Dragon Ball Super

Manga leaks anytime now

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I need my fucking manga fix soon now that Batoto is going down.

The Super manga is everywhere user

>that typesetting

>that pose

I wonder if it's Marcarita or Belmod the one who trains Toppo

Is Toyotaro involved with the movie?

We don't know at this time

Tori will probably want him to get involved

Is there anyone who can beat him?

Episode 126: Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow

>After Toppo becomes the new God of Destruction for Universe 11, he swiftly eliminates 17 and turns his attention to Vegeta
>Vegeta struggles to hold off GoD Toppo
>in order to beat him, Vegeta uses the same technique he used on Majin Buu, his ultimate technique the "Final Explosion"
>this kamikaze technique eliminates Toppo but it seems Vegeta did not survive the blast and has disintegrated out of existence
>but then, a light appears and Vegeta surfaces with black hair and silver eyes


Maybe a special chapter like the RoF one?

El grande hijo

Way to awesome for dbs


Why is Vegeta's SSJ Blue Ultra Instinct weaker then Goku's base Ultra Instinct?

>sacrifices his pride to protect the earth from the most powerful god in the universe
>neglects training so he can look after his family while his wife is pregnant
>is the only one to train properly for a tournament that will end his universe if they lose
>he is the only character to show any sort of actual fucking emotion after witnessing universes being erased in front of him
>is the only character to state that his wish will be to bring back the trillions of people who have died from this deathgame tournament
>unlocks a new level of strength after he realises just how much he wants to save everyone whos died

>never kissed his wife
>is literally viewed as a retarded potato by everyone
>doesnt care that universes are being erased
>laughs after U3 is erased
>falls into his own spirit bomb and then asspulls a form that GoDs cant attain
>says hes going to wish for something for chi chi instead of bringing back the trillions of dead people
>probably will end up using the wish to res fucking frieza of all people

Goku is shit in Super.

Caulifriends unite!


This is the same guy who gave a Senzu bean to Cell and approved him beating the shit out of his son because "powerup soon, maybe lmao"

Her body. What does her body smell like. I must know.

No one cares about the shitty DBS manga

Trick question. It smells like nothing.


>retarded nonsensical fanfiction
Why the fuck would Toppo become the new GoD? Does Belmod randomly decide to kill himself? Goddamn stupid YouTube spics, i swear

>SSJ Blue Ultra Instinct
It's not Ultra instinct you fucking retard.

>YouTube spics
You fucking moron.

Her friend is really cute.

>Episode 125 (28 January)
>Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!

Yes, he has a wicked sense of humour

>literally no argument
It'll be fun watching you dumb fucks get BTFO and cry about your shitty fanfiction being wrong.

Is there any sort of explanation in universe for what Saiyans have an infinite number of asspull superforms to draw upon whenever they need it?

Like in the entire history of Saiyan existence prior to Goku's birth a grand total of three (3) had ever achieved the original Super Saiyan form. It was legendary.

Whoops, turns out there are actually 50 legendary forms of the Saiyan race we didn't actually know about because it takes Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann levels of powercurve to reach and it would never be feasible for someone born on a planet that wasn't the plot centre of the multiverse to achieve.

So WHY does the Saiyan race just have all these forms latent in their DNA?


S cells

? You said Toppo isn't going to become a God of Destruction but the episode title for 125 clearly says he will. And then 126 also references Toppo's new GoD state


Both, maybe? I mean, Vermoud seems to care about who's the one replacing him in the future so I guess it makes sense for him to teach Toppo a few things even if Marcarita is the "official" GoD master.
Also Goku and Toppo mentioned how much they learned from their GoDs and I don't think Toppo is the kind of fighting autist that learns on his own watching others (like Goku)

Humans are shit lmao get fucked subsaiyan scum.


organisms are just genes expressed in an environment.

What the fuck did toei mean by this

>humans in U7
>completely depend on Goku and Vegeta to defend the planet

>humans in U6
>they destroyed themselves

Humans are garbage, Saiyans are the master race.

Interesting, this is the same thing Gohan said before the ToP

Seems everyone's sick of Goku's one-upmanship

If Super had animation that was half as good as how people remember Z looking like then the series would be so much better recieved

>still not a shred of evidence or an argument
Why is he going to become a GoD? There's already a GoD and GoDs can't participate in the tournament. You guys are fucking retarded

I think we might need to claim this thread in the name of our goddess


>it's just an equivalent to SSBKK
lmao get the fuck out Cuckgeta.

