Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

This is a hot-blooded shogi anime.

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Ai wifes

My heart

Ai is best girl.
Ginko a shit.

I want Ginko to step and spit on me with disgust look.

Correct. Ai is best girl.

All Ais and Ginko are great, user.

Inferior Ai. Red is best.

No shitposting allowed in shogi loli thread.

What does her butt smell like?

>Char got interested in shogi because she saw them playing shogi in Naruto
I'm disappointed they cut this out

This show is 1.5/5.0, too much creepy lolicon stuff.

Thanks for your input ANN

Mom did nothing worng

Thanks Rebecca!

>hating one of the cutest and hottest JC of the year
Quit false flagging blue Aifags, heathen. All the girls are best.

Rebecca is the one who gave it the highest score (3)

wtf i love rebecca now

>episode had as little Shitko as possible, keeping focus on the lolis and the shogi
>it was far superior to the first

I think the only reason she gave it a reasonable score is because she's a LNfag and knows it's not just a pedobait show.

I love Blue!

>ugly albino short haired stuck-up cunt

Shogi Pro is a shit carrer choice

>short hair
God tier.
You mean adorable kuutsundere.

I don't even have a problem with sexualized lolis but I feel like this would be a lot better if it were cute and not pedo.

Fuck off, you worthless faggots. Go produce your "quality journalism".

Perfect taste, unlike the shitposting Ginkuso fag over there.

There is nothing pedo about it


Her parents sure doesn't have a lot of respect for, literally, the best shogi player in the world.

But not if you have a huge talent.

Agreed. It should be more akin to Mitsuboshi Colors.

It certainly makes a certain part of my body hot after pumping blood into it.


Ai > Ai

There is already that show for you
Let us have this

Isn't Meijin supposed to be bigger than Ryuuou?

Neither does anyone else except little girls.

An entire JS group at once? As expected of a ロリ王.

Look at that flat. Just fucking look at it

Don't play around with me you fucks. A naked loli isn't pedo, but doing a Yuuki Rito imitation with one absolutely is.

How much dosh can you get in the female league?

I want to play Shogi with Char!

Also her way of calling chichou is extremely cute.

So do girls play in the same league as the boys in shogi or is it like chess where there are separate divisions?

What kind of match did they have for all night?


Separate divions.


Was the french loli singing this?


cute big butt dork

Very interesting.

The JSA recognizes two categories of shogi professionals: Professional (棋士 kishi), and Female Professional (女流棋士 joryūkishi). Sometimes kishi are addressed as seikishi (正棋士), a term from Go used to distinguish kishi from other classes of players. JSA professional ranks and female professional ranks are not equivalent and each has their own promotion criteria and ranking system. In 2006, the JSA officially granted women "professional status". This is not equivalent, however, to the more traditional way of "gaining professional status", i.e., being promoted from the "Shoreikai System" (奨励会): leagues of strong amateur players aspiring to become a professional. Rather, it is a separate system especially designed for female professionals. Qualified amateurs, regardless of gender, may apply for the "Shoreikai System" and all those who successfully "graduate" are granted kishi status; however, no woman has yet to accomplish this feat (the highest women have reached is Kana Satomi in "Shoreikai 3 dan league", currently one step away from kishi status), so kishi is de facto only used to refer to male shogi professionals.


Double ahogejob

where'd they stash the 70s rock cds?

Friendly reminder: do not reply to LRD sperging and samefagging.

He beats the Meijin in V2.

Imagine both the oya and the ko lapsing into their dialects during Oyakodon. Feel the blood yet?

>however, no woman has yet to accomplish this feat (the highest women have reached is Kana Satomi in "Shoreikai 3 dan league", currently one step away from kishi status), so kishi is de facto only used to refer to male shogi professionals.
Mom was right to be worried.

>however, no woman has yet to accomplish this feat (the highest women have reached is Kana Satomi in "Shoreikai 3 dan league", currently one step away from kishi status)



RIP glasses loli.

Biological differences makes men superior at this.

same, the lolis are cute but don't do it for me

I want to commit a crime.

What kind of crime?

>in the world.
That doesn't mean much when only Japan plays it

A crime of passion.

Best JS and JC of the season.

But that's what is important to Japanese the most and this show is for Japanese, not buttblasted burgers.

stitches? anyone?

Neither do WWE do much wrestling outside of muricca but they sure love the worldwide and international adjectives.

It just comes down to no woman ever having been good enough to do this. Your call on whether you think women are actually worse than men at the game, or if they just don't get the same opportunities for growth, or if they're disadvantaged in any way. Same shit as any gender debate.


Is this heaven?

Stop sexualizing JSs.

>doing 4 JS at once
sasuga loli king

Close. They're not on the bed yet.

But that's why they exist.

I want to do 4 lolis at once
At shogi

You need to become the Dragon King to do that.

The doujin dialogue just writes itself

>who dares awaken the Loli King from his slumber?

I'm ready to like this character anytime she decides to stop being an annoying bitch.

Flop confirmed

Hey I found the perfect image for these threads

What kind of parents let their children sleep with a 16 years old boy?

Fuck off already arrogant shit Ginko posters, there will be lolicons in these threads, and since Ginko is the opposite of loli (her whole appeal is "THE MATURE" girl), some people will hate her, so deal with fucking it already.

the wife is so CUTE

I can't believe glasses loli is fucking dead

He is the dragon king, he will provide strong heirs.


He is apparently a fantastic lover, would you deny your little girl amazing sex out of petty jealousy?

Rightfully so.
Amazing how one character can ruin a whole series.

He's the motherfucking dragon king, better him fucking your daughter than some loser.

>16 year old shogi prodigy
The better question is why people aren't lining up to ask him to fuck their daughters.

necro is fine too

>Ogura Yui
>Hidaka Rina

This is Roukyubu.

when lolicape?

Aren't ties supposed to go all the way up? Why do they always wear it like this in anime?

Looks like he's wearing it loose, which is weird considering he's meeting his in-laws and you'd think he'd have his tie straight for that.