Dang, just found out Batoto's gonna die

Dang, just found out Batoto's gonna die.
What a pain in the ass. I download most of my manga elsewhere, but there's quite a few groups that don't have sites and just upload to Batoto directly, which is then scraped and uploaded elsewhere.

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There is always nyaa or TT.



I have been reading manga online for years now and have never heard of Batoto. Granted, I'm not as deep into manga as most here, but still.

is that Sup Forums's solution?


Is it up yet? Doesn't seem to work here.

Not yet. Go on #manga-dev on rizon.

Alright, thanks user!

I hope people who read manga online all die in a fire

I'm already ash

Does anyone have any alternative sites?

It hurts because I use an app on my tablet to just download/read online while I'm on my lunch break and other sites that aren't Batoto have watermarks, are slow, compress the image, and/or make you solve captcha after awhile.

I use the mangarock app and occasionally their website.
But if you want to download, I guess


Upgrade to mangadlr

Streaming manga on batoto =/= streaming anime on kissanime or I don't know what the fuck you're using.

where are you going to dl your manga now that scanlators dont have a good place to upload it buckaroo

the smart scanlators already used a blog as well as batato, the dumb ones we can do without

"upgrade", he says.

>the dumb ones we can do without
Stop acting like a complete retard. There was a fuckton of scanlators without a blog. Losing them basically means losing more than ~60% of the scene.

then you answered your own dumb question, obviously I'll be downloading from the ~40% that remains you dummy

A lot of those small scanlators translate old/niche stuff. Losing them would be a pity for you EOPs, not like I really care.

>Cant add sources on Tachiyomi

What is the new approved manga app


Registration was closed.

I use Madokami, but a distressing amount of downloads I see are tagged [batoto], meaning they're scraped from there.

how many reliable xdcc hosts are there?

eh, if they're too lazy/dumb to learn from the successful scanlators there will always be more to replace them

what would a webdev with enough spare cash and time even need to do to set up a notBatoto site that catches on?

So you're calling ever Sup Forumsnon scanlator dumb?

It's not hard, just get them from F-Droid.

Be the first to offer no compression.

I mean, I don't care if it goes down, but surely this is the most stupid way to handle it.
Why didn't the owner just hand it to the top tier admins?
He mentioned in a post that people inside his circle were already preparing for it, so why not just hand it over?
Why auction the domain?
Is it because of ((((((Sup Forums implications))))))) or what?

He doesn't trust anyone.


It's not like he needs to hand over his IRL credentials to hand over the site.

that comes down to how much cash you're willing to burn. good idea for a premium feature mb?

How? Cant find anything on f-droid

No, it has to be enabled for all.

speaking of Madokami, do they have an unreversed version of Sanctuary on there?

MangaRock is the only correct answer.

Holy fuck, you are a fucking idiot.

Folow this:

They will appear on
> Categories -> Tachiyomi
There's 34/35 sources, iirc.

You did specify them having enough spare cash, first to full no compression will have an easy win and anything less than that lessens the chance of it catching on.

ok thanks, didnt know that was such a strong feature.

It's important because most of the people putting stuff out try their best to make things look the best they can, and compression ruins a lot of those efforts.

You make it sound like you do some dumb shit like following scanlators rather than following manga series

Doesn't want to give away the user account database that the site is tied to.

That's cool of him, desu.
But surely there could be a way to wipe all that data before handing it over to someone else?

yeah no, he just wants money, the leading bid for the site will get everything

>the leading bid for the site will get everything
No they don't, they only get the domain.

>Losing them basically means losing more than ~60% of the scene.
If they can't manage a shitty blog. Nothing of value was lost.

60%? No way that many scan-groups would be that stupid.

>60%? No way that many scan-groups would be that stupid.
Oh user you act like you are new to this.

Remember to copy your follows before the site goes down

it's probably higher
at least for the minor series
bato.to was convenient
even those with blogs still often used solely bato.to for hosting
the big shounens will be fine the interesting small and weird stuff will probably suffer.

>it's probably higher
There are ~1000 active groups listed on Mangaupdates.

