Fate/Extra hasn't even aired yet and you can already tell the Fatebucks are going to come rolling in...

Fate/Extra hasn't even aired yet and you can already tell the Fatebucks are going to come rolling in. When you have tertiaries lining up to watch Heaven's Feel simply because it's related to their precious mobage game without having seen or read any of the original Fate works, it's all but confirmed. SHAFT can cleave the mattress in two and make this adaptation a bungshow and it will still do gangbusters compared to Violet Evergarden or Darling in the Franxx. Shaft doesn't have to rely on smoke and mirrors like KyoAni does with filters unless they do it as a stylistic choice and Darling in the Franxx already looks like shit with CG. Imaishi is on suicide watch.

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>Fatefags are more willing to eat garbage content simply because of brand loyalty.
Tell me something I don't know already.

Shaft is bad at action heavy series.

And HF movie underperformed while Apo was a flop.

>Apo was a flop.
Everyone expected this.
>HF movie underperformed

Madoka had great action and this is by the same director.


Fatefag here, I have to agree with this. Apocrypha was garbage but I still watched every episode. Hopefully Extra is decent.

>And HF movie underperformed


The TV series?
lel no, the few fights we saw looked like dogshit without detail or decent coreography, the only good fight in the series was in the rebellion movie.

Imaishi isn’t even doing Franxx.

>Shaft is bad at action heavy series.
Who said it'll be action heavy?
This is SHAFT after all.
I'd be surprised if they just went for a basic straight-up Fate adaptation with the addition of some headtilts and other SHAFTisms.
I can very well imagine them approaching the base material from a somewhat different angle.

copy/pasta hater gonna hate.

same director for the tv show and rebellion

>And HF movie underperformed


Those numbers is considered underperforming?

Kazuhiro Miwa is action director so shit's gonna be cash.

It'd better actually be good, unlike all this other trash, like Apocrypha.

>Fatefags are more willing to eat garbage content simply because of brand loyalty.
Wrong, since most people hated Apocrypha.

God I hate this franchise

Apo was made by A1, this is made by SHAFT.
It'll probably be better, though SHAFT had some bad shows in the past as well...Mekakucity Actors was complete shit.

Did you even play Extra? It’s a slog. People praise it for the few scenes that are good but somehow forget about the loads of shit in between.

I don't watch reddit garbage like "deem feelz" you frogposter.

Kill yourself.

Dude, Apos animation blows out ufos
Shaft cant do better than that

What? Got "the feelz" you little faggot?! There is a devilman CRYBABY thread just for you!

This is the average non-Fate Sup Forums poster. Nasuverse should be a mandatory reading for browsing this board at this point.

The animation was good.
And the result was well-animated shit.
If a something is good merely by looking good, then EA and Ubisoft apparently make some of the best games of all time.
And American Cars have good quality.

Too much importance for your lame ass porn VN. Makes you get too much "feelz" bro.

>the animation was good
Going off model is not good.

>And HF movie underperformed

Fate adaptations were a mistake.
It'll sell a lot because they can literally just put "buy this and get an exclusive CE in GO" and it'll sell millions.

*Teleports behind your master*
Heh, nothing personel, kid

Have they done that before?

HF movies gave out stuff if you logged in the game from the theater. They'll probably do something with the BDs as well.

Only with the shitty go special nobody liked,

Just waiting on Week 2/5 and Infirmary visits.

How does that work for the NA players?

It doesn't.

In two years they'll find some excuse to give us the same content

Except they won’t have an HF screening then, so it would have to be for every player for free.

Apocrypha was my first foray into fate works, and although it's issues I enjoyed it overall.

stop it, you're making us fatefriends look like retards!

First order didn't come with any in game bonuses though which was why it was shocking that it sold 20k+

didn't read your shitty thread but reminder this will suck as tamamo route got shafted

Stay mad

The real fate fans are excited for Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan,

Wow it's almost like Nero is the most popular Extra servant and is always given fanservice priority. It's almost like you didn't play Extella and watch Tamamo get cucked at virtually every ending in her story followed by Nero becoming a goddess to save the moon cell.

