; smartphone was just harmless, trashy fun without much seriousness. This shit is actually tryng to "worldbuild" and have a proper theme, which just makes it even worse.

>Death March
>NTRs literally the entire main cast for random whores, only settling on a primary love interest in the form of a side character introduced after volume 10
That said, it's probably a harem end. In fact, I would literally not be surprised if the MC just becomes god and uses omnipotence to be everywhere at once to fuck every 3 to 3,000,000 year old he came across that showed a passing interest in him.

It's not even good harem, since he actively chooses outside girls over them.

Picked up.

>it's not, it actually has a story.
I haven't watched the anime, but the smartphone wn has 3-4 different fucking storylines.
>building a harem of demigoddesses with the god radiation leaking from his super body
>isekai UN/nation building (this and the prior could be lumped into one considering that's how he gets most of his wives)
>isekai atlantis shit
>alien invasion

Smartphone was fun to watch. This was a grind.
>oh i've woken up in an mmo world with a broken ui and i accidentally gained more levels than god
It spent so much time focusing on how terrible his job is that I can tell it's going to take itself way too seriously, so fuck it, I'm not wasting my time.

>it's going to take itself way too seriously
The literal plot is MC decides to use his god powers to tour the world while cooking. Every single conflict breaks down to "Well I'm already here with my god powers and everything and demons are~ assholes."

It wouldn't get serious until like season 4 at the earliest if they're faithful to the books in the least.

Fuck's sake, there's a scene where MC gets shitfaced with a talking dragon.

wait until the girls appear before dropping it at least

>take itself way too seriously
I don't know I was having the time of my life laughing when the isekai part started. Shit just escalated to the point that I'm pretty sure the staff know how fucking stupid this is but is still rolling with it hard.

>Shit just escalated to the point that I'm pretty sure the staff know how fucking stupid this is but is still rolling with it hard.
It's this to a T

If the girls are a selling point why were none of them in the first episode?

because they are idiots and fucked up

So if my understanding is correct based on what people said about the happenings in the first episode, MC is basically a genocidal maniac. Is this correct?

May pick this up if this is true.

He's definitely a sociopath at the very least. I dropped the WN god knows how long ago and he definitely comes across that way most of the time.


>He's definitely a sociopath at the very least

MC literally sneaks meat in the vegetarian girl's food for weeks to make her get used to the flavor. Really fucked up if you ask me.

>BTFOs vegans

He’s a sociopath, but at the same time pretty based

That's really mean, though. If someone doesn't want to eat meat you shouldn't force them to.

Fuck vegans

That's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Death March.
Do not watch it, in all honesty.

he pretty much has no empathy and does what he feels like even if it makes no sense.


Flit pls

>no empathy
Huh? He's subtly helping basically everyone that doesn't threaten his tours.
Not starting a revolution because of slavery doesn't mean he has no empathy.

Level 310 inside 10 minutes of the first episode, That should be raising alarm bells.

Why are you still here.

I blame the shitty devs.

they explain at some point that maxing his Mind stat makes him more resistant to feelings of guilt and things like that, probably thats what make him appear as having no empathy


Rather than no empathy he just doesn't have a hero complex. He doesn't like taking unknown or significant risks, but he helps people all the fucking time when it's within his power to safely do so.

This isn't fucking Overlord or Tsuki ga, MC is in no fucking way a sociopath.


Man I don't even like this show but even I'm pissed that CR is too god damn lazy to sub the UI. From what I can understand, that's like half the fucking point of the series.

how else will people be able to self insert ?

fuck off cr nigger

I'd insert myself into an elf or wolfgirl.

Thanks for the update, please keep us posted OP

>This isn't fucking Overlord or Tsuki ga, MC is in no fucking way a sociopath.
Nice to see someone who actually reads this shit and understands.

See you next week OP.

>sneaks meat in the vegetarian girl's
That's pretty normal, a lot of parents do that, been doing that for 6 years since my niece suddenly thought veganism was cool, for some reason.

SAO and GGOA when?

LH picked up Black Summoner.

