What are your thoughts on fanservice in anime?

What are your thoughts on fanservice in anime?

I'm all in as long as it's not a five-minutes-long shot of a girl's panties as she lands in slow motion in the MC face at the same time she is having a slight orgasm.

unpopular opinion, but I actually don't like it at all.

It's unnecessary and only serves to be otakubait. It's a waste of time that could be better spent on things that aren't trying to get nerds to throw money at it so they can beat their dicks.

Its the point of most anime. Not like most have a good story.

If the show has substance and it's just enhanced by hot girls I love it.
If the show has no substance and relies on it it feels cheap and manipulative.
Though a show's substance can be the hot girls if enough effort is put into it. For example DXD, the shounen power level story is pretty generic and dull but that's not really why we're watching it.

Usually it's a crutch for shows that don't have much else going for them. Sometimes it's just a bit of harmless titilation or actually relevant to story and character.
It's very rare that it's an obstruction to anything better.

The only time I groan is when it's in the first episode just to hook you and then the entire show never reaches that level of lewdness again. I especially hate it when MC falls and grabs her boob.

Pointless. Why tease yourself? Just go read or watch hentai.
>The virgin fanservice
>The chad hentai

best thing about anime desu

>watch hentai
Have you seen any animated hentai? It's fucking garbage. And barely animated, even by the slideshow standards of TV anime.

I said read or watch, reading doujins or H manga is better obviously. And yeah it's often shitty, but it's a hell of a lot better than watching ecchi fanservice anime if you just want to be turned on.


Being an “anime fan” but hating fanservice basically confirms you as a crossboarding shonenfag, aside from fanservice anime has substantially fuck-all to offer

I find a show is greatly enhanced by having fanservice provided it's a good show in the first place.

its a crutch for weak anime to rely on and a shot in the foot when good anime use it

I've always wondered why otaku spend money on thigh teases and breast jiggles when they can just read hentai.

Adding seasoning to food can improve the food, but eating just the seasoning isn't always that good.

>admits anime is shit
>claims superiority over crossboarders and shounenfags
Nah, you have no reason to look down on anyone.

>Its the point of most anime.
Most anime also happens to be bad. That does not make it okay.

You think we don't do both?

I'm using this from now on.

don't mind it much, if I get equal opportunity of women and men. hardly see it done in the same show at once, so I don't bother watching.

fanservice is great unless it's gay, that's just unnecessary

I’m not admitting anything lad, it’s just a fact. If you’re not fapping to anime you’re wasting your time watching it. Everyone knows this

It's fine. My problem though is the lack of fetish pandering ecchi nowadays. I fucking miss qwasar

There are a few exceptions but hentai ovas haven't been good since the 90s tentacle stuff. Modern stuff is absolute garbage and even amateur doujins blow it out of the water.

Can be nice depending on the tone of the series but cant carry a series on its own especially since its just easier to go look at hentai if T&A is what you want.

As long as it isnt taking away anything from a good story or overused, it can be fine

Only if it's JC fanservice. All other fanservice is disgusting.

/e/ and /h/ are different boards for a reason, some people prefer the tease and some other the porn.

Chekhov's Gun. I don't have a problem with it in moderation, but you shouldn't devote too much attention to something that doesn't further the narrative in a meaningful way, and I can't remember a single time spontaneous tittyshots have done that


There used to be at least one good ecchi show a season, but now it seems like all we have is the occasional season of DXD.
Queen's Blade will always reign as the pinnacle of ecchi shows.

Its the only reason I watch anime/read manga

I like the educational kind.

This. If I want to jack off I'll watch Bible Black, not Highschool DxD

I'm pretty apathetic towards it unless it's particularly well done. I can't watch pure ecchi shows anymore though, too insipid

>some russian said this so it must be followed
This is the problem with STEMspergs.

Literally nothing wrong with the way he used otaku there. Fanservice literally is otakubait since its designed to sell shows to horny Japanese otakus

Most hentai do not have the level of quality BB does. Ecchi shows consistently have more effort put into them than hentai ovas.
Half the hentai I've seen lately is borderline flash animation.

What the fuck does STEM have to do with a Russian playwright?

STEMspergs take everything at face value. Because somebody said something to you, and that person appears to be an authority, you immediately accept it. Realism is shite.

my only reason for watching anime

Amazing. I love fanservice

It's just like, my opinion man, nobody said anything about it being scripture.

a necessary thing to avoid this world becoming resident evil.


You sound like you have some irrational issues with STEM.

dae rational engineer!?!??!?!1?1?!?!

I wish more anime these days was not afraid to make pantyshots for few frames. Especially because girls skirts to short. Studios try so hard to hide panties so it's become ridiculous and they just break physics and anatomy. It's big thing in Love Live series but seems like other sol start doing this to.

Only further proving my point, friend

there are some that are needed, for example highschool dxd, to love ru, etc.. are anime that focus on fan service, now this is only my point ok? no need to hate

when i watch an anime i watch it for the story, the plot, the characters, there are some anime that doesnt need fs like death note, fma, hellsing, gintama, psycho pass, cowboy bebop. etc.. and they almost dont have