Feeling depressed from Devilman Crybaby? Watch this

>Finished Devilman Crybaby
>Felt depressed and miserable
>Found a 3 episode OVA based on Devilman and other Go Nagai works
>Can't take the original work seriously anymore


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Try Cyborg 009 vs Devilman.

>Can't take the original work seriously anymore
I couldn't take it seriously anyway. It's too laughably nihilistic.


devilman crybaby is pretty good desu, animation is a bit weird

I like Chibi Sirine

Shes a cutie

Chibi Sirine is best Sirine

I've already done it.

So far this is pretty cute in a twisted way.

Does it all end in tears like the normal story?


What do you think

Yeah, Ryo even stated his intentions from the beginning

I like the Crybaby Miki better


I like the "actual witch" Miki more

But OP implied this would cheer us up!

Why did they do 3 comedy OVAs instead of finishing the adaptation?

>A comedy OVA where none of the characters/subplots are taken seriously
>definitely going to be as depressing as Crybaby

I like Tumblr Miki better

Rip Best girl

>I-I'm Devilman
>I know, I read the manga

The only time tumblr "art" worked because Miko is supposed to be disguisting demon.


Why is everyone saying that they are both lesbians? Miko had a rapper boyfriend for a while and Miki likes Akira. Just because of that 20 second scene where Miko was like "I love you" and Miki was like "okay"

Hold up, so if Miki read the Manga, than does she know what happens to fuckin HER?

Got you user

This is awful.

/u/fags are cancer. Miko fucked a dude and was never show to fantasize about women when fapping.

The only canonically gay characters in the show is literally Satan and someone who betrays Humanity for demons.
Makes you think

Because the majority of tumblr are gay themselves, of course they're going to see gays and lesbians everywhere.

That's an "S" on Miki's right foot, right?

No user its a C

>believing this
They are mostly posers and fetishists.

I think we can agree that Tumblr fags are cancer

too bad nobody is translating this anymore.

it's licensed

This show is wholesome. I like it

Totally watched this after the show.
It was pretty funny.

This guy gets it

>All the Mazinger sound effects are just someone making sounds

Would you fuck
>Chibi Sirene?
>1990's "Demon Bird" Sirene?
>Crybaby's Sirene?




It's the only time his death has been played for laughs

Note that not all of the series shown here were created by Uncle Go; merely, property of Dynamic Planning (Getter Robo's a perfect example).

>they got all the seiyuu from the Devilman OVAs
>but they couldn't get Kouji or Baron Ashura's

Was Ishimaru just busy or something? I doubt it was union disputes because Dr. Hell's seiyuu is in it.


>The SECOND time
>Time to reset the world again

Gaima Q3 a QT.

I feel like you could make a joke here. but i'm not eloquent enough to do it.

This cured my depression after watching Crybaby


Why do people pretend like the ending to episode 9 never happened

Because it hurts too much to remember what happened to Miki

Right because what happened to the rest of the world right after wasn't depressing at all.

Because they turned Miki into the holy virgin.

I think it was the way that miki's body parts were paraded around her house by people that she trusted was pretty fucked up and disturbing. We didn't really see the rest of the world except for those small segments but at that point, you don't know if they are fucked up like the rioters or not

Neither, Sirene X Kaim is too pure

>Played for laughs
Not really, Satan loses his mind and starts screaming at God to fix everything right after.

I like that they finally found happiness.

>miki at the left
it will take me a couple of days to digest miki's fate

In the last episode the Devilmen are defending the last bastion of humanity. The world literally ends.

Even Satan being gay is arguable, because Angels have no gender because they're not biological beings.

yeah, but Miki was supreme waifu material

so innocent and so pure

>no ebooks

>because Angels have no gender
Satan does though, he's a hermaphrodite because he's a fusion of a human woman and the male angel lucifer

especially when she became a devilman herself

I think they all know what happens, or at least Satan and Akira do.

Miki a best


It's specifically why Akira doesn't want those events to continue

Reminder that according to Chara Go Nagai World, God is Go Nagai.

Technically, it's his imagination

Well yeah, it's his works.

So, Akira and Ryo should blame him for everything?

Well he keeps that circle of sufering and shit going to sell merchandise.


you watched the wrong ovas

ok i wanna watch this wheres the DOWNLOAD link?

Bruh its on youtube

Just watch it there

>forgot about these ovas
>welp time to torren-
>nya has them raw only
>only youtube
i bet it was in bakabt a year ago before they started the private faggotry

Hell yeah dude

For a moment, I saw Griffith.

Yeah, the OP posted the youtube links

well, Griffith was obviously based on Ryo

I love the ending of the OVA where Psycho Jenny and Miki confront Jack, claiming that he's Akira/Devilman


>"dur gotta download everything I watch"

I also like how Akira didn't want to go back to their normal selves because he knows that they will be enemies again

found a seedless, raw torrent from 2013 on nyaa
how fucked is that?

>nice to meet you, i'm Fudo Akira
My sides and my heart

Does she still get in over her head?

Post yfw devilman no uta starts playing

Yeah, I would.


better OP incoming youtube.com/watch?v=25iq_p1FjVo

Brainlet here. Someone educate me on Amon. Was he a demon king or something? All the demons seem super happy when they see Amon before it's revealed Akira is the one controlling him then they shit their pants.

Just finished devilman. I am literally a rollercoaster of emotions right now. At least humanity isn't as degenerate as this show portrays us to be.