More like everyone But Kino's Journey

More like everyone But Kino's Journey.

Why is it when an old anime gets remade, the main attraction gets a back seat.

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Kino still had more episodes than the others put together.

But half of them were remakes that we'd seen in the previous show.

Because this is a reboot, not a continuation.

>the main attraction gets a back seat

is that a pun on butts?

What the fuck with her legs? Censorship?

Overexposed from direct sunlight

>good show with an interesting topic and MC
>hurrr hurrr my waifu want to fuck and rape
I want to back 20 years ago

What the fuck went wrong with the new show?

They let fans choose what they should animate.

Is this the sheep killing anime?

No they didn't.

yes. no sheep shaggers allowed
>At a stage event at the Dengeki Bunko Festival 2017, it was announced that this new adaptation will prioritize the fan favorite stories. These were selected from a “favorite country” poll carried out among light novel readers in 2015.
They did.


New Kino >>>>> Boring """""DEEP""""" potato Kino




Well she is alot cuter than Potato Kino

>Kino got her character design overhual and sexualized so otakus can jerk off to her

Kino's new design is a mistake




Potato Kino gpt me going, tbqhfam

Those aren't real lambs, right?

jesus christ
didn't they watch their own episode about how democracy is shit?



>that doujin where Kino gets impregnated by an entire country

I am glad Abgrund is interested in making these sorta things.