Are traps gay?

Would you suck his dick, user?


Traps don´t makes you gay, traps makes you a faggot

no because i want to be the trap not fuck the trap u retard
i dont want to suck some girly boys dick

They're gay. And yes.

/thread/ pic related

Would be better as "Schrödinger's Catboy (male)"

Damn, meant to write Catgirl (male) of course.

How big is it though?

I wouldn't suck his dick, but I'd jerk him off while I fuck him from behind.

Big. At least for good traps.

I definitely wouldn't because thats on a level of gay that I am not okay with, but I would fuck him

I'm a rather manly looking guy and i'm mostly straight but if it would be possible to become a qt trap that never ages i would do it in a heartbeat.

I would stick my tongue in his asshole and eat it for days.
No homo though.

I guess since I know he'd love me.

Granted I'd rather be a cute 2d girl, but I'd accept being a cute 2d trap.

i think maybe after some time to get used to it.
But no homo ofc.

Just being a loli is fine by me, but I'd take either or.

Sure if it's part of a healthy (or unhealthy) sexual relationship.

I never fap to traps or guys but would fuck astolfo without hesitation and even had an erotic dream with him, what the fuck?

Imagining Ruka be shy about his big dick is cute.

Where'd you get my CAT scan

Traps are fucking gay unless they're dressed as Shimakaze.

Traps are meant to show how we are trapped by heteronormativity. To think that it is the part of body like 'vagina' or 'penis' which causes attraction or desire is foolish way of thinking. Don't care for any stupid labels or Don't conform to any norms and don't be an insecure fuck and just fuck already without any care for other's biological sex.

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>she(male) protests, not because Mad Scientist is touching her dick, but because he's doing it in public.

Man, what a SLUT!

I am attracted to the idea of fucking the girl I love pregnant.
How would faggotnormatives accomplish this?

You could have just said
>draw a flat girl
>guy finds it attractive
>call it a guy
>"Hah, you're gay now"

Yes I would do that because I'm bi.

I like women and arent gay nor bi, but yes

>draw a flat girl
>guy finds it attractive
>call it a guy
>"hah, you're gay now"
>guys says "i am just joking there's no way for me to find that gay thing attractive"
>call it a girl
>"hah, you're gay now"
>guys says "i was just joking i want to fuck that fuckable thing so fucking hard"
>call it a guy
>"hah, you're gay now"
>guy goes "i don't fucking care now I'll just fuck that thing regardless of anything"

If you think traps are gay your dick is not working properly senpai

Wasn't that the timeline where Luka was actually a girl? Okabe was trying to find the dong but couldn't so he looked like huge perv in front of everyone

I'd rather she sucked mine.

No. Pic is from the Darling spin off.

How about a nice 69 instead

He has no dick if you believe it strongly enough. It's a picture, ffs. If dick isn't drawn on it there's no dick.

Very respectable discussion guys, with some great points on trying to debunk this trap thing once and for all.

Keep it going.


I'd let him suck my dick, I'd fuck him in ass. But I'd never suck his dick.


Only if he will eat my ass afterwards.

I can't remember the last time I saw someone this deep in the closet.

>But I'd never suck his dick.
Are you fucking gay?

>trap's dick is bigger than yours
Don't know how to feel about this

>draw girl
>call it a boy
to people who think traps are gay: what do you think the artist used as reference?

>implying i don't like traps
Everything is good as long as there's a consensual love.

what an ugly name for such a supreme cutie

God, I wish I liked women. Or men. Or anything real.

I've reached a point where I'd fuck anything 2D that's cute.

I just want to look cute in cute clothes without needing makeup, shaving, and possibly hormone treatment. Girls have it so nice it isn't fair

It really isn't. And they complain so much yet can do so

If I was a cute girl or trap I'd be so content

But user, women do need to shave constantly.

Shut up, don't ruin my dreams

Your image is retarded because a superposition stops existing the moment you measure it. The problem with the not/gay argument is that it's measured by subjective metrics rather than objective ones. The only thing that we can all agree on - I think - is that traps are gayer than women but less gay than men.

They can do the permanent hair removal and facial hair is less a problem

i've thought about getting that "permanent" hair removal but society is brutal.

>implying 3d women can be cute

I don't care if it's gay, I want him to facefuck me.

A better question.
Is it gay to be genderbent and fucked?

Girls also need makeup, shaving, and possible hormone treatment.

How come there is no trap tag on the sadpanda?

Does it really matter at that point? You'd be such a degenerate the label gay would be insignificant by comparison.

Since you would be a girl then, it would be completely straight to be fucked by a man.
Anyone who says otherwise believes in gender identity bullshit.

In real life it is because they all look like deranged men in wigs.
In anime/manga they are drawings of girls so it's less gay.

>clinging to not-degeneracy this much
C'mon, free yourself from your chains. It's much funnier and happier place this side of the barricades.



>3d shit
>less gay
yes 0% gay, see

Absolutely, I also want him to fuck my ass.
I'm not gay btw.

Have you read Firepunch? It has a pretty normie explanation of what being of wrong gender compared to your body imples.

Why would you assume my tongue-in-cheek jabbing is somehow based in reality? You think I'm in this thread out of spite?

Fucking a trap is absolutely not gay, it's just showing your dominant masculinity against a little girlyboy. Getting fucked by a trap or sucking a trap's dick is absolutely gay though.

So, you can be gay by being dominated by strong women even if they have no dicks?

I'd say this is where we all can agree.

Despite having the means to view the sufficient documentation on the meaning of superposition in quantum mechanics AND schrödinger's cat as an example to simplify it, the author still got it wrong.
This is just sad.

It's crossdressing:Male

You know what there's not enough of? Milf on trap femdom

If you like to be pegged by women you are half gay, you like women but still like getting fucked in the ass.


"male:crossdressing" with "tomgirl" hits everything besides a few shotacon stuff

>half gay
user that's bi, and you can't even be "bi" if you have heterosexual attraction exclusively. Regardless of who's fucking who.

Just them user

Traps aren't gay, but the people who want to fuck them are.

Not just gay. Traps are the gayest thing on earth

Yes. I want Astolfo to use his superior heroes strength to dominate me with his meaty cock.
Maximum homo.

But is it furry?

Animal face and fur are furry, animal-like accessories like ears and claws and teeth are not.

I want to have super gay sex with Astolfo!


Traps are super gay


Traps are trans fetishistic

traps are gay but I'm also bi so sure why not.

No one cares what tumblr thinks about anime

I'd suck his tongue. Gay enough.

I'm not gay but I would suck her dick in a straight way.

I'm not gay but I would let her cum on my face and fuck me in the ass.

Everything offends me!


>tfw no cute anime boy to brainwash into being my cocksleeve

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