I've only recently switched to mpv, now how else do I improve my anime watching experience? Any good configs?

I've only recently switched to mpv, now how else do I improve my anime watching experience? Any good configs?

Additionally, is there a point to torrenting 1080p anime if they're all upscaled?


all you need, everything else is placebo shit or already default behavior

youtube 144p master race.

don't do this it creates mustard gas

720p HS are downscales of upscales. Company makes 900p or whatever source, upscales to 1080p and sends it to simulcaster, simulcaster then uses worst (fastest) possible settings to downscale it to 720p and HS rips that stream.
Even if your display is actually physically 720p you will notice the difference between HS 720p and HS 1080p that you downscale yourself at default or better preset.

For some reason scale=ewa_lanczossharp causes weird colored horizontal lines to flash when in fullscreen. Also, is profile=gpu-hq better than profile=opengl-hq ?

Ah, didn't know that, thanks user.

Is the industry standard now 900p?

The standard is higher than 720p but lower than 1080p

profile=opengl-hq is very old, deprecated alias for gpu-hq
post your whole config

I literally just googled mpv anime config and used the first config that came up, it has a whole bunch of stuff which might be placebo.

Here's one I took from an old Sup Forums thread instead:

I've figured out that ewa_lanczossharp causes tiny horizontal lines like I mentioned above though, maybe I should remove/replace that?

cscale=ewa_lanczossharp is generally agreed to look quite bad
very odd that you're getting artifacts without gpu decoding
I'd comment out entire config and uncomment lines until something breaks

Watch KissAnime and enjoy your life. Stop living up to the standards of community. Only do this for yourself.

>watch kissanime's shitty bitstarved watermarked reencoded streams through mpv
>instantly looks better
>no additional effort

I dont want to whitelist their ads, and if the kissanime owners dont want that well they can go fuck themselves

Nice digits

>now how else do I improve my anime watching experience?
Download VLC

That's why I only watch on my phone.

>anime watching "experience"

just google the name of the anime and take the 1st streaming site with high quality 240p and pop ups all over the place for a true patrician experience like me

my phone (pixel XL) has far better screen and DAC than my gaymen pc (built-in soundcard + 144 hz TN panel)
makes sense to watch downloaded anime on phone, mpv is also natively on android

I would disagree. I usually use kissanime for normal stuff. But when I watched Violet Evergarden recently, the streaming quality was so bad I kept staring at the artifacts.

Then I went on IRC, got the 1080p version from Vivid-Asenshi, though I have no idea if it is the best version, and it became watchable.

Watching anime on 5"-6" devices is patrician taste.
Extra credit while being in public.

How do you tweak mpv for Android? Can you

All thi placebo stuff is useless as fuck.

I have a crackphone my family bought me to make sure I'm alive. I don't have a good enough PC or enough room to watch how I would prefer, but I don't mind. It only made me appreciate that the preferred path was for people who had fast gaming computers their mum bought em.

Yes, I'm salty. Being poor will do that to you.

>HS rips that stream
HS doesn't rip the awful bitrate starved crap crunchynigger sends out, just compare the two on a monitor.

I wish you could just specify a conf file, but it works

>not running a plex server off of a streambox with 12tb hard drive space
literally cost me 120$


1: download a hardsubbed xvid re-encode of the show you want from TT. make sure its a horriblesubs funimation rip
2: encode it as 1920x1080 x264, open in in aegisub and add in some fabulous karaoke for all the insert songs
3: encode back to a 704x480 xvid
4: encode to 1280x720 rmvb
5: encode back to 704x480 xvid. following this stage you now can now decode it with 3 different codecs for thrice the playback power!
6: open in vlc
7: take screenshots of each individual frame
8: record the audio with your phone
9: encode the audio from the phone to 7.1 flac to reduce rotational velocidensity
10: encode it again to q-1.0 vorbis
11: encode it again to 192kbps aac
12: make a slideshow of the screenshots with windows movie maker
13: add in your audio
14: add in some linkin park to play alongside the audio, it's like watching an amv!
15: use windows movie makers build in encoder to encode to youtube size
16: upload to youtube, add in loads of annotations and emoticons
17: download the .flv from youtube
18: open in vlc
19: nagisa dies at the end of clannad

>plex botnet
>love live
>new game
opinion discarded

>botnet on a device completely disconnected from the internet

holy shit

Am I the only retard using this? I just paste the magnet link and it plays it. Unfortunately it uses VLC under the hood I have to wait a few seconds before the subtitles load, but it's the easiest way I've found to stream torrents that Just Werks™

>rotational velocidensity

>add in some linkin park to play alongside the audio, it's like watching an amv!

Guys, my pc is broke
I'm using the phone at the moment
So what do you guys think is better on phone? mpv, VLC or anything else?

Should I do this, or in the end, does it even matter?

Is this some Sup Forums pasta I'm unaware of?

>Is this some Sup Forums pasta I'm unaware of?

I don't see the difference between video players, that much, if i don't like look of anime i will edit it in adobe premiere

Switch back to MPC and stop falling for Sup Forums memes.

that would only make sense if you use madvr, otherwise mpv is superior

Better question, what settings should I use with MPC ?
I've always used default

Get madvr and read on how to configure it.

The asenshi encode was a Hi10meme re-encode of the 8bit AVC Netflix encode, and it's blurrier for no reason other than making it incompatible with most hardware decoders. Just grab the netflix encode from Horriblesubs, it's the best available version.


I just found mpv to have better color contrast out of the box than MPC with madvr and stuck with it.

I want someone to try this, just for shits and giggles.

>try mpv
>oh this looks quite ni-
>no option for single instance mode that doesn't require using external scripts
Aaand I'm back to MPC-HC


A really nice thing about mpv is smooth adjustable speed playback.
I can watch at x2 speed and save some time to watch 2-3 episode of my backlog.

Have you considered that you can use MPC with MadVR?

Well, not that I care that much, I was on 360p before I got a decent laptop and could got for 720p.
I don't think anything more will be noticeable on my stuff.

>I was on 360p for years*

install gentoo

How do I fix my mpv config for maximum quality? I don't even know what any of these settings do I copied them from various threads over the year.

# Video settings

this, we need mpv with mpc's ui

>Additionally, is there a point to torrenting 1080p anime if they're all upscaled?
If anyone actually bothered doing comparisons of 720p/1080p encodes they'd find 1080p is usually better, even for 720p native shows.

>mad about all those good shows
>Not mad about Angel beats

I don't think I've updated my CCCP/MPC-HC in like 5 years, don't even remember if I even use madvr or not. Hasn't fucked up yet but I wonder if there's something important I'm missing.

This has to be the most "OH SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING" post I've read in a while, good job.

Is it an average Sup Forums poster?

I thought the same until I switched to mpv and noticed i didnt use the UI at all. The only thing I miss is pressing mouse5 to play the next file on the folder, which probably can be fixed with scripts.

sounds like it to me

>noticed i didnt use the UI at all
meant to say the mpc UI

That's called mpc-qt

Lurk more

>Additionally, is there a point to torrenting 1080p anime if they're all upscaled?
Sure, even upscaled 4k makes sense.