The fourth film has no time for her, simply too much will be occurring between Shinji Rei and Koworu...

The fourth film has no time for her, simply too much will be occurring between Shinji Rei and Koworu. She was have at least a couple action sequences, but will not be an important part of the plot.

What will her conclusion be? A lesbian relationship with Mari? Death? I find it impossible to believe she will feature as prominently in the end of 4.0 as she did in EoE. I'd even bet that she's not seen in the last 30 minutes of the film as the plot progresses without her.

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Is there any chance they'll make a 4.0 after 3.0+1.0?

Koworu is dead.

Kaworu is dead for good in Rebuild. When he says "We will meet again." he means during instrumentality or the next timeline.

That's some real writing, if Rebuild wasn't branded as Eva everyone would see it for what it is.


Go ahead and check out the pattern of Asuka and Shinji's footsteps.

>judging the writing from a translation

>NEET spears
> (panes + circenses)
Nothing made, everything slowly falls apart.

>Introduce a new mysterious character
>make her completely irrelevant in the next movie and decide to focus of fucking Kaworu
I expect nothing from 4.0 honestly, it's obvious that Anno has no fucking idea of what to do.

No, he'll definitely be back, either as an apparition like Rei or simply during instrumentality or whatever other climactic metaphysical event Anno dreamt up.

It's been so long I literally have no idea where these movies are right now

I think the last one I watched was the one where they introduced the new girl with glasses? Or was there another afterwards that I saw? Dunno. Was it ever confirmed wether she was Shinji's and Asuka's daughter or not

Is 4.0 even in the works right now, or will Anno just stall until he dies?

Kind of like judging a book by its cover, right? I wonder what happens in this one.

3.0 was such a fucking disaster I don't even know of I want another film from him

The first three movies already had no time for anything.
The characters didn't have any backstory established by the end of the second one, and on top of that they added a 14 years time skip, during which we have no idea what happened.

And after that, instead of providing backstory for characters, Anno spent an hour and a half mindfucking us into oblivion with gay piano noises.
How the fuck they are going to wrap this mess of a story in only one movie is a question that confuses me quite a lot.
And to think that they told us at first that Rebuild was going to be a remake that would allow people to get into Evangelion without having watched NGE....
What the fuck would we even know about the characters if we didn't watch NGE before this mess ? Why the fuck would we even care about them if we didn't watch NGE ?
I can't imagine what it would be like to get into Evangelion with Rebuilds first, but I would basically know almost nothing about anyone, and certainly not what made this cast of characters the best one ever produced by an anime.
This is fucked from the start and they can (not) end it in a satisfying way with only one movie.
It will leave so many fucking questions that they could milk the shit out of this for decades.
And I really hope it's not the fucking plan.

what did they mean by this?

>Assuming Anno means something when he includes cryptic imagery in his films

Looks sort of like a strand of DNA. Maybe this means Asuka and Shinji will be the progenitors of the new human race.

It's pretty clear that all the characters are done except for Shinji. Mari might do something to help his development, but there's not enough time to actually do anything interesting with her, much less anyone else. It also doesn't help that they've been keeping these movies at 90 minutes, which isn't enough time to properly develop anything either.

I figured out some things that happened in the time skip.
Without explaining how I know them right now, as it would take much longer and be a mess to read:

- Touji and three other unknown children fought and probably died in EVA units.
- Mark.06, Kaworu's Evangelion unit, descended to Central Dogma with a SEELE dummy plug system activated.
- Enormous amounts of military personnel flooded NERV's base. Bakelite was partially flooded throughout the base to try to stop them. NERV's base was a complete battleground, thousands of tanks, VTOL aircraft, thousands and thousands of soldiers.
- The twelfth angel somehow infected Mark.06. It's possible the dummy plug system was the angel.
- Lilith was removed from her cross and began to move.
- Asuka in EVA 02 fought with Mark.06. Mark.06 or some other party destroyed half of EVA 02's head, damaged Asuka's arm, breast, etc. - her injuries come from that fight.
- All of the human personnel inside NERV's base turned into copies of Evangelion 01. Evangelion 01's involvement is unknown beyond this.

