Kakegurui Live Action

This is pretty good

not anime

it's related to anime

not anime

Ignore that retard, he clearly hasn't read the rules any time recently.

Still need to get around to watching the anime. I looked fun enough though but liveactions almost always turn out shit.


Go here:

Are you retarded? Fucking newfag.

>4. The discussion of "live action" television shows is permitted so long as they are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series.
Stop trying so hard to fit in and actually read the rules instead of retardedly upholding your own personal version of them.

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Can someone translate this ? What is she saying ?

>If OP were a faggot he totally would make threads about non-anime things on Sup Forums. Let's hope he isn't.

wait why isn't meary's hair blonde ?

Why does he look like Tanaka

epic post

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Why are they so ugly

because he is tanaka

Watch it for the girls

Looks like shit by the way

3d. japan isn't like your cartoons. everyone there is actually ugly as fuck

Not everyone can be Hollywood and rape their way to a cast

Anyone ?

Back middle is qt

Why can’t japs act?

They have no soul


Asian aesthetics, us gajin will never understand.

>Japanese acting

Are the girls cute?

Is it fanservicey too?


What a shit show, those two were the only reasons to even consider watching/reading the thing.

Use google translate app on your phone


Wait, is the last one a guy?

Is that filthy frank?

Even in 3d MANyuda is great

are you kidding me it's even worse then regular google translator

Works well enough for simple sentences

well it's not a simple sentence
also the image being low res doesn't help it either

Is Yumeko upper right? Doesn't even have black hair. What the fuck.

what the actual fuck were they thinking

Better than Dragon Ball Evolution.

and kaiji

>closed eyes meme
This is the female equivalent to running like gay sand ninjas

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