IMHO less than 600 groups relied SOLEY on batoto (i.e. do not have a blog, twitter, irc-channel, fb-page, ...). Especially not those taking donations.

Huh, I see, but still:
a) Wipe the database, but keep the core, screenshot the forums, and so on. Hand over and then ask everyone to re-sign, kind of like a new site or fork but same domain and info kept.
b) Untie the database, hand over, next time people sign in it ties back to the "new" site, those who don't will be free from the new one.

Dunno, maybe he's right and it's not worth to put the effort. Hopefully the prepared forks are announced soon so that the scanlators who 100% rely on batoto keep something and we don't have months/years of projects on-hold.

Also, take this: github.com/loadletter/mangaupdates-urlfix

So, what are you guys using now to keep track of your mango?
MangaUpdates? MAL? Notepad?

Always have used MU. But that's because I've been using since the beginning, when it was way better.

already have that but you're a good person for recommending it.

Mangaupdates because the information about new chapters of irregularly updated manga is invaluable.

It's classic push vs. pull.

Are you going to check ALL those scanlators or even the manga manually (pull, Google away) OR do you simply read the chapters as they come in (push, get notified)?

Because if he handed over the leadership, he couldn't sell the domain for 10 grand.

tfw don't remember my madokami credentials

>tfw just remembered my madokami login and pass

so why is it shutting down?

Because you're a flaming homosexual

This is the guy who runs novelupdates, a spinoff of mangaupdates except for novels.

We should base a new manga site on novelupdates.



Basically, direct links to manga scanlator chapter releases if possible.

>Basically, direct links to manga scanlator chapter releases if possible.
Mangaupdates had those. Until they got sued away. The group-fix-script exists too.

In the end mangaupdates is useful even with group links removed (and no dl links) because the chapter tracking still informs you about new chapters.

Not the guy u replied to but ur a legend thanks

>chapter tracking still informs you about new chapters.
and what the group name is just without the direct link

Well yeah. But they didn't get sued over group names yet.

MAL hid the scanlation group names for non-logged in users.

>216 follows

Not looking forward to transferring all of that.

just take a picture


There are exporting scripts.

(I recommend mangaupdates. Because those online reader sites go down regularly.)

Already have a notepad with the follows made. I'm assuming whatever replacement made will have a follow function which was one of the best things about the site to begin with.
That's a good idea.

Registration is closed. Anybody know when it won't be?

After they done moving the servers. or never.

why won't you guys just embrace the future and stream your manga:

When the panic over Batoto dies down probably.

I may be a batofuge, but i just want to
quietly lurk where i won't be bothered, user is there any salvation for me?

This shit is as old as youtube.

Use kissmanga

Seriously it depend on where the scanlator will upload their works. In goddes they usually just ripp it from batoto. many scanlator doesn't upload it directly to madokami.

Also there's already 2 project to replaced batoto. manga.sh and another from nyaa.pantsu dev. Since they're from Sup Forums don't expect too much.

yeah fuck people who read something at the same exact quality as they would by downloading, except they don't have to set up a system to pull new chapters and instead only look at a feed to find the latest updates, what assholes

exact equivalent of streaming anime

Because he is a fucking idiot, obv

user manga.sh is PantsuDevs project

Looking forward to it being replaced by manga.si

What's stopping scanlators from directly uploading to kissmanga?

Have to make a facebook.

Cartel already has madokami and I don't think madokami will be opened back up anytime soon.

Yeah, this is what sucks

Manga.sh is planning to support importing follows from batoto

Oh, that's really cool. Now we just need to worry about the projects that this will kill/delay.

I asked them, they said the guy who handles that site site is an asshole and they don't like how the site displays the double pages.

Is that the Sup Forums project? Wasn't it called tama.mo.

No that was just the domain they voted on and costs 1k but nothing else happened.
PantsuDev then started his own thing.

No. In the first place, the Sup Forums project fell through once they realized how stupid their ipfs idea was and the amount of cash they'd need to put in so now they're collaborating with pantsu.

AB doesn't have this problem :^)