I will quickly justify the one above because I know it's a big one.
I know it because when Mark.06 fuses with Eva 13 in 3.0, Mari says to Rei: "You should get out of here, or else you'll turn into the Vessel of Adams." Mari previously called Mark.06 a "Vessel of Adams." She is saying Rei will turn into the Eva unit involved in the godhood proceedings, which is exactly what the Failures of Infinity (the red EVAs frozen around hakone in 3.0) are.

- At some point, Lilith's head was cut off. All of the Failures of Infinity had their heads cut off by this, and became the red frozen statues we see now. They are reaching for Lilith's head in 3.0
- In the preview for 4.0, we see infinite numbers of Mark.06 running around the world. Whatever caused all the humans in Hakone to be turned into clones of Eva 01, it's been replicated by the events of 3.0 with Mark.06
- Lilith got two spears in her back, probably from Kaworu or Asuka or Mari.

I don't even want to imagine that. Cain, Legion or Goliath would all look like beta orbiters and losers compared to Asuka's and Shinji's kids.

The fact they have only been 90 minutes but include an absurd amount of CGI has to be the biggest slap in the face of the whole thing

On one hand, they would be blue eyed red haired geniuses.
On the other hand, they would be midgets.

The original TV series and EoE were difficult enough to understand, but this crap seems completely arbitrary at this point.

You should write out your actual explanations. If it's too long, put it in a pastebin. I'd be interested in reading it.

>Ywn see the battle where Asuka got her wounds and probably saved the world through sheer force of will and anger over what Shinji did

I see it as more of a stylistic thing, and Anno bet on the wrong horse. It has its benefits with things like standardizing the height of Evas, which was definitely an issue in the original, but it comes at the cost of making everything feel much more sterile and stiff. I'd much rather have artistic style than CGI standard attempts at realism or consistency.

This is pretty interesting.
I just hope that they indeed have something coherent like this planned and are not arbitrarily making shit up as they go, like so many writing teams do nowadays.
Shit, now I'm sad.

Here is my idea mulch, I did warn you

I agree 100%

>force of will
>saving anything
>doing anything that's not 222% selfish
I'd sooner believe anything else.

She's not Soryu, she's Shikanami. Two very different characters.

If it turns out that the crayon drawings from NGE depict events that happened during the Rebuild time skip, then Gendo truly is the master.

Just some nitpicks:

Asuka and Yui were in Instrumentality. Asuka was shown for a lot of it and she emerged from it at the end. Yui was also very clearly a part of it as she was guiding Shinji through it, but she left it to stay within Eva 01 at the end. Gendo was definitely denied entry though.

Talking about Adams not having AT fields is good. Do you remember if the Eva Rei Q was piloting had an AT field? I feel like that's one of the Adams. I also don't remember if Mark 06 had one or not.

As for Kaworu's plan, from what I remember the Earth is in a state that's inhospitable for mankind, and he wants to return it to a state that mankind can live in. Using 2 different spears is the only way to reverse this, but since 2 of the same spears were used, it started pushing things more towards being suitable for Adam-based life. If it had completed, humanity would be completely doomed instead of only mostly doomed.

As for the Rei apparitions, I take that to simply mean that Instrumentality has or will occur, as that's what caused those to appear in the original series. Given that Lilith has at least partially turned into a Giant Rei, I think Instrumentality was started and then halted during the timeskip, but there's a lot of things we don't know.

I like a lot of your observations, and I could probably try to think through how you might come to them on my own, but you should try thinking about how to form a cohesive argument for them. It seems pretty good.

>Asuka and Yui were in Instrumentality.
Asuka left at the end, before the new timeline.
Yui was never in instrumentality to begin with. She can never leave the core of Unit 01 as it drifts into space. Rewatch the scene "farewell, mother". Refer to NGE 2 "Gendo Ending" in which he enters the core of Unit 01 to be with Yui, because there is no other way.