>Life-Risking Blow
That was Freeza's Soldier's ULTIMATE blast in Tenkaichi 3.

Did any new ones of these get posted after the latest episode? Love these shitty doodles.

God, you are so fucking stupid.

Thing is people only remember the good stuff of DBZ and don't remember either the many bad moments or the amounts of filler and standing still staring at each other that they made so the animators had time to make the scenes where stuff actually happened.

Which colour will the next form be?

I don't give a fuck what the episode title is you fat lard of an autist. Give me a fucking reason why Toppo would become a literal GoD when a. there's already a fucking God and b. GoDs can't participate in the ToP.

Is this Gohan's new form?

Satan's students level of fillerdom hasn't happened in Super nor do I think it will.

why would vegeta kill himself when he wants to use the super dragon balls?

>Give me a fucking reason why Toppo would become a literal GoD
Zeno:It's cool so I'll let it slide.

Only true filler we've had was the post Zamasu and pre-ToP shit.

>literally no argument
Yeah, it says Arrival of the God of Destruction, Toppo but Toppo won't become a GoD

Jelly Vegeta too.

>Thing is people only remember the good stuff of DBZ
yeah that is why I said "how people remember Z looking". No one remembers Uchiymama, why would/should they?

UI isn't any stronger. Just has auto dodge hax, and Goku can't use it at will.

And if Super is the canon to follow it isn't exactly "filler".
I liked those arcs unironically. Reminded me that some of the good DB episodes were filler.

nice falseflagging you retard.

Are you fucking illiterate? Here, I'll repeat myself: Give me a fucking reason why Toppo would become a literal GoD when a. there's already a fucking God and b. GoDs can't participate in the ToP.

This Not only because Tori actually wants Toyotaro to grown as artist but also because he's lazy as hell. I would not be surprised if half of the movie is Toyotaro's idea

Well obviously, the GoD named Toppo will arrive, not the normal one, retard.

>just fill everything with smoke so I don't have to draw the floor
>shading makes no sense, it's just random lighter spots in Goku


I agree.
I'd say around half of the new characters in the movie will be designed by Toyo.

>implying that's bad
Never watch Fist of the north star if these stuff trouble you. Heck, don't watch old anime in general.

>there's already a fucking God
He's retiring dumbass, and Toppo is his chosen successor.
>GoDs can't participate in the ToP
>rules actually being enforced in the ToP
Zeno only ever cared about Frost attacking Frieza, he hasn't enforced anything else. Of course, you should wait for the fucking episode like everyone else.
You make it so obvious you're shitposting.


>A farewell gathering for Hiromi Tsuru (voice of Bulma) was held. It was attended by hundreds of people and decorated with dragon balls. >Masako Nozawa (voice of Goku) teared up and said, "...dragon balls are useless this time... I'm sorry".

>you should wait for the fucking episode like everyone else.
The irony.

Further proof that Vegeta took Gohan's place do to ratings.

>You make it so obvious you're shitposting.
It sounded way bfunnier in my head.

Look at how mad this faggot is getting.
> how can 17 spar with blue
> how can SS2 Trunks hold his own against Black and Zamasu
> How can trunks preform the spirit bomb without ever seeing the technique in use
You retard.


Fuck you user

>in Super
"they kinda trained offscreen lmao"

its self-evident
Following the patterns:
Vegeta - galaxy parallax
Goku - blanco/silver
gohan - jet black

>being this retarded
I accept your concession. Actually you know what, I don't even want it, I might get infected with your autism.

>Masako Nozawa (voice of Goku) teared up and said, "...dragon balls are useless this time... I'm sorry".


Not even that faggot you were arguing with.
I'll come back here for the episode so you can suck this dick thou.

Fuck, Nozawa's line made me laugh

By all means come back user, so I can laugh at how wrong and inferior you are. I expect you to apologize for wasting my time and explain exactly why you were wrong, and then thank me for showing you the way.

I bet you polish your katana every day too.

>laughing at Bulma's death


May Christ have mercy on your soul

Stop posting wojaks on Sup Forums you fucking retards

Now he is going to respond with the epic response that says how he tricked us guys


kill yourselves wojakposters

Is that a picture of yours?
I'm not laughing at her death.

your imaginary friend has no place in a Super thread user

You sound like that retard that sperged out about 17 being eliminated, only to be wrong.

Just wait, inferior specimen.

>Britney Spears' sons like Goku


Ok fuck you Super, that albino nigga was out of bounds