Why does bkub hate subculture?

Why does bkub hate subculture?
I don't get it.

Besides, isn't anime/manga fandom a subculture?

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Subculture bitch.

What does that mean?!

Bkub is a touhoufag and furry. He shouldn't complain about fandom subcultures.

He's a furry? But in one of his comics, they kill a "kemoner" (furry).
He seems like a bit of a hypocrite.

>We're on Sup Forums so we shouldn't complain about anime.
This is what you are saying.

Apparently, it's just gatekeeping:

Like how in the west, we call people "fake gamer girls" compared to the real hardcore neckbeards who spent 100 hours in a REAL game.

bkub hates fake (insert subculture here) girls.

this, DUH

also he must be the biggest virgin ever.
who gives a fuck if a girl likes anime as much as you or not?

wanna know how i can tell you're a woman

Was Bkub Sup Forums this whole time?

>people really watch this

Shut the fuck up you sissyboy trash.

get out roastie

shut up subculture bitch

>muh vagina
I find it funny that the only thing you roasties can do to shame someone is call them a virgin. Useless whore.

He just hates posers.


Stop acting like you know what the word "hypocrite" means.

Gatekeeping is about being pompous about a person who like thing being casual about it. It's less "fake gamer girls" vs thedude who has 1000s of hours logged in and keeps an eye on the game's news, e-sports, etc, belittling the dude who plays occasionally and just maybe just clocks in a couple hours a week or something.

The thing that post describes feels more like posers. People who goes on to like a thing because it makes them look more favorable, more quirky, or just want to be a part of what's happening.

I wonder if Japan has ironic otakus?

H-how you doin'?

>not hating the anime industry and gamer/otaku culture
This is how I know you aren't mentally older than 18.

It's not just otaku or gamers getting defensive over The Other liking the same stuff they do, almost all people nowadays define themselves only by the things they consume and it's super fucking sad. A symptom of our sick society.

Women don't like anime they only do it for attention.

Fuck off Sup Forums.

In Japan, subculture(サブカル sabukaru ) is close to the meaning of hipster.
google it サブカル

"Hipster" now just means someone who has an opinion I don't like.

サブカル is literally subculture. bkub always uses サブカルクソ女 which is obviously a direct insult.

>Besides, isn't anime/manga fandom a subculture?
you say that as if it was impossible to hate oneself

No that's cuck

I thought it was faggot?

Subculture is probably one of those instances where japs take an English word and use it giving it a different meaning, like bitch or high tension.

This - They hate "fake subculture people", those who openly demonstrate that they like something, while not actually liking it.

Subculture bitch

So it's like Gamergate without the doxing.

So, ironic weebs?

What's the name of the song she's singing? I want to hear it.


this stuff appeals to kids
my little brother used to watch shit like this

Why does she hate dingos

They're literally just dogs in the desert.

fucking fake anime girls

Shut up you サブカルクソ女

This isn't being ironic, this is creating shitty clickbait content for casuals and other idiots

At a quiet lakeside

>hates subculture
>kills Deculture represeting subculture trying to brainwash Popuko
>I am here to save you

PTE is too deep for Sup Forums, it will be another decade until we understand what masterpiece of a subversive criticism of current trends it is.

I have a feeling this guy browses Sup Forums.

I remember seeing some content on his videos where the source could only be from Sup Forums screencaps or /jp/ screencaps.

He probably found some /jp/ archive of VN discussion when it concerns VNs as well.

It all makes sense now.

he doesn't have to browse Sup Forums to do that, he could find that shit on endless "haha, Sup Forums so funnay" websites

quick rundown on ac-bu? Theres literally no info on them online.

Shame the normalfags can't understand it with us

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Pop Team Epic

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand "To be fair you have to have a high IQ to understand X" jokes

I just think they hate troupes that modern anime rely on in their plots. I kind of agree in that respect as just recycling elements is successful with other anime seems to be just a cash grab that shouldn't be profitable, but is because of subculture bitches are manipulated as easily as the industry predicts so no major progress is made on what anime can be.

Is there a word for the opposite, someone who really likes something but does not openly profess it?

yeah virgin loser wwwwwwwwwwwww

Closet otaku

Sane person free of attentionwhoring cancer.

Damn, Sup Forums BTFO. How will I ever recover?