I've just finished watching the masterpiece that is pic related

I've just finished watching the masterpiece that is pic related
What do I do with my life now?

Draw pornography featuring two of the main characters

>not Neferpitou

Read the manga, then suffer and pray to Togashi

>being a gay furry

>read the manga
I plan on doing that after I finish with the anime, I still have the 13th hunter chairman election arc left,

Non deserved

>Not Kurapika
Are you gay?

oh my rubber nen

Im on the same boat. Reading the little manga that there is after the anime coverage. Also, don't make HxH threads, they are the pinnacle of faggot degeneracy.

You fucking faggot
Why is there so little crossdressing porn of him

am i the only one who thought the chimera ant arc was absolute fucking garbage?

HxH before chimera arc = 10/10
HxH chimera arc = 2/10
HxH after chimera arc 7/10 because I kept remembering how awful the previous arc was

No, but you and your kind have a shit taste.

>absolute fucking garbage
Christ. Leave and never come back.

I have to agree that pre-chimera arc HxH was my favourite. Chimera arc had some good shit but it felt way too long and some episodes were just too stretched out. Don't fucking narrate me everything that's happening and ffs don't bait me god tier fights just to see an octopus fighting a wolf the next episode.

>hating on based octopus
>hating on based wolf
Pleb faggot

The good parts in CA were better than anything up until then, unless you are a sol or fighting faggot

I felt the CA arc was better executed in the manga.

CA has the most fighting

fap to gon fugging killua

If you take out fighting and the SOL side of HxH, what is left? Forced drama? Tbh best part of CA was King's development.

Examples of forced drama?

read the manga then welcome to the pain and horror of hiatus

Watch the superior series, Yu yu hakusho

Kill yourself

>Fuck you Killua, this guy didn't hit you when you were a kid so don't interfere in my battle with neko-chan

CA is my favorite so far, but I also love all major arcs of Hunter x Hunter, so I hardly relate to anyone into the series.