Are there any negatives to Netflix becoming involved with anime?

Serious question, guys

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No not really, though there will probably be that age old debate about if they count as anime, but honestly if theky make more stuff like Castlevania i am 100% on board, plus it just gives my subscription more value


Yeah it’ll have less tropes and generally be higher quality than the average in Japan currently. Honestly I’m rather excited, seeing as the current state of anime is basically the lowest it’s ever going to be.

If they are gonna start releasing episodes simultaneously: no problem.

Maybe it's gonna get too hollywood?
t. euro

Jews will eventually own netflix and try to shove their progressive agenda but aside from that nah.

I'm worried that things will be made more politically correct to please western investors.

Sup Forums - Netflix

Netflix has the resources to actually go after piracy.

You mean bad music, lens flares and uber-political correctness?

Considering the US outright doesn't get shit, yes.

Fuck. It's already happened

As long as they license actual anime and not meme garbage like Neo Yokio it's all good

There are good things, that's for sure. New money in the industry can lead to new oportunities for series that could not have had an adaptation that maybe would boomed.

Negatives that could happen is that as they are investing there, they could have more control on what gets adapted and what not and more control on the storyboards and a influence on trying to make the content friendly for Worldwide audience. That could lead to having series which are anime on the name yet the series on themselves aren't made on the weird japanese way that we loved. Neither on the artistic approach nor on the production development.
In other words, making anime the next capeshit for the West and destroying what we actually liked about anime in the process. But hey, let's be positive.

I mean no even less substance, and shit style

Oh, and Sup Forums will get spammed with goyflix shilling threads.

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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As long as they adapt true to source material anime it's okay, but the moment they start changing shit to please western viewers their anime will become shit.

>Goyflix shilling
Doesn't that already happen?
Jokes on you, user, traps are only sortof gay

As if it hasn't already happened just check the amount of devilman crybaby threads.
And people calling it Aots, even though it's shit.
Sup Forums is already filled with shills

They will SJeWify anything anime that gets popular and they fund.

>be crunchyroll
>spread animu to normalfags for years
>gets cucked out of popular shows by netflix

Castlevania is not anime you fucking retard.

ultimatemegax now hates kyoani forever.

>be crunchyroll
>botch your releases with terrible quality and subs for years
>gets easily cucked when another service does a better job
No wonder

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pretty sure they won't allow centaur vagina

>Jews will eventually own netflix

They threw money at my favorite thing.
As long as they continue to do so, I'm happy.

^ this

buger political agenda.

checked sorry

You guys should actually watch a Netflix show before you talk. Then you could know how dumb you are

Yes it is, dipshit

My employer crunchyroll tells me to only say bad things about Netflix.

I still chuckled, just don't spam it

Normies watching anime is about it.
Netflix is actually really good at throwing money at things and letting creators get on with it.

You might as well forget about lolis, CGDCT, harems, imoutoshit and so on. Netflix will only make shonenshit, kid-friendly stuff and mature anime for mature anime watchers such as xirself.

It makes anime more popular which is a negative.

Anime is the flavour of the decade, I think it's too late for that.

I don't need to watch shit, all forms western media are completely infected with SJW/shitlib normalfag cancer and netflix is not going to be the exception.

They set Death Note in 2017 rather than 2003, opening up rather large plot holes due to how technology has advanced since then.

Though the thought of Sup Forums tracking down Kira and mugging him for the Death Note is amusing. I could only imagine how they'd use it...

I agree with this snowflake us normies eill watch more Japanese cartoons

You are delusional.

Lol, its funny cause you willing admit your a retard. Also those "SJW" boogie people you fear so much, are the only reason anime is popular in the west. They eat that shit up

>netflix starts investing in anime
>more and more anime with cuckolding and gyaru themes
Are the jews targeting Japan next? Their shows used to espouse chastity and traditional family values. Not so much anymore.

they are shit you imbecile

people go crazy for stranger things or black mirror and anyone with at least a tiny bit of taste can tell they are garbage

>Also those "SJW" boogie people you fear so much, are the only reason anime is popular in the west. They eat that shit up
You say that as if it's positive

>letting the west touch something that has appeal because it isn't western
What would be the point? The more secular from the world Japan is the more interesting it is.

the plotholes were there in 2003 too, Light was never the smartest guy

Yeah, because Bigmouth and all of the other garbage no one talks about are soooo good, right?