I don't know anything about the Mark.X evas, but I don't think Rei's is an Adam. Kaworu's probably was.
The 'scattered adams' theory is partially incorrect - perhaps the one on the moon was an Adam, but the outline on Hakone was in crucifix pose, with a very long neck/head that doesn't resemble the adams. The one on the moon wasn't in crucifix.

Gendo is the person who swapped the spears for two spears of Longinus, so whatever that outcome was going to be, it benefited his plan (to get closer to Yui? to help humanity?) Either way I don't think it was necessarily an "angel ending", but I just don't know. This is the most ambiguous thing to figure out, who wanted what ending, what the endings would entail. It is different from in NGE. Kaworu says some stuff to Shinji in 3.0 that would vaguely seem to imply he wants everyone to become EVA copies like the failures of infinity?

>I don't know anything about the Mark.X evas, but I don't think Rei's is an Adam. Kaworu's probably was.
But on the other hand, maybe it could be, because it took control of the Wunder (which is probably Adam/Angel-based, perhaps a repurposed angel)

Maybe the quirk of having no AT fields is only something that happens to an awakened adam, not just any adam

>Yui was also very clearly a part of it as she was guiding Shinji through it
He was syncing with her because he was in 01, she wasn't in the black moon

Oh, I realized that when Mark.09 takes control of the Wunder, little spaghetti noodles extend from its feet and trail into the Wunder
Lilith had noodles coming out of her grounded appendages, only MANY more. Enough for all of the Failures of Infinity.

Whatever was inside Lilith (the twelfth angel that infected mark.06 before it fused with her, one would think) used her body to transform all the soldiers and staff around ground zero into copies of Evangelion 01.

Kaworu is dead, so he'd probably only appear for about the same time he appeared in EoE.
Rei is not the Rei Shinji knew, so he'll probably keep a certain distance to her, just like he feared the new Rei in NGE.
Mari was and will always be irrelevant.
Apart from Shinji, Asuka is the only one who can really play a major part, there still has to be some form of reconciliation between Shinji and the members of WILLE, including Asuka.

>but the outline on Hakone was in crucifix pose, with a very long neck/head that doesn't resemble the adams.
It also makes no sense for the chalk outline to still be there if it was turned into Eva 01, because Eva 01 was made like a decade ago

I think Rei will be back in 3.0+1.0, probably the one Shinji knows. It could also be the one from NGE, or whoever "Quantum Rei" is.

>Asuka left at the end, before the new timeline.
But Shinji also left, and there's nothing to say others didn't leave either.

>Yui was never in instrumentality to begin with. She can never leave the core of Unit 01 as it drifts into space.
But she also visits Gendo. She's not just limited to the core or talking to Shinji. She can move freely just like Rei could as an apparition. At the end, she confines herself to Eva 01's core and leaves Earth.

>The 'scattered adams' theory is partially incorrect
Mark 06 could easily have been repositioned given they were working on it, so I don't think it's right to take its pose on the moon for the way that it landed. The chalk outline in Hakone is also fairly nondescript. The head could simply be tilted back, making it seem longer. It's not a very detailed outline, after all.

I've always thought that all of the Adams were Mark 06, Mark 09, Eva 13, and Eva 01, with Eva 01 being repurposed from t he Adam that fell in Hakone and had a chalk outline drawn around it. Thinking about AT fields would make that incorrect though. Things in Rebuild are clearly much different from NGE after all.
I wouldn't be surprised if the chalk was just supposed to remain there all this time. It's not really an area people would visit often. Even if it's stupid that the chalk would stay there after a decade, I could see that being a simple oversight.

It's very hard to tell what Gendo wants this time around, and I doubt we'll have any idea until the last movie, if even then. I believe Kaworu is just retaining his love for humanity thing, and wants to help humans live on Earth again. He confuses Shinji into thinking this will magically solve all his problems or even reverse time, which it won't. Gendo uses Kaworu's love for humanity to trick him, but we don't know to what end.

The Rei Shinji knew will definitely be back, she's the main love interest. Whether or not her reappearance is temporary or not is up in the air.
Koworu also played a much bigger role in 3.0 than he did in the anime, so the likelyhood o him reappearing is also very high.

