Clear card was my introduction to the cardcaptor sakura series. I was surprised by how much I like it...

Clear card was my introduction to the cardcaptor sakura series. I was surprised by how much I like it. The writing in the first two episodes was solid, and I especially like the natural way exposition was done. I personally like the art style as well. I wasn't expecting to be engaged by this show but I have been pleasantly surprised.

Any other Sup Forumsnons enjoying the series?

>Clear card was my introduction to the cardcaptor sakura series

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You are so fucking dumb.
Just go watch the original, Clear Card is great but one of its greatest strength is the nostalgia factor you get.
You don't get the pleasure of seeing familiar characters, locations, hearing the same voice actors and music.
I can't even imagine your confusion if the story even start touching upon some CLAMPverse shit.

what a good introduction into the fanbase. sorry I wasn't into anime straight out of the womb faggot. didn't realize wanting to talk about something I thought was awesome was a crime.

>being this mad about the truth
There are plenty of other internet safe spaces for you to talk about what you thought was "awesome", sweetie.

>what a good introduction
Maybe the start? Are you retarded?

>oh look someone just found out about something I like, better be a shithead
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>what is reading comprehension
I wasnt asking him where to start you fucking mongoloid, I'm calling him a faggot for being a shithead even though he's the first fan of the series ive talked to.

You started with the sequel, so it seems like you do have trouble knowing where to start. Perhaps if you didn't do stupid shit like that people wouldn't tell you to fuck off quite so readily.

>starting a sequel to something you haven't watched just to be topical

I don't get this kind of thinking.

At least your having fun.

thank you for not being autistic user, and thank you for the warning on things that might confuse me. is there anything I should know about the original series before I go back and watch it first, like a certain watch order, or should I dive straight in?

I didn't realize it was a sequel until I started watching but I was enjoying it and I got the jist of what was going on, so that why I'm watching it without having seen the original. This is the first season that I'm trying to watch as much as I can though, which is why I haven't researched any of the shows.

There's 2 movies, might not be 100% canon but they're worth watching, especially the 2nd one.
You can watch the first movie after ep 35, and the 2nd one after ep 70.

If you want to delve in the abyss that is CLAMP then also read xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicles, but I wouldn't recommend getting lost in this convoluted mess unless you're absolutely sure. Just enjoy Sakura being cute and capturing cards.

You seriously didn't even think something was off during that mini-recap at the start of episode 1 or when a good deal of the characters aren't given a proper introduction?

Anyway go back to the start. No excuses.

I wonder if you were born this retarded or if it happend in an accident. Someone being new to a series is not a reason to lose your shit, you vapid cunt.

To be honest I realized immidiatley but it peaked my interest so I kept watching.

thank you friendly user! I can't wait to get started and I appreviate your kind help!

Next time just do a quick search before starting a show.

fair enough. I jumped the gun, my b.

>someone just found out about something I like
>wants to be the biggest shitstain about it
Go watch the original or get the fuck out.
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>starting with the sequel

What's your favourite Sakura game?

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read the thread