Made in Abyss

Is this a boy or a girl?



Better question: Is it a goat, a cat or a rabbit?

used to be a girl now it's a nanachi


It's a bun a smol one. Here's another.

I think is all of them at once, a weird mix of animals


It's a bun

does it really matter when she is dead?

Genitalia free bun


That edit is amazing.

Lidl bun.

I really, really, really like this image.

It's all yours.


I have pictures of rabbits on my computer


post more pls

only if you describe the taste of nanachi's chinchin miruku for me

A warm summer's eve with the slightest hint of strawberrys and cream.

that sounds delightful

It's nonexistent.


Ozen is a big girl.

r u shur

it's the biggest ball of lint to ever come alive

Keep it to one thread. Stop making 1,000+

Stop sexualizing animals

This is the only Nanachi thread up so what are you talkng about you spaz?

pull the bun mimis

Girl according to the show/manga.

so bun will be saved from her restful sleeps by the gang and finally be able to move on from mitty, only to realize that her only other joy in life named reg is crushing on the potato girl. Nobody to love her. She HAS to become friends with moth at point. Or just die. I don't see any room for positive character growth any other way.


I just wish he confirms this so I know which doujin to look at.


Doesn't matter. He/she smells good regardless.

naraku shichuuuu!!!

>always refered to as female



The author does not give a shit.

Just quit it with the Sky Golems

Reggo's penis recognizes a fluffy vulva

Does he give a piss?

Me too! I like bunnies!


A little family bonding, Nanachi is daddy little Bun after all


I want the rabbit to be a male just because it just make things all that much more cuter imo but being female make so much more sense. Doesn't mind the girl rubbing on her but when Reg did it she remark that it was lewd. Honestly could go either way so go with whichever your penis like better.

Concentrated cancer.

>that fucking thumbnail

no u

What was she about to say?

> were the best dad.

Ozen is cute! CUTE!

it was actually a gay confession moment

its a fennec fox

I hope Tsukushi will eventually give us that information, but is likely among the lines of how Bondrewd wasn’t the worse thing in Nanachi life and without him Bun would have likely die of starvation as a dirty hobo

Bondrewd, as fucked up as he was, was the only person to ever make a connection with Nanachi. I think Nanachi looked up to Bondrewd as a father since he didn't have one. As messed up as it was, he wanted to have that connection. Nanachi was enjoying Riko molesting him but kept running shotabot away so I don't think its a gay/sexual thing between Nana and Bonlewd

Panel 4. Is her hand going up to her chin in the thinking pose (seen next panel) or is she clearing a tear (from panel 1)?

>Bondrewd, as fucked up as he was, was the only person to ever make a connection with Nanachi. I think Nanachi looked up to Bondrewd as a father since he didn't have one
That's probably the case for every single child he brought down.
It's possible he was the only adult who ever bothered to learn any of their names.

>cat bondrewd

Likely cleaning tears, as you said Nanachi eyes are teary in the first panel

Pretty sure she is clearing a tear. He wouldn't draw 2 panels just for her to change pose.



A Nanachi is the current answer given by Tsukushi in his live drawing, and in it he also confirmed Bondrewd Zoaholic was not destroyed

Reminder that despite everything that happened Riko never actually wanted to kill Bondrewd completely.
Because she's the same as him but younger.

For you.

You can have this.
You're welcome.

Looks like a googly-eyed hamster with a funny hat. Is this a new furry fetish?


eyo hol up
so you be telling me that this chibi bakura looking ass dude ain't a guy???

Just a bun from a manga that's had a hard life.

>same age
>no tits
yeah i'm pretty sure it's a guy. Nanachi is a meme character anyway.

This is how Tsukushi draws a "10y old".
I wouldn't read too much into it.

Biggest and best.

Shes a fuwa fuwa stuffed doll

Deformed baby prushka is surprisingly cute.

you have a poor understanding of puberty in girls

>trying to rationalize nanachi as a girl
explain how every girl their age has boobs in the manga/anime

Girls with boobs get turned into fluff rugs or canisters, girls without boobs get to cry about the now boobless girls

Well Nanachi doesn't so they all don't

She is probably same size as riko but covered in fur so you can't see it.

By this logic, its males got turned into furries while females got turned into roasties. IE: Bondrewd, Nanachi
you are fapping to a boy

Bird whistle guy will take her

>chibi bakura

Yeah that logic doesn't continue from mine at all nice try

>only to realize
She's known that from the very beginning, the whole reason she helped them in the first place is because she didn't want Reg to lose his treasure, she was sure he loved her and wasn't exactly wrong. That didn't stop her for falling for the shota cock though, and you really can't blame her when he's an almost angelically perfect, chivalrous and brave knight in shining armor who's cuter than fuck to boot, lolis get wet as hell for that shit. Plus he just heaps tons upon tons of physical affection on her whenever she's within arm's length, jabbing her bunny cunny with his raging hard-on and frustrating her to the point of making her regret ever falling for an already committed man.

Poor girl is in a pretty complicated situation here, especially for someone who's never done actual romance. She might be aiming for the polygamy end, though Faputa on top of her and Riko might be a bit too much for her. Three's company but four's a crowd and all.

Looking forward to S2. Surprised at how well the material was adapted, especially ep 13 and Mitty's death.

Old n busted


It's a Nanachi

That's right.

Yeah this production was golden. The ost shining the most.

Whatever you say user, those are your tastes not mine

im down with the fanart, but enjoy your penis rabbit