>she's the main love interest.

Every time
And every time, disappointment

Just like Evangelion, Reifags are stuck in a loop.

Asuka is the goddess of fertility who will repopulate the earth

I'm an Asukafag. Asuka has been given Misato's old role.

>main love interest
Her body is a fucking clone of his mother.

But then what is Misato now?
The new, more humane, Gendo?

Not everyone necessarily assumed the previous role of another character. If I had to choose one, what you said seems to fit the best, with Gendo being the new Seele. But those don't fit as well. Misato is still Misato, she's just filling a new role in the story.

Kaworu will win the Shinjibowl like he always does, but then he’ll loop back to the Devilmanverse because his true love is Akira.

>All of the human personnel inside NERV's base turned into copies of Evangelion 01
Now that's an asspull if I ever read one

This is the most direct admission that Evangelion is an LAS story, isn't it?

It's not like the evas are CGI all the time.
Also Ramiel looks sweet as fuck.
But yeah I agree that CGI is a bit of a letdown.

Well they did. See: the Failures of Infinity with their heads cut off
See also: for an explanation of what made them that way

i hope so

Ramiel was a very good use of CGI, but on the other end you've got shit like the Sahaquiel scene with Eva 01 breaking the sound barrier. Not only do you have this cheap, plastic looking Eva running around, but it looks really bad when it breaks the sound barrier - just layering smoke over the CG model - when you compare it to the much more stylized version in the original where Eva 01 contorts and stretches to indicate speed. It may be a little more realistic in Rebuild, but it looks much worse.

The best use of CGI is really just to touch up scenes. Making the CGI the focus of the scene almost always just makes it feel cheap.

>The fourth film has no time for her
Neither do I. Asuka is shit. Most overrated anime girl of all time, much like how Eva is the most overrated anime of all time.

>be held up across the internet as the typical tsundere
>actually a fucking garbage tsundere who's just a selfish cunt - all tsun, no dere

Not that Rei is any better. I mean iirc she was created to mock us waifu fags in the first place, so if you actually fall for it you're a double idiot for having been trapped by Anno, who is already an idiot.

Definitely not. She was introduced back when Asuka and Shinji were chronologically 14. She's just some random chic for all we know.

>Well they did. See: the Failures of Infinity with their heads cut off
But why turn into evas, I never noticed this until now. It just looks very strange.

Because Evangelion 01 was involved in what happened in the time skip with Lilith somehow. But it's unclear how. Mark.06 is fused to Lillith

>She was introduced back when Asuka and Shinji were chronologically 14. She's just some random chic for all we know.
Now that I think about it, do we have any flashbacks or indications that Shinji and Asuka were once kids? in the rebuilds I mean
What if they were 14 the whole time and they are brainwashed or something.
It's late I should probably go to bed.

That's not in Rebuild, but that's really stretching it.

Yeah well, the theory involved time-traveling shenanigans obviously. People were comparing it to orange juice Rei "visiting the past" in the early episodes of the show

They told Sadamato that Mari was Yui's fellow researcher.
In the one photo we have of Yui in Rebuild, Mari is in the frame as well.

That's quantum rei and It's probably the only true "theory" in the whole show. Rei has both seeds (life and knowledge I think) at the end of EoE so she can noclip through space and time at her will.


In the manga she's a friend of Yui and she's an adult. But hey, don't worry I bet 3.0+1 will give her enough depth and screen time while explaining all the crazy shit that happened in the time skip and giving a proper closure to the plot and each character. Thanks God 3.0 was completely wasted on Kaworu and his gay piano lessons, so we'll get all the goodies in a single movie!

she is not coming back nigger

That's so fucking retarded

>explaining all the crazy shit that happened in the time skip
Never ever ever ever ever user.

It just dawned on me. What if I watched it six times just for the bitch? What a terrifying mistake.

Who the fuck even cares about Rebuild anymore? Not even Anno gives a shit about it.

The people saying this don't understand it at all

Well shit, now I am sad, thanks user. It would be a great battle to see as well.

