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>[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - Glory Line - 02 [720p]
It's out. Get in here.

I just rewatched bit of season 1, jesus christ Onoda is so gay for Manami.

and then he just threw the fucking bottle.

Midosuji a big boy. And best.


Komari is insane
>tfw you're racing the Inter High only to feel up some muscles

time for homos

Are there any sane characters left?

Hakone Academy is more smug these days, but they're pretty normal. Sohoku is more or less the same too. I feel like Kyoto Fushimi is the only team that's pitching these total weirdos lol

man how's Eren and the gang going to beat this Titan

Is it day 2 of in high yet? I'm up to date on the translated manga. Don't want to spoil stuff for you people.

>Hakone Academy is more smug these days, but they're pretty normal
You kidding right? they are the wierdest ones
Ashikiba is 2 meters long and hears classic music in his head
Doubashi is like 3 times the size of Izumida and breaks shit everytime because he can't keep his strength in check
Izumida is obsessed with ABS and also named his pecs and lower back muscle
Kuroda has mochi legs, no sense of danger, and rips his fucking scabs
Manami is so autistic people can see wings behind him, and he doesn't even feel alive unless he gets to reach the peak first
Yuuto is a fucking Shinak, it's in the genes and he's obssessed with Onoda

nah, it's at the end of the 1st day

You look behind you and you see this.


Midosuji just caught up with Kuroda + Ashikiba and Naruko + Iwaizumi.

Rivalry between Manami and Onoda being set up.
Never get to see them go at it.

Now Onoda is fighting vs Yuuto.. Is Yuuto like a stepping stone?


They were much more normal under Fukutomi.

Izumida was a terrible choice as captain but then again they didn't have much choice (maybe Kuroda?)
and I hate his new hair, the previous one was hot but now that he is mimicking Fukotomi it just sucks

>Never get to see them go at it

What is final stage of inhigh 1? And most likely of 2 too.

please be patient with Yuuto, he has autism.

That was a race for the finish not a race for the summit. That's how I'm defining them.

> he's obssessed with Onoda
Good taste.

>Izumida was a terrible choice as captain
>I hate his new hair
Shit taste, to be honest user.

I miss Arakita.

I want another season of cycling homos, I want to see our guy riding and winning.

Izumida was an aceptable option, he was a hard working guy and a second year , and aparently learned the importance of the team and being respectful to the rivals, but in s2 he become an edgelord.

He's in a better place now with Kinjou and the Hiroshima guy

I don't think Sohoku is winning this year.

> Sugimoto
> winning
I really hope so.

43rd InterHigh is going to be crazy.
Captain/Ace: 3rd Year Imaizumi
Vicecaptain/All rounder: 3rd Year Naruko
Climber: 3rd Year Onoda
Assist support:3rd Year Sugimoto
Sprinter: 2nd Year Kaburagi
????? (Could be Danchiku, Sugimoto's brother or a new 1st Year)

Captain/Climber: 3rd Year Manami
Vicecaptain/Sprinter:3rd Year Doubashi
Climber: 2nd YearYuuto

Watch Sugimoto being new captain.

>Manami as a captain
Hakogaku is so fucked.

Manami as captain? How?

Yes Manami as captain. He'll step up to the plate and accept the responsibility.

Isn't Onoda the captain of the current interhigh? Or at least the MVP of team Sohoku.

Also I hate how the 'Onoda fuck ups' plot was recycled for this interhigh.

Because by the 43rd IH he would be one of the oldest member (a 3rd year) with 2 years of experience. Doubashi would only have 1 since he joined as a second year. He already would know how to work with Doubashi and Yuuto AND If any of the other 3 members left are 3rd years, I doubt they would make them captains since it would be their first Interhigh, maybe vicecaptains at most like Kuroda.
Teshima is the Captain, Onoda is just wearing Zekke #1

There's a fourth season this soon? By the the end of it, they'll get close to the manga.

Season 4 started last week.

The episode just ended at chapter 340 and the manga is at 477. We'll be lucky if we get all of Day 2 (it's also the longest stage)

while the fuck up was recycled, I just love Onoda fighting his way to the front
and of course he always meets with Midousuji and his zakus when that happens lol

I can’t believe the series is already almost at 60 volumes

when he raced for the sixth spot in the team ;-;7

This series is good, second year beginning is weak, but it seems to be picking up again. I can see how part of Sup Forums would easily dismiss it. The fujoshi fanservice is sometimes outputting.

