Is this show any good or just a ripoff of Guilty crown?

Is this show any good or just a ripoff of Guilty crown?

I wish it was a ripoff of Guilty Crown, maybe then it would be anywhere near as entertaining.

It's not a ripoff of Guilty Crown.
>MC has no super power.
>Main girl has others who are similar to her.
>Robot equality plot.
It's more of a clockwork planet ripoff if anything. So in other words it's crap. Still gonna watch it, and nothing said will stop me.

It's nothing like GC. It's not even close as retarded.

Not great so far but setting is interesting.

This show is raising all kind of alarms in my mind.
Everything in that first episode is telling me this is going to be shit.

I think I found my new waifu bros

>ripoff of Guilty crown
You mean then it's a ripoff of Code Geass?

It's like an endless stream of cliches.

Nothing like that, its a Blade Runner clone with robowaifus and less poverty instead.

It's the Samurai Champloo of the season

Darling in the Franxx is like this too. It can't have always been this bad right?

Why do I see this mentioned so much lately?

More like Eve no Jikan with Neptunia robowaifus.

Because 2049 led a new generation of people to it

Yeah, but Sup Forums is an adult board.

It's shit and you know it.

It's full of manchildren who consider anything before the 2000s too old and probably never watched the original 80s Blade Runner because it is "prehistoric" and were blown apart by the sequel.

Should I watch it? It looks like a dull normie movie

It's going to be a shallow examination of roboethics but the girls are cute and the show is pushing through the melodrama quickly and not letting the characters wallow.

The novel was pretty good, but this seems to be adapting the manga which was kinda shite. It's a tossup, but at the current rate more people will drop it from boredom rather than it being horrible.

They are far from the mind-blowing films most people consider them, but they are still quite interesting and probably the most visually stunning productions the cyberpunk has provided.

2049 is literally all about ryan movie man and his hologram waifu

So basically unless you watch it in theaters it's not worth your time. Oh well.

Watch the original

Leave and never return.

You can enjoy the rubbish future on any device.

But fuck Ryan Gosling, watch the original.

Like guilty crown if it had:

>a younger sister who contributes nothing to the plot
>a mc who thinks women can't protect themselves, but can't do jack shit either, underestimating the abilities of his tool
>worse character designs
>flatter and simpler villains
>lower budget
>moralfag protag, but not the righteous can-do type
>what will probably end up as mediocre romance which doesn't even end in fucking, which would happen in this type of relationship at the teenage level 95% of the type

ok that last one is the same as guilt, but you get the picture.

>tfw no robot girl to fuck

This closing scene was so shamelessly selling the robowaifu it gives me few hopes about the series.