where are you guys going to go now?

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Stop making a fuss over this garbage already.

Considering I never used shitty streaming sites before, I guess I'm not going anywhere.

the second result on google


where are you reading your manga and how do you know a new chapter came?

There's a thousand shitty manga aggregators out there.

there are thousands of manga site

and where do you specificly go?

Which rip off from bato

What was the reason anyway?


1. Kissmanga or downloading it directly from the scanlation group website

tl;dr: the dude wants some time to himself since he states maintaining the website is like a double shift on a full time schedule.

the second result for 'manga' is wikipedia.

baka updates still lists ariadne as having 1chapter out when there are 4 on batoto so i figured id look for something else.

The admin wants to make some quick bux (asking for 10k for the website auction).

Mangabom, it's a shitty aggregator that gives you a webcomic view of chapters so you can read them all in one sitting.

The aggregator isn't that fast, so sometimes you have to hunt for the series you actively want to follow.

Remember when NT shut down and everyone started spamming threads about losing access to their collection forever?

Yeah, me neither. Fucking streamfags never learn.

Try "your favorite manga chapter 1"

To any other manga reader that doesn't DMCA releases nor requires mandatory registration

Internet with a computer

hmph, im writing down my list as we speak.

my problem isn't just reading since google gives all of it, but i cant bother to search all my follow list each day.




Literally any manga reader has an option to track your followed manga releases

the site that literlly calls itself 'manga reader' doesn't even have a 'log in' option.
which site are you using?

well, kissmanga it is than

What I've been using since 2013.

Seriously, Batoto being down is only a big deal for the scanlators.

Guess what Mangarock scrapes from?

Batoto is only a single source.
MangaRock has a ton of other sources plus it's own.

Guess where literally all of those sources except for Batoto scrape from?

Guess what those tons of other sources scrape from?
Batoto is literally the only non-specialised third party readers used by scanlators.

I don't see Batoto hosting digital versions of official scans, but what do I know.

Those manga sites were alive and working even Batoto didn't exist back then.

If there were enough official translations to matter Batoto wouldn't exist. Not the point. Vast majority of the content on every manga site is ripped directly from Batoto. When it goes, they're just as fucked.

Reminder that most small-time scanlators are now using a mix of /r/manga and imgur to share their stuff.

Be nice if they'd actually let people into the sekrit club.

But they do.

Nope. Registrations closed down because their server was dying, and even though it's back up they're still closed.

mangareader is a watermarking piece of crap.

Stop trolling.

Fuck you, I want my mangoes.
I'm salty I didn't get in before the shit hit the fan, and there's no indication when, if ever, I'll get another chance.

I never even really used Batoto so I'm not attached to it. I mostly read Kissmanga for the few times I don't go and download the scans from the scanlator.

MangaRock. I'm using it on my tablet and is pretty gud so far.

>He isn't in.

I don't care about which website use, I just want one with a RSS feed like the Batoto one. Any recommendation ?

Post it on /r/manga with an Imgur album, a download link to the .zip and a link to your blog. Best solution at the moment.

>where are you guys going to go now?

To the new shitty site that's going to die in a few years. Madokami works for getting manga, but it's a bit hard knowing when there's a new release.