The only good Netflix shows are revivals of things they bought, and even then they're considerably worse than the original. See: Arrested Development.

problems may be that
-more normies get into anime
-anime starts jumping on the sjw politics trend
-loss of jap culture and authenticity to cater to western public

and another thing i kinda dislike is having an entire season available in one day, i prefer the week-by-week experience but that's just autism

Even more burger trash subtitle.

What about Cqstlevania, Voltron, monster mouth, Bojack, trollhunters and the millions of other good shit

this already exists with most battle shonen. it turns out that shows with lots of fighting results in high sales velocity and merchandising opportunities.

funny enough, it's also the most popular amongst otaku as well (remember Sup Forums during the golden age of naruto and one piece?)

You are trying too hard to shill for shitflix.

Yes, there will be more pressure on anime to become normalfag/western friendly AKA shit.


No, just pointing out that SJW's love anime

I thought netflix shills were a meme.

A Madoka fag has no room to judge others

You wish, buddy.

Sup Forums is incredibly easy to pay shills for because it's basically impossible to detect. Since Netflix is pouring more and more money into anime, expect to see a lot more people like: in the future.

It happened to Sup Forums and that place was already garbage. Now it's like garbage².

Not as much as calling someone a shill

It's a vector for jewish globalist and multiculturalist propaganda to worm into anime, and incentivises making politically correct westernized normalfag anime to get the gibsmedats from western corporations.

Kiss my dick, bitch

Madoka, for all of its faults, is still better made (at least pre Rebellion) than anything listed, EXCEPT for maybe the first two seasons of Bojack.

If you call everyone a shill for having a different opinion some eventually become actual shills. Look at Sup Forums.

I'd rather not. Pretty shitty attempt at trying to deflect my argument, too. Can I speak to your manager, pal? You're not doing a very job of convincing me you're not a shill.

I'm going to be that faggot and say I don't like non-nipponese being involved in it. Anime is a product of japanese culture and I want it to stay the way it is.

I like anime because it's not a western-made garbage.

Well they havent done shit even with their live action shows

Don't be a special snowflake. Anime can be garbage too, and western media is not necessarily a garbage.

Or it is that people actually like it

It is good though. Very good in fact. Though I'm not a fan of how the last two seasons were shorter compared to the first two. But oh well.

What's absolute cancer though, is the fanbase. Dear God, say what you will about DBS or RWBY, or whatever your preferred "Worst Fanbase" is, Voltron's blows them all out of the water for level of sheer and utter cancer.

That's not what special snowflake means, not that I'm expecting someone who doesn't know English to necessarily know that.

Stop this shit. Nothing like that will happen

I'll try when it come to my shithole.

I dislike every single thing about western media. You can't change my opinion.

you could arg that too much seclusion will end turning japanese anime and manga into self-jerking incestuous shit
just look at the downpour of moeshit and isekai
also plenty of shit tropes : muh fanservice, muh loli, etc

That's gay.

How much European cinema have you seen, dear newworlder?

Those shows will still be a thing not just in netflix

Kill yourself, there now i takijg away from the possible user base

That's not a negative thing.

who cares about that garbage.

I'd rather have two separate, smaller pieces of garbage than one disgusting pile, ESL-kun.

People liking things makes them shills? You're clearly a Sup Forums regular who just happens to be on Sup Forums. Go back to your containment board.

Seriously, just proofread your sentences.

Question, does Japanese netflix have anime with subtitles? I'm moving to Japan this spring on a scholarship and I don't want to engage in piracy while I'm there to risk my living (plus I'll be on a laptop with only SSD so can't even torrent if I wanted to really) and I'm pretty sure crunchyroll doesn't work in Japan

I haven't posted on Sup Forums in a long time. Liking things doesn't make you a shill; blindly defending something and sounding more like an ad than someone who would actually use the website does.

If everyone would just accept the Keith/Lance is best couple snd that pidge is a transman everything would settle down

most of the series they will finance will be action anime.

Netflix is fine but they should fire whoever does their subs.

>It's your belief in yourself that makes up your magic.

What do you like about anime?

I'm sure the people who make it their life to complain about fanservice/objectifying women, lack of diversity, sexualizing children, etc. actually love anime and wouldn't try to destroy it to suit their needs at all.

While you are at it, where can I get anime with Japanese subtitle?

Its not like there hasnt been western like anime before