Anyway, I would love to see the 4th movie but at this point I dont think it will ever be made, its been what, how many years now?
As another user said, it is a pity that they didnt do enough with character backstory, but shit, this is still Evangelion. I loved the original series, I loved the OVA's and damnit but I love the films too.
I hope we get some more on Asuka though, she does seem to get shafted in the films.

He does care.
Khara's twitter is pretty active with pictures of the staff.
Shiro has some of the soundtrack completed.
It's going to come out whether you like it or not.

This is some hot trash.

where have you been? evangelion . co . jp

Why do you say that?

Well shit, so we are finally getting the 4th then?

Where are rei´s footsteps.

Because it uses circular logic, already assuming that the songs are about Asuka or from her perspective and finding proof within it. It ignores all of the simple inaccuracies like the fact that Shinji doesn't read manga, Shikinami isn't 24 in 3.0 - She's 27 - and can't tell that Sakura Nagashi is about a wife and her child moving on after her husband died, which could not be any more clear if you've seen the official music video for the song. It also wrongly attributes lines from KST to Asuka when one of the big points of Asuka and Shinji's character is that they both suffer the same problem and take two opposing but equally incorrect approaches to dealing with it.

Hell, take the line "I've been hurt more often than I hurt others, but I'm not accepted." That's very clearly something that applies to Shinji, not Asuka. Shinji isolates himself from others to avoid hurting them, and hurts himself instead. Asuka takes the opposite approach, hurting others and pushing them away to avoid feeling the pain herself, but the end result is the same: they're both alone and in pain.

>It also wrongly attributes lines from KST
From Everything You've Ever Dreamed rather.

She's a ghost

The first one was great. The second went off the rails but was still alright, but the third one wasn't even fun to watch. If the fourth is going to be as back as 3.0, they might as well not make it.

I can't wait to see Anno ruin the characters even more

>the third one wasn't even fun to watch

>pianos, homos and CGI
I'll pass

after the first 20 minutes

She's the canon pairing for Shinji

All these years later and you STILL can't accept this

a genetic dead end

>muh gay people scare me :(
>muh where are the robitz :(
It was a pretty interesting movie, it was just a transition into real anno fuckery. 3.0+1.0 is going to be fucking sweet.
And nobody is saying that this one is the last movie. Hopefully it is, but given how anno is feeling right now, we might get more than one.

That's not what circular logic means

>It ignores all of the simple inaccuracies like the fact that Shinji doesn't read manga,
??? How do you know that?

>Shikinami isn't 24 in 3.0 - She's 27
OK, it doesn't really matter though

>Sakura Nagashi is about a wife and her child moving on after her husband died,, which could not be any more clear if you've seen the official music video for the song.

Yeah no, this simply is not true. You lack basic reading comprehension. "If you could hear the enduring and healthy cry of a newborn in the city you protected..." Please explain to me how this does not refer to Shinji.

The music video for the song is literally as vague as something can possibly be, it's basically a bunch of staging shots stuck together

> It also wrongly attributes lines from KST to Asuka

Komm, süsser Tod is Asuka's song, EYED is Shinji's song. This is really very basic. They were made at the exact same time by the same studio, they originally were placed at the same point in the song (the moment when Shinji strangles Asuka and global instrumentality begins.)

Your little analysis of the songs is pitifully dumb and you clearly do not understand either character.

>Asuka's song, EYE'D

She is. It's a time loop.

Where are you reading that?

>Pretending to be interested in a story wherein you have no idea why anyone is doing anything
That along with the CGI made it pretty trash

I liked all three of them to be honest, they where good and it was great to see some new EVA material after all these years.

How much significance does Mari's name have? Is she some kind of mother? Is she another Yui clone?

Beautiful World
>If I can't meet you before my world ends, please let me sleep next to you. Any place is fine.

Everything You've Ever Dreamed, original Japanese script:
>Why am I still living?
>Because I'm still alive.
>But that girl hasn't met me.
>I want to meet her, but I don't.
>The strength to meet her isn't there.

Get mad, kaworudorks.