Nappa was Vegeta´s companion and friend for years...

Nappa was Vegeta´s companion and friend for years, and Vegeta kill him just because he lost a fight vs a superior fighter.

And now in Super, Vegeta saved Cabba for falling in the tournament and now he got a new form because "he make Cabba a promise"

This is #1 bullshit.

or character development


1. Jiren
2. Goku
3. Toppo
4. Vegeta
5. Frieza
6. Gohan
7. 17
8. Dyspo

3, 4, 5 are difficult to conclusively place but based off the spoilers with Toppo I’m inclined to put him as third. I put vegeta fourth due to new powerup (however terrible it may be). Frieza fifth because effectively controlling his ki doesn’t necessarily make him stronger. We know he was stronger than resurrection F era vegeta and Goku but that was long ago. I have Gohan at 6 but I fully expect him to have some sort of power up based off the massive push for him prior to the tournament. 17 is seventh but has definitely outperformed most of the fighters. Dyspo is super fast but I do not believe he is very strong at all.

WFT? Freeza is equal to SSB Goku and both far stronger than Toppo.

stop posting this in every single thread

>What is character development?

>Nappa was Vegeta's friend
Not really

SSB is not far stronger than Toppo. And after 126, not even close


Where's Gohan Blanco in that list?

I don't even watch super but I can tell how fucking retarded you are.

Vegeta has done better against Jiren than Goku who bitch slapped Toppo.

Are you fucking brain-dead?

>Naruto running that has existed since DB
>Drabon Ball never did X (which it did back in the 90s)

I'm fucking tired of all these god damned 12 year olds who started watching the DB franchise with Super and bitch non-stop about series they didn't even fucking watch.

No he killed Nappa because his spine was shattered.

So let's say that Frieza somehow wins the ToP and is taken to the Divine Dragon for his wish.
He can't speak the language needed to make the wish only GoD and higher can. The wish is basically imma take over zeno's spot and rule over/enslave everything.
What fucking person would even parley that wish knowing the consequences? It's highly doubtful that they'd let themselves get fucked like that when any of them could just erase/destroy Frieza in an instant.


not canon



So.. 2 posters insults me for no reason and you delete my wojak response??? Seriously, what?

Nappa's fighting career was over after Goku broke his spine. He did him a favor

>a childrens show isn't internally consistent
who could have anticipated such a shocking development

Lil' Vegata is cute


>Complaining about his character in Super, which is years in the future
>Not complaining about how when they first went to Namek Vegeta fuckin whines about how Kakarot needs to avenge the saiyans because boohoo Frieza killed them all

>dragon ball series is one of the biggest wasted potentials in anime
This was far before Super was ever a thing.

Nappa was a fucking asshole. Cabba is a good guy.

too strong to be on it obviously.

There are at least 10 ways to health a broken spine in Dragon ball universe.