10 year anniversary on february 21st

>mfw the manga sold more than 15 million copies

The manga sales are still pretty good I think, and I hope the fujoshis don't stop buyin

Poor little Doritozumi, all the way in the back.

IIRC it has been in top 30ish for last couple years.

I pretty sure Yowapeda makes most of its profit from merch though, it also helps that Weekly Shonen Champion is pretty chill about sales

merch is important, a show from one of two seasons only sold like 700 copies and someone at the company said the show was profitable because they had other form of income

Is this hell?

a very sweet Hell

Must be pretty uncomfortable asking for anime food/drinks. I'ts ok if you are a filthy gaijing, but being a nip and doing it must feel samefur.


(also the food with the brocolli/midousuji looks absolutely disgusting... which may have been the point)

Truely bestest boy


For mangareaders. How this time midousuji will be hacked out of 3rd day? Dropping out again seems low chance, but manga is predictable and final will be propably again hakogaku vs karasuno so he needs to loose ealier. Thats kinda stupid since he is clearly strongest, riding 1 vs 6 and being on 3rd year lvl year ago

The caught it in one of his pockets and got banned.

try to use spoiler tags next time, I see Midousuji's name and tend to read the rest, R.I.P

The anime is becoming too much of a freak show, focusing too much on absurd character special abilities, literally baiting the viewer with stupid bullshit, characters becoming parodies of themselves, and I started hating this stupid bell chime sound.


Manami is a little bitch. Onoda is too good for him.

>Hiroshima guy
How can you forget his name with Ibitani always saying it


i've read the rough-outline-translations up to vol 47.
Without going into spoilers, day 2 is great, really reaching the highs of 1st IH if not surpassing them.


>literally baiting the viewer with stupid bullshit
>characters becoming parodies of themselves



I love you, Pedalfags. Sorry that our thread is dead.

i would expect naruko as ace and imaizumi as assist.

Imaizumi is already the ace. Why do you think they will switch?

there's always /n/ for yowapeda threads

I have never seen this show, but I love cycling.
What percentage of this series is about the sport?

I'm catching up on New Generation and I just can't take Aoyagi seriously when he's inflated like a goddamn balloon.

The series is always informative about cycling but like almost every sports manga it has its unrealistic shonen tropes that may make the series better/worse for the viewer.

It's almost all cycling actually, not too much character drama--nothing unrelated to cycling, I think. The author fucking loves bikes and the real world sport too, and incorporates real world information into the work, but like all sports anime it isn't especially realistic at times. Most characters cycling skills are exaggerated into superpowers of sorts, and the characters themselves can be kinda wacky. That said, they're surprisingly charming.

About 95%
but it has the typical anime filter of ridiculousness
If you're into bicycle racing, the manga explains things in a way that isn't as over the top and has better art.

Is it wrong that I watch this series partly for Aya? I still miss how she looked in the first seasons of the anime.

>Is it wrong I watch a series about cycling for one of the only characters that has nothing to do with cycling
kind of

I still watch yowapedal for the cycling. It's just that I can't stop noticing Aya-chan.


>”Oh look a faggot”
>puts on earphones and keep pedaling

>best at anything

You can't call Midosuji a chad. He's like Autism Prime.

I could see this In High going to Kyoto, with Hakone winning in the third year.
Then the Sohoku squad would have to pass the torch on to KabuDan and the younger Sugimoto.

Would someone please give that kid some meat

Actually, the first season of the anime was pretty high quality
Around Grande Road, it starts to fall off, and the manga art starts to get a lot better at that time too.

Thought the new season thread will be dead or nonexistent, but 80+ posts isnt bad.I'm still enjoying the series but probably wont be lurking the threads much seeing the manga is so far ahead, some spoilers for the anime might be already months old by now.


Yeah, this thread is pretty active compared some past yowapeda threads I've seen. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Naruko is my favorite character !!!

Will this season end half way through a race again?

The second IH is still ongoing in the manga as well, isn't it?

Are you saying 20 episodes won't be able to fit the next two days?

The /n/ thread is even more dead


I need to start watching this season, but currently not time to do so.