Hakumei to Mikochi - Episode 1

best smol aots?

I hate those cut-ins. They look awful.

Floating panel shots are gay. Panning stills are gay. Comfy-fags are really gay.


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I love this season. What did we do to deserve this?

This. I only consume the most painstakingly choreographed manime series such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Dragon Ball Super.
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Miira no Kaikata is cuter

I like this gnomeshit.

Reimu and Marisa?

The mummy show?
Both are cute, but I like this smol cut over the other :^)

I like everything about it except the cinematography, as others have already pointed out

I wanna leave a trail of peanut M&Ms around the forest and see if I can attract tiny tater fairies

Is it worth watching?


Find out for yourself.

Top 3 animu of the season, so far.

>top 3 anime
>literally less than 20 posts in this thread

b-bump, anyone else watch this?


too cute for words
i just want to hug everything but it's all so tiny that even that is impossible

There isn't much stuff to talk about, the show is cute and comfy, and it looks like this show doesn't have shitposters so the threads will be pretty dead.

What went wrong? I thought this would be more popular on Sup Forums.

>no high schoolers
>no lolis
>not from studio trigger/kyoani/
>wholesome show,not grimdark

This is basically a kid's cartoon for this board's anime experts and not popular enought to shitpost int he threads.




>they actually fly on eagles in episode 1
Frodo btfo.




I think I'm stopping unless there's a specific request.

It surprised me her having the VA from one of Aikatsu's main characters, a very lovely voice

cute show, reminds me of SSR+non non biyori

I'm picking it up. Looks fun.

>this is a bad thing
>Sup Forums is one person
It's one of 6 shows I'm watching this season. I like it.

>OP next week Wednesday
>ED not until March 8th


This is the only thread.

I'm enjoying it senpai

You don't have to keep the thread alive if there's nothing to say.

b-but my dead animu

That's how you know it's good :^)

>Cup falls one and a half inches.
Damn, did they make it out of eggshells or something? Ignoring basic rules of scaling and the square-cube law is fucking immersion breaking.
Also, what's the fucking point of watching a show about tiny people if they don't reuse human trash to make stuff Rescue Rangers style?

Watched the 1st ep. It's basically an anime for 4-10 year olds. Just like Kemono Friends... but without furry shit.

>Rescue Rangers
I never thought I would see this mentioned here.

The food in this series looks delicious. The market scenery and ambiance was fantastic. The second story really overshadowed the first.

I love them. They look fantastic.

>zero CGI besides the background characters in the open shopping district shots
I hope those fuckers keep it up.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I absolutely love the style and the atmosphere is really gentle.

I will be sure to keep up with the tiny lives of these plump people.

To see them make tiny rustic looking things and necromancy.

i don't particularly hate them, but they can get a bit unfocused at times

No problem, I thought it was cute and the other thread had like 20 posts before it was archived yesterday.

I actually like the frames-within-frames. The way they're used for 'paneling' and for controlling the significance of little gags is interesting.

A problem I have with manga adaptations is how they tend to allot disproportionate volumes of screen time and real estate to 'margin humor', which can be grating; but this way it seems to be adapted with a little more composition in mind.

I guess framing minor expressions like this one uses the similar rationale -- or it might be intended to 'refresh' the viewer's attention and mark a new line of conversation.

I haven't actually something like this before, the way the rest of the shot fades in.

>minor expressions like this one

>All these HS screenshots
Please don't watch official subs for this, they're fucking incoherent. Just wait for MTBB-PAS

t-the last five images were MTBB-PAS?

Nice counting
I posted before scrolling all the way down.

Cutest, comfiest show I've seen in quite some time. So glad I picked it up on a whim. Highly doubt it'll be AOTS, but it's definitely a strong contender for top 3.
Glad to see there's at least a decent number of Sup Forumsnons enjoying it as well.

I didn't have any big issue with it, but thanks for the heads up anyways. Will go check it out.

