ITT: Comfy Shows

ITT: Comfy Shows

only the first season

>like half the eps have someone die or be trapped in one way or another
yea very comfy

They're just spirits doing what they do, a natural part of the world like anything, they didn't do anything wrong. Really we should celebrate that the individuals had the opportunity to experience it.

Second season was good despite it cutting out the best side character in the series. It was also nice having Holo be the one who's being ridiculous and sabotaging a perfectly good relationship instead of just Lawrence.

the comfiest


Im really enjoying it, its something else compared to other anime, maybe because it has its own cliches

Glad I checked this show out this season. Was an incredibly comfy first episode.


WHat? THey cut out angry nun/priest lady? I now regret buying that blu ray.


Always get drowsy watching the show, it's just so damn comfy. Sound design is too relaxing

Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome. Just a movie, but still a great comfy one. Go watch it, like right now!




Hail to the king

Reminder that the act of pulling a man's hair in ACCA-13 was so out of the norm for the rest of the show that it actually produced shock value.

What I'm saying is the show is very /comfy/.

- Non Non Biyori
- Aria
- Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoko
- Sketchbook Full Colors
- Cardcaptor Sakura
- Mushishi
- Flying Witch
- Shirokuma Cafe

No Hidamari doesn't belong here, its boring.

Cigarettes, bread, and pastry are the comfiest. Even the shooting scene was slow mo IIRC

Not comfy. Depressing.

Not comfy.


The comfiest.

>someone else remembers this show
It really was comfy.