Sup Forums confessions

You've been a very bad person, but Gabu will forgive you if you confess your Sup Forums sins to her!

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I was here when Code Geass aired but I've not watched it to this day.

Fuck you gabriel, She is just a miserable cunt in all sense of the word.

I've never had a waifu but sometimes I really feel like making waifu posts.

I wasted 350 burger dollars on games and a console

I felt aroused looking at a girl that wasn't my waifu.

Jerked off to this picture

I only read manga. Anime isn't just the same.

I'll give you $50 bucks for your net games if you forgive my sins.

I watch anime ironically

I had bullied lolicons in the past and god punished me by turned me into one for my sins. As it turns out, being a lolicon feels good than what i was before. it was actually a blessing from God. Now me and the lolicons who used to get bullied by me in the past jerk off to loliporn together

the opposite for me

I don't like Gabriel.

I samefag to a ridiculous degree, and I've gotten incredibly good at it. It's to the point where I can influence the board's overall opinion on something and control the conversation in a topic entirely. Nobody has called me out on it, and it excites me. I love manipulating people!

>Now me and the lolicons who used to get bullied by me in the past jerk off to loliporn together
Sounds like god turned you gay too.

literally me

Was a horrible procrastinator during first quarter, and I used a VPN to vote up a specific option on a Strawpoll.

hey wait a minute...

insanity is a horrible thing

>anime is cringe cranked up to 200 percent
>manga is comfy


I only watch anime because I'm scared of real people.

I relapsed on heroin after two years clean last week. Forgive my degemerate ways gabu.


Aha, but what if what you think is the board's overall opinion is actually just me samefagging as well?

>inspect element
Pics like this lost all credibility

Nice edit.

I shitposted in VE threads for three (3) days without even watching the first episode and wrote a lot of false claims based entirely on screencaps.

I think Satania is better.

The retards who kept going "Wow, Asenshi's TV rip looks so bad compared to the Netflix web rip. Here's a dozen comparisons!" bothered me more than the shitposting for some reason.

How long until you develop multiple personality disorder, user?

They kinda deserved it, so it not that bad.

I haven't read or watched SnK I just shitpost in the threads.

>I haven't read or watched [Title] I just shitpost in the threads.
Like almost 90 percent of people here

I shitpost on threads about shows I enjoy.

I watch anime for my enjoyment, not for shitposting. i don't know if this a sin or not.

she is a violent bitch


I bought your shirt and I wear it in my house

I freaking love Dungeon Seeker, i'm disgusting.

I have never watched a lot of Sup Forums recommended shows because they look pretentious like NGE, Madoka, Lain, Galactic Heroes and some others like Code Geass, Monogatari series, Infinite Stratos, Fate series because they seem average to bad I guess.

I've never watched a single episode of Dragon Ball Z

Her show is shit just like Yuru Yuri and I don't want forgiveness from that cunt.

I like 2D traps but arent gay
I stream my anime
I havent watched Aria
Good CGI > handdrawn stuff

I want to fuck lolis so bad.

NGE is pretentious crap and a shitty meme. Watched it and thought it was decent, but nothing exceptional.

>I like 2D traps but arent gay

So 2D children?

I own 5 volumes of your manga series

Fictional, preferably from 2d japanese animation, lolis.

2D is different you smug bastard

So you like drawn dicks that much but not the real?
So you are 2D gay?

I only visited Sup Forums because I wanted to find some other loli lovers so we can tell each other how much we want some lolis. fuck reddit, fuck MAL, fuck ANN

What's your favorite kind of loli

I don't bother with sites like because I don't want to make any accounts or don't want to download because I read on my tablet with only 8 gb storage.
That's why I use adblock and sites like kissmanga

>like 2D traps
>not gay
pick one, gayboi

What is inspect element?

I can only enjoy CGDCT shows now. Every seasonal show that isn't just moeblobs doing nothing is boring to me now. It has retroactively changed my interests so that shows I once thought were good just suck because they have male characters or a plot. Yurucamp and Sora yori are infinitely more interesting than franxx this season. Kemono Friends and shoujo ryouko were better versions of made in abyss. I'm honestly starting to wonder if my love for lain is just because the pretentiousness accidentally lead to just long, drawn-out scenes of a girl doing nothing.

Is there a kind of loli you can dislike ? From this season it's Ai, in doujin the little sister blackmailing type.

Know any VN with lolis and high amounts of rape?

i care not for lolis

Sorry, I only started with VNs, no idea.

Kiznaiver was good.

Very funny, its different

defending it with plucking your ears and telling it is different should make you think, user. It is ok to be gay.

I give sauce in OPTs and actively participate in rec threads

Its just voxels, fantasies

Rec me a VN with lolis, high amounts of rape, and NTR

Gab, I jerked off to you so many times...

are you admitting to have gay fantasies? Even if the gay act is drawn? user...

Its not gay if its 2D and cute though. Who the hell would want to fuck a man

i unironically like the first few episodes of hxh

I'm the original Yuno poster
Please forgive me Gabrielu

I unironically like FFX-2

I've never watched Evangelion

Imagine being this excited at the thought of talking to yourself.

I don't really watch much anime anymore. Since 2012 or so I've been browsing this board far far more than I actually watch anime.

I only really watch airing kyoani shows and hyped up airing shows, and then the occasional completed show every third month or so.

Nice desune,gambatte

>All replies are within 2 minutes of eachother
>Has never been caught
>Inspecting the elements
Nice try, Sup Forumsnon

I have never watch Evangelion even though I know most of the story beats

I got to episode 13 and grew bored as hell

>just started getting into cgdct anime last year at 22
>just watched Cowboy Bebop last year, thought it was good
>never watched suzumiya huruhi
>never watched Evangelion
>prefer new simplistic anime style to the 2000s and 90s anime style
>never bought anime merch
>Paprika is one of my favorite movies

S-so how bad am I?

I watch anime movies on pornhub instead of porn.

What the fuck. That's some clever shit

When I spent a semester in Osaka, I threw away my plastic bottles with the cap still on.

I actually didn't know and no one ever calls you out on things if you do it wrong...

and straight to hell you go

>i haven't watched Aria
no forgiveness for you

I fucking love PTE but hate the fanbase

get my nigga melon pan out of your .png

My favorite anime is gurren lagann but I hate kill la kill

I think K-ON is the best anime of all time, but if anyone asks I tell them it's Cowboy Bebop.

I cried to Yu-Gi-Oh once.

That's not a sin, that's just being sensible.

which episode

Whenever I search for doujins of an anime I want to fap to, I always look for the mind break ones first.

I rated the first season of Toaru Majutsu no Index a 10/10 on MyAnimeList.

I stream all my anime. I am also pretty sure I wasted about 10 liters of semen by jerking off to Gab and Vigne.

I... I love you, Gabriel White Tenma!

I'll speedread most manga because i have to read it all in one session.

I'm with you for a lot of these