What now?

what now?

are we going to buy the domain and fix this shitty website?


yes we

I might buy the domain myself since i have the cash. how to keep it monetized so it doesn't run into the ground again is the big question

> i have the cash
No, you don't. If you have the cash, you can finance batoto expenses with your interest revenue.

>actually wanting to buy that stupid domain
Must be great to be brain dead.

I still remember seeing the Made in Abyss translators saying that there was no need to upload the chapters on anywhere other than Batoto.

>Batutu thread
Shall we start the grand discussion of Rapeman scan?


we need to make a new site and purge the fujoshit menace

Ads obviously, the ones that even Adblock can’t block.

I was thinking more of an optional premium that gives you special bonuses, like no ads

sort of like Sup Forums pass

It just needs some custom html tags, average user don't even know how to block elements.

JS Miner not using any external domains. And serve images dynamically by the same heavily obfuscated script so it would be impossible to block.

might actually do that

LHscan tried to do that but my antivirus blocked it.

Premium users might actually generate less revenue for the site than ad-viewing users depend on membership fee

oh and add tiers based on content so if you want to view any manga that has lewd content you have to pay extra.

If you buy it do it for love not for money.

> only men read manga

>streaming manga

I wouldn't do it to make money, but I still need to at least make enough to pay the bills for the site to keep it afloat.

LOL it's like user here thinks this is about excluding gender and not the ridiculous double standards that the previous owners of the site had

stay mad fujoshit. If I buy batoto I'm bringing back rapeman and all of the other series that were banned because of fujoshit douchebaggery

lol this nigga wants 10K for this site

>how to keep it monetized
J*s begone. This is a free as in no cost board.


the site isn't closing down due to lack of money

even if it wasn't to make profit, you still need to break even to keep the site online dumbass

do you think webhosting is free? it costs a fuck ton of money the more traffic you get

Nobody gives a fuck. If you want your quality of life website, pay for it.
Free hosts for scanlator websites and free uploading services like MEGA, mediafire, etc. are more than enough.

add a shitty text based rpg to gain credits to read manga like sad panda

just put a donation request at the side and state the monthly money goal you need to meet to keep the site running. You'll also need to mention the goal has been reach when it does happen, or people would really think you are cheating them and stop donating.

the problem is that not many people do donate. thought i would like to do something like rewards for people who donate.

tama.moe is available, just saying