What the fuck was her problem?

What the fuck was her problem?

I watched the first season of Love Live to get some context from the doujinshi's, what happened between Maki and Nico in S2?

Nothing, in the anime none of the yuri is canon.
but once an anime ends, all doujin are canon

Why is Nico so rape-able bros?

She was tired of normie bandwagoners who couldn't be arsed to make an effort
Turns out the rest of the cast wasn't normie bandwagoners and that they actually could make an effort


Maybe not in the anime but in the manga it is.

But why is MakiNico so popular? Something must have happened in S2 because in S1 they just talk like two times.

She is laughing at your shit tier cropping skill

because black + red looks aesthetic. I personally think blue + red looks better.

Good taste.

It does.

Is Nico a good character or a meme

I like her and thats all that matters

And nobody even considers Umi and Honoka.

Umi and Honoka do.

She's the most interesting character in the show

She has no father to correct her of her slutty gay ways.

she has good design


Meme, of course.

a nico meme?