This. I wish we got more than just an episode a month or at the very least the episodes were longer than 15 minutes.

fucking saber faces, fluffy tail is vastly superior

That's bullshit.
Nero route: Tamamo gets happy ending, Nero is stuck with comatose Hakuno.
Tamamo route: Tamamo saves the world and wins at life again
Altera route: Everyone dies
Second Nero route: Tamamo shares happy ending with other girls

Tamamo is garbage

>HF movie underperformed
You're a retard.

Now compare that underperforming flop to SAO numbers

It amazes me that people can call the original FSN and girls waifubait but tout Tamamo and Nero as good characters when they are cardboard cutouts is tropes meant to sell to waifufags.

Except if you’re excited for any of the three shows in the OP, you ARE a retard. Instead of watching shows based on brand or studio loyalty, “sakuga”, memes, or to shitpost about, you should try watching shows that you actually think are good. Which, if the first episodes of Violet Evergarden and Darling in the Franxx are to go by, you aren’t doing. Extra will no doubt be shit too given that it’s Shaft and not ufotable.

>And HF movie underperformed


Madoka had few moments of good action. It was not an action series at all.

>Implying Extra will have any action.
>Implying they won't completely skip over most fights or end them in a single strike.

hell yea dbz has way more action than anything shaft ever did

So this is the autism of legendary Fateshitters.

It did good compared to average anime movie but it did literally nothing compared to big hits like SAO or LL movies.

Considering it's advertised by supposedly the most popular Mobage at the moment that's disappointing as fuck.

>or end them in a single strike.
They're showing the unga bunga Nero route, so yes

Any fight with another servant taking more than three to five minutes at most wouldn't be accurate

>Whore of Babylon

Half of GuP movie. Or 1/3 of SAO movie. Wow, what a hit.

I hope BB and the Alter ego's get a cameo. They're ignored in the Extella time line so just having a BB shaped shadow to Nurse Sakura would be nice

>Everyone expected this.

As everyone is expecting this to flop. Shaft did nothing good since Madoka. It's also rumored to have a lot of production issues.

>implying both of those are still relevant

Are you retarded? 4th season of LL sold more than any Fate TV series and it's filling 70k concert domes in japan.


Exactly. SAO was out of relevancy for years and still outperformed HF. It's a flop.

>it did better than 90% of anime movies so it's a flop

Whether or not it’s a flop is judged on how much was spent making it versus profit.

Punished Redman will save us from the Nero wank and male MC faggotry

Redman will have no more than a cameo and his role will be to wank Nero harder

>Redman will have no more than a cameo
Good, it's high time he stopped being shilled and let other Servants have a turn

>all we get is whiteredman doing a superhero landing and that's it

Sure it will not r-right?

The question is, will Nero die and be replaced by a superior Servant?

fate is for l*sers

Lasers? Yeah, all sabers shoot beams, duh

two timing skank whore are not allowed

Now I know what NTR feels like.

Ufotable killed this fanbase.

Just self-insert as Lancer.

>And HF movie underperformed while Apo was a flop.


>Nero is the most popular Extra servant.

But she isn't, Tamamo has consistently been voted higher. She's just shilled nonstop because she is another saberface.

What if he shows up looking like this?

Ironically Tamamo is more loyal to the MC of Extra than Nero in FGO. Nero is called the whore of Babylon for a reason.

fuck you I need my EMIYA remixes

I think your joking but my sister who plays tons of F/GO and liked the F/GO OVA and was excited to watch Heaven's Feel but didn't really get it when she watched it, even though she watched Zero and UBW.

Oh rly ?

The cutest

I can't blame her

Archer needs mana

She was drooling for Tesla and Kintoki in FGO chapter 4

What's this from?

Shaft asked Nasu to write up an original route of Fate/Extra freely without him thinking about the budget.


>mfw Nasu includes Liz and Meltlilith

Because most people who play mobage don't really care about FSN? And it's not a new material you could just read the VN.

This is gonna be one of those shows it's impossible to actually talk about coherently, isn't it?

>Nasu includes Liz
I want this so bad but I wouldn't dare hope something that amazing would happen