Do your job moderators

They literally refer to the threads as /dbs/, and link new threads by keeping the OP the exact same. These threads are shitty generals which have no place on this board. Do your fucking job mods and move these to instead of deleting individual shitposters. Protip: it's a shitposting general. Figure it out.



Remove all shonenshit

ITT: triggered soyboys

This is the only solution. It needs a containment board. If they didn't want to have to make one, they should've never unbanned Naruto.


What does Homura's feet smell like?


They also put the name of the show in the title field to evade general moderation. Fucking scum.

>look mom i posted it again! xd


what is the problem? every thread here for non-seasonal anime is a general.

Putting the show's name in the title isn't a problem by itself. The thing is that they see ANY thread named "Dragon Ball Super" as a general.

>posting wojak

Lurk more until you understand what a general entails.


ban all dbz posters for being underage

Do you even have to ask?
How new are you?


If you make a DBS thread without that title it gets spammed with
>OP you fucked up the title!
Or it simply dies while someone makes a thread with the "correct" title. A new one gets made as soon as the old one hits bump limit 24/7 nonstop. That is a general.

I don't care if you like shounenshit. I care if you make shitty generals posting pepe, wojak, and trump.


Exactly. They think every DBS thread is supposed to be a general.

There's a tool built in on the site that can help you to filter all the trash you don't want to see, you should use it and stop whining...

Covering shit with a rug doesn't make it smell any better moron.

And ignore the normalfags invading the board?

The filter won't make crossboarder scum go away.

Gorespammer, Accelspammer, and Toumaspammer don't agree with you.

Kill yourself.

So he's admitting that almost all shounenfags are shitposters but refuses to do anything about it because it's not necessarily 100% of them. That's fucking retarded.