Read The Seed of Evolution

MC starts as a subhuman and marries a gorilla. He also marries a donkey later on.

>Inb4 Re:Monster rape.

No thanks


>I've been sneaking meat in my niece's mouth for 6 years
I'd love to hear more.

Mango >Anime > LNs imo

She's a vegetarian not because of moral reasons, but because she's not use to eating meat.

they're daughterus, not for lewd

Maybe the handful of manga you read.

Yeah, that first episode was pretty garbage.

Still waiting for an isekai where the broken self insert is a tank role character, that would be somewhat fun to watch I think.

but then how would he dps?

I thought that one about the guy who only has a shield was like that.

is anyone subbing this so ill actually understand the UI?

Honestly I only read this trash for Pochi, Tama, and Liza. As long as the anime delivers on those three, I'm happy.

THIS i can't get into this anime because every time he brings up the ui; i've no fucking clue what he's doing and the pop ups are near fucking constant.

>29 year old autism programmer
>Transported to new world for no reason
>Op powers no reason
>now 15 so he can fuck lolis
Who tf wrote this shit

Just Pochi and Tama, not the others.

he buys a slave

One day you will come to appreciate this genre of anime.
Yes, it's stupid and repetitive wish fulfilment but that is what makes it great.
In no other medium this kind of shit would survive and ultimately that's what anime and manga is.
It's not supposed to be taken seriously, it's just some author delusion shared with anyone who just wants to have mindless and stupid fun.

If you don't like or understand this you can't enjoy this medium.

westerns can't enjoy things without realism in it, they need edgy grimdark shit on their shows, not like life isn't a shitehole already, no we gotta be reminded constantly that everything is shit.

He only loves one girl and actively tries to marry her. He has no romantic interest in the other girls.

Wasn't the wind mage girl, the first female he met in the new world, his primary love interest?

>no reason
begone mal fucker, this board doesn't welcome you

He just has other people dps or even does environmental damage like setting the cave on fire while he walks through the flames to loot or some shit, tired of the DEX and INT characters.

That feeling when manga and anime MCs are finally younger than you

not in the WN at least

>wasting your life on the same shitty isekais when you can watch and read something thought provoking

>Shes a virgin not because of moral reasons, but because she's not used to eating cock.

>7.6k follows

That's 20k less than Citrus, yuri campers or sword mikos.

Dead on arrival.

You are missing the point.
Yes, you can invest your time in something better, I never said otherwise.

>now 15 so he can fuck lolis
No one in that world cares. It would actually be hotter if he was 29 IMO.

Death march is a cooking anime with zero conflict and plot, all they have to do is make the world seem comfy because that's all the anime has going for it.

summoners literally the biggest soyboy class of every rpg in existence. Always shit faggots.
>guys new manga about summoners!
fuck off loser, you're ACTUALLY SOOOOOOO CRINGE OMG.

>yuri campers
is actually what deathmarch wishes it was a comfy anime about people being an environment they aren't used to.

>No one in that world cares.
unironically this he could a 100 loli slaves and people wouldn't bat an eyelid


>Its fun if your like world building and cute girls.
>Implying I want to be lectured on his generic fantasy world

why do you hate summoners so much senpai?
it's pretty much the ultimate isekai class.
>Summon someone else to do the work for you
Yeah mages are cooler, but they can't be called the class that actually really embodies the japan isekai spirit.

At at least one point he was waiting for Lulu to be older, that's probably changed by now though.
And if they did, at least one kingdom would be too frightened of angering him to say anything about it.

it will be cute

Figures a beta fag like you would lump in mages as a second best. Is fighting from afar, or commanding a souless pawn to do so, your form of compensating for your low test physical capabilities? Your pigeon toed, outward facing elbows elbows, and child bearing hips are unsuited for battle. Fuck off fag.

At least the guy get some pussy, he had to pay though.

You're not missing much aside from a nice lizard, but she gets no screentime anyway because she's not loli.

Tell me this isn't going to turn into another smartphone and that it will actually have a good plot with world building and character development.

>now 15 so he can fuck lolis
>still fucking cakes.
Based MC honestly


Is the manga that different from the WN?