I was actually looking forward to this show more than anything else this season and honestly I felt a little disappointed. The premise and the aesthetic are so good but the utterly boring directing kills it. Things just happen one after the other like they were too scared to do anything but an exact replication of the manga. As a result the world barely felt alive except during a few scenes in the second half which had more going on. Compare Yuru Camp which had just as little going on plotwise but so much more energy.
That being said it was still really cute and I liked it. Might just go pick up the manga instead though.

will do capn

Is the redheaded guy and the black haired girl a couple?

Anyway, i'm going to start watching this, also it looks like something out of pierre culliford.

Pretty sure they're both girls. They live together, but the show just seems too innocent to ever go into romance/relationship type stuff.

>Compare Yuru Camp which had just as little going on plotwise but so much more energy.
Arguably that would be less appropriate for this show than for that one, no?

>expect potato kids
>get 2hu-flavored Animal Crossing

Mikochi voiced one of the murder goats from Kino's Journey last season and I don't know why I find that so funny

>Is it worth watching?
Better than Violet or Darling shit for now.

>Is the redheaded girl and the black haired girl a couple?
Seems so, I bet author of this loved some comfy Touhou doujins about Marisa living with Reimu.

Halumei to Mikochi is the best kind of yuri

True, but even with a slower pace and more of a focus on atmosphere the show should still be engaging and able to keep your attention, which is what I feel like this first episode was lacking. But to be fair I watched it when I was pretty tired.

Also going back and rewatching a bit, the music is understated but really good, especially the scene where they fly off with Kafu. Same composer working on this and Evergarden this season and I look forward to hearing more of both.

>Both of them are girl
Even fucking better than expected.

>no male MC

>being this gay

Its just like any other CGDCT show at this point

They're both girls. And it doesn't really go into romance or anything between them beyond them being very close friends to the point where others joke that they're basically a couple/married. Don't expect it to go into anything beyond that though.


Please, we all know Hakumei swallows sardines.


Hold up, Aikatsu VA?


Sweet mother of nibnob, it's Akari.

So its a show about Koropokkurus and Ainu stuff? I liked the first episode, its one of my favorites from the season.

So do you think in the next couple episodes they'll have the house blow up or save it for mid season? It happened relatively early in the manga but they're already moving chapter order around.

are you trying to trick me into watching another Made in Abyss

fuck off

>Koropokkurus and Ainu
Damn, this didn't occur to me.

I have faith that things won't go that way.

the kite honestly made me worried when it showed up

Its quite obvious from their clothes and size. Most animals are spirits too. I just wonder if humans will show up some time.

Yeah, don't be fooled. Just look at this evil necromacer. Turn your back and she'll try to steal your heartbeat and trick you into taking a bomb home.

30+ chapters in and no signs of humans.

Well, its because of the legend of how the Koropokkurus disappeared. It would be interesting.

I dunno, it's nice and the art is wonderful, but I can't really tell if it's going to have anything more than what episode one showed. I'll see for another two or so, but I might drop it. Best art of the season for sure.

Its an episodic series about the various characters they meet and the world building. If you're looking for a plot or for them to be working towards some overall goal then your going to be disappointed.

Fuck, I can't her anything else than nagito when she speaks

With the pace they're going they're probably going to adapt all of the translated chapters

This was mostly how I felt about it. I didn't really have any expectations beforehand though. Great setting, but it just seemed to lack a sense of wonder or something. Kind of like it was trying to build on already established ideas without hinting them first. However, this season is packed and it's hard to really judge from one episode. I suspect it will be nice at worst, but perhaps not memorable.

Tiny girls are the best.

Did Lerche finally make a half-decent show?

I love this to be honest. It makes it seem more like oldfashioned story telling somehow.

It didn't take place in a school nor have archetypical highschoolers and drama. Truly the pleb filter of the season.

Also the claustrophobic feeling of it is fucking great

I want Mikochi spread my glans and stick her head in the urethra.

She's way bigger than you think user. You couldn't do that without ripping your dick apart.

> ep.1 is 2 chapters
> 35 translated
That's highly unlikely.

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