What do you think about Mitsuboshi Colors?

What do you think about Mitsuboshi Colors?

I miss barasui
what's he been doing these days?

Oh, wow. Was this an homage or plagiarism?

I think the Colors are very dangerous.

Is Ichigo Mashimaro worth a watch?

probably homage because if it was plagiarism then all of japan would have sued itself into oblivion

Must watch if you're lolicon.

Absolutely nothing

If you like Mitsuboshi Colors, since they are basically the same type of show.

Its almost like horns and a tiger stripe outfit is the stereotypical Oni costume or something.


Ichigo Mashimaro is softer in design than the colors and more openly boke and tsukkomi.

Ichigo Mashimaro is the lewd version of Mitsuboshi.
As in actually for lolicon, while Mitsubosih is "minna".

People overblow the lewd aspect of Ichigo Mashimaro. There wasn't that much lewdness.

Nobue was concentrated lewd.

The point is that there was just enough direct sexualization there for lolicons. In Mitsuboshi, that is completely missing.
And that's a huge difference, when it comes to appeal or sales point.

I thought Ichigo Mashimaro was kind of boring and the girls had maybe three years before they would actually be attractive. Mitsuboshi Colors is superior in every way IMO. I'd call it AOTS if we're not including Devilman.

hmanga when

>and the girls had maybe three years before they would actually be attractive
Fuck off, your opinion is worthless.

Yui needs to ditch these losers and make better friends.


>He doesn't know that she's actually the most savage of the three.

Why is she such a fatass?


Is she looking for Mew?

w e w

user is a lolicon...?

I forgot, but why was she in that outfit anyway?

Made me smile.



Only if you use LIME's release.

I actually haven't watched this yet because I was waiting if a competent sub group would actually pick it up. But now that it's obvious that's not happening I guess it's time to go balls deep into bratty kids.

How much did sentai fuck up so far?

There are some really obvious mistakes one that changed the entire joke even but I've seen worse from sentai.
Take it or leave it honestly.


Is barasui dead?

Yui is like the Archdemon from Nichibros High School Girls are Funky.
She seems the most kind and straitlaced, but is by far the most vicious.


Super interesting.

Miu is such a brat. I love her.

The new volume came out a couple months ago. It's mostly full of stuff that's been scanned for years though.

He's dead.

The official subs are pretty bad but it's an easy show to watch raw. You can probably understand most of it with a child's grasp of Japanese.

best watched with little sister

I always thought Kotoha have black hairs.

But then her color wouldn't be blue. It would be black, like her soul.

She wouldn't be called blue Bocchi if she wasn't blue.

But she's called evil bocchi.

why was the second ichigo mashimaro ova so bad

I call her JS Bocchi

I'll scream

Do it faggot.