Read series for interest on main girl

>read series for interest on main girl
>another girl in the story is 10x better but doesn't end with MC

every fucking time

she ended up with a pretty nice guy anyways
also she became a demigod or something and her kids could fly

overall she got a great ending, mc was kind of a fagot anyways

agreed. At least author gave her that

MC didn't deserve her

same happened to me
even if i hated her on ep1

This, why would you want best girl to end with one of the shittiest MCs ever made? Detective guy was pretty cool at least.

the blind dude was the coolest one. Too bad he died so early

I aslo fapped to the cult bitch

Dude the detective was the worst character after Yuki's father.

>Yuki's father.
He was even worse than Yuki

+ Amano sex scene

He was the worst in the whole series.




Why are China girls usually the best girls on their shows when the actual chinese are one of the worst people on this earth?

Japs don't want to be nuked for dissing grorious China.

what original female character interested you?

>Minene/Yuki femdom will never be canon

Maybe in another timeline

I hope you're not complaining about Minene not ending up with the MC. She's way too good to end up with a bad Shinji clone


she's too good for Yuuuki