1 day until we can read the preview

Classroom of the elite Volume 7.5 preview is Out tomorrow. And seems that a New Synopsis Is Out , and says that Satou want to ask Karuizawa to do a plan for her date .

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First for whorikita a shit.

For the illustration , i can say that There are saying :
"Please help me "
" Ok , leave it to me!"

At what time is the preview out?

IDK , maybe in the evening or in the Night.

I love you I really love you Sudo-san!!

Why in every post Is this fucking picture , shit .

new round

Kei a best.
Ichinose a second best.
Sakayanagi a third best.

Arisu, Horikita, and Ichinose are top 3.

every post until you like it


About right. Tho that bead of sweat on karuizawa's has a line of its own: "Why am I helping Sato get close to my man? This better fall apart fast"

We're all looking forward to some NTRxbetrayal, but I don't think it's coming just yet. As for vol 7.5, supposing Kiyopon actually meets with satou with the attitude that it's a date and not hunting for pawns, he'll fuck it up anyway and satou's interest will dwindle. Or it'll dwindle just because karuizawa brakes up with hirata. Then karuizawa will sit back and relax in status quo again.
Kinugasa's ballsy and all, but I doubt he'll give us everything we want right away, he'll steam the romance stuff nice and slow too

>"I ship it"

Most agreeable taste.

Since its online, hopefully it comes out at midnight on 17th in Japan. Which would be 2PM in Europe tomorrow, 3PM in UK, 10AM on East side of US and 7AM on West side of US


It's too early for Karuizawa to break with Hirata. Kiyopon is likely to delay her decision until the end of the Nagumo arc.

>Rival Rank
Koenji >> Arisu = Ichinose > Nagumo > Ryuen > Katsuragi = Horikita > Kushida

Anime version makes male characters look a lot better.

OTP will come true soon.

Nah Kiyopon is not handsome in anime.

reposting user's link:
trial/preview read, when enabled, can be accessed be as depicted

look handsome to me

He'll interpret that decision of hers as her being even more dependent on him, he won't be against that. What he may want to avoid is her getting in contact with him (Kiyopon) after that, which would attract attention. Tho not necessarily, after all it's not odd that classmates hang out.

Cripple-chan is best girl.

>It's too early for Karuizawa to break with Hirata
Nah its pretty likely actually. It was hinted in Volume 7 during Sakura and Hasebe's conversation and considering Kinugasa said this volume will focus on Karuizawa's romance and her surroundings then frankly I'd be surprised if they don't break up. That doesn't mean she should instantly hook up with 50% either, in fact he'll probably tell her that their relationship still needs to be kept secret.

Nagumo is going to dick Ecchinose how is he lower than her?

The bestest, anyways.

Horikita is still best girl.

For Sudo.

for Sudou

I'd put Ichinose under Nagumo.
In said list too.
She might one day be better than him, after all her growth was foreshadowed in vol 4 when Hoeshinomiya said "there's still something missing" (that she has to learn), and I don't think her bout with 50% in vol 4 was what that was. I think this StuCo experience will show her what it means to play with guys that play really dirty like Nagumo and 50%. And so she'll grow.

One of the top best.

Keifags after the event yesterday crying because they had nothing to hit Horikitafags
it was very funny to see their disappointment

>>Slightly depressed but nonetheless I'm still thankful
> It's quite sad we didn't even get an OVA but given the director we had I think it's better we didn't get anything because it'll all be a Horikita fest otherwise
>Really? Nothing at all?
>Unfortunately, the purpose of this event is still unknown. The voice actors playing dice game etc. The VAs talked about Youkoso anime. Fans enjoyed watching the VAs
>What the fuck was the point of this event then?

>Well that's a disappointment. I was expecting there to be something
>The last bit of hope I didn't know I still had has just been snuffed out. There's still the LNs and 7.5's trial reading is just around the corner so I'll make do with that. Don't fucking lose hype guys, 7.5 is coming out next week!

Keifags Btfo
they promised us that Horikitafags is going to be Btfo with the event but nothing is happening
the photos on the event are practically all on Horikita
I think that 7.5 will also hurt the Keifags that are all swelling and full of hope but another girl will take the spotlight

Hi ESL-kun. I hope you're ready for another sweet dose of Kei x Ayanokouji.

Most people are disappointed there isn't S2, OVA, VN, nothing. At least, if they expected anything, they are. Seriously, aren't you? Anime would probably shill Horikita anyway. I don't get your point at all.

What's her "weak point" anons?
I say family issues. She fucked up something, probably abandoned family in need and has a fuckton of guilt she doesn't want to repeat with anyone again.

Horikita-chan is the cutest!

more NTR

title niga, title

>It's too early for Karuizawa to break with Hirata.

Best threesome.

We know, Ken.

Remember to ignore shitposters and bait. Keep it comfy.

>Family issues
Horikita already has that to some extent with her brother and there's also a possibility that Karuizawa was dometically abused (50% said her scar doesn't look like something a school kid would do). So I don't see Ichinose having family issues as well.
Does her weak point even have to be something dark in the first place? What if its something silly like being ticklish or she has a muscle fetish?

Now that Bato.to is almost dead, where shall my translation of Youkosou be uploaded to?

I'll probably post them here, I guess

>Nagumo Darkness

Endgame OTPs:

Karuizawa x Ayanokouji
Horikita x Sudo
Ichinose x Nagumo
Sakura x Ike
Kushida x Ryuuen
Sakayanagi x Albert

Her "long periods of absence" in middle school that this school couldn't get to the bottom of hint to me that it's family related. For kids that age it's either family issue or school issue. And the fact that it was unexplained hints to it being somewhat "dark".
I get what you mean, but "family issues" is pretty broad so it's not necessarily repetitive, and the Karuizawa scar is not confirmed family abuse, it could also be from a teacher or something.
>Does her weak point even have to be something dark in the first place?
Fair enough. Could be that boys like Nagumo are her weakness, but she only first discovers it with him.

and even more NTR

I dont think that Is his weak point , Is something from her middle school , maybe Nagumo knows that and Is blackmailing her?

Replace Sakura with Hasebe and you got it

So the event was not what people hoped for (S2). Not even an OVA.

They're the only two girls worth fighting for.

>worth fighting for
>not "paying" for

>worth anything at all
surely you meant Hasebe?

Why would she?

New art when

Hirata wants her to build a healthy and genuine relation with someone else as soon as possible, if she wants to break off, he will do so at once.

In 7.5, wait a bit

She went to a convent in middle school

Because her dependence on 50% is even greater than before and she no longer needs Hirata for his initial purpose. Because she developed a crush on 50% so she doesn't feel comfortable being in a relationship with Hirata even if it's for show. Because she wants to go for 50% herself. Because other girls started taking notice of 50% so if she breaks up with the main class D boy, he may start taking their attention.

Are you talking about the mangas?

Does anybody knows what's written on that arrow?

is there any site where I can read the novels in english? also which volumes does the anime cover


Thanks, user

His name?
Anime was till volume 3



Read here. Not sure if mediafire link is up to date

think we'll get an illustration in the preview?

thank you

50% wants to stay invisible so I'm sure that he will ask her to keep low too.

IDK, never seen a preview before. At least one or two would be nice.

It should be fine they ease into it, it'll just look like they become friends or better acquaintances over time.

Also (to ), they'll be more suspicious whenever they meet as in pic related if they don't normally interact

Didn't 50% exposed himself to entire C-class in the end of vol7? It doesn't matter now.

No he didn't.

Now he's too handsome. Abort, ABORT!

No, only to the 4 of them -- Ryuuen, Ibuki, Albert and Ishizaki. And they intend to keep it secret from everyone because they don't want it know they lost pitifully, especially that Ryuuen's been beaten at every turn. Have read Ibuki SS? She even lies to Shiina about it, who's supposed to be leading the class next (tho it's informal at this point). Their story is that an internal dispute happened and that's why Ryuuen's not leading anymore

Second season never

After what they did to the first season, that's good.

A damn shame. Outside of a few scenes and one bad episode the anime was really good.

Good. I don't want another love letter to Horikita in animated form at the expense of better girls from the faggot director.


I retake you director-sama, thanks to changes of scenes and characters and unnecessary episodes + use of unnecessary time. The anime was especially bad, if we forget the animation, the opening and the ending, ost.

So, yes season two never except if they consider this first season as original . Remake yes .

the designs are great though

Of course .

Well yeah. They got a hentai artist to do the anime version of the casts. Which was already done by a Hentai artist.

A shame. What was the point of this?

to watch cools VAs play and talk about stuff

I honestly agree. Aside from the episode that must not be named and a few scenes, the anime was good. To attest to that, the anime was in the top 10 for its season and 50% was one of the most ranked male characters as well.

Half of the scenes and all the screen times of the other girls


S2 would be worth just for seeing Sudo x Horikita OTP animated.

No romance. Sorry.

What happened to Kushida? I read that she betrayed the entire D class and everybody hates her or something? Also doesn't she attend the classes anymore?

A 4 5 OVA of Horikita's bottle or the bonus chapter would be fine. What a waste.

>more horikita

just no

t. director-kun

Christ. Can Keifags stop being trigger in here?