Basilisk Ouka Ninpouchou


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God, this episode was terrible too. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to shoehorn shitloads of exposition across three different groups of characters and constantly jump cut between them?

This really is a travesty and brings shame on the original series.

At least the Onmyouza opener is fantastic.

I want my old Basilisk back.

>cute imouto that the brother will breed with

I dropped it after 7 minutes in ep1 WTF? That shit's no Basilisk.



This so much

This series has to be somehow erased or destroyed.

Maybe everyone will just commit sudoku at the end.


It's been only two episodes, calm the fuck down.

Yeah and they both suck.

The new one was alright. How many episodes is this series? As long as its 24 like the first one then I don't mind them taking some time to introduce the characters and establish the setting.

This episode consisted of an atrocious action scene and then poorly directed exposition. It was worse than the first one honestly. It's 24 episodes though.

You do remember, don't you, anons?

Ye it has been confirmed for 24 episodes

I dont watch that series

Exposition is fine but it was pretty bad here, the real problem is the production values are fucking beyond awful. The only good thing is the OST so far.

They're probably saving the budget for the actual ninja fights. Also, I didn't mind the recap of the original series since it's been years since I've seen it. I'm still willing to give this show a chance.

So, um, how the fuck? Those two hadn't even fucked...

Funny, I tought it's just exactly as shit as the first one was.

I just came here to say that it's been about eleven years since I listened to this, but I still remember the melody.

>They're probably saving the budget for the actual ninja fights
I hope you're right.

They touched a little on that topic in this 2nd episode.

Looks like the son of Hattori Hanzo felt sad for Gennosuke and Oboro so when they floated down the river he secretly followed them and saved them somehow (I'm guessing they'll say they weren't 100% dead from their stabs) and they prob lived in secret for a while and had those 2 kids.

We'll def need more details about this since the Hattori clan is still around and the guy in the hut will dig down to know the answers.

>retconing the double suicide

I barely remember what happened in the original so it's all the same to me.

wow that is fucking shit.

It wasn't great, but the original was way better so far.

Mutant ninjas fought with each other and forced drama intensified.

Isn't it amazing that those ninjas are attacked with exactly that one technique which he could counterattack?

>romeo and juliet love story
>two ninja clans forced to represent the heirs to the tokugawa throne
>Aizen wants to fuck juliet(Oboro)
>Kouga incompetence

poor communication kills: the series

>nobody talks to anyone
>everyone dies

At least the original Basilisk anime got me into Onmyouza. Good band.

Great band. I'm still waiting on the new single to arrive.

I know Russian, and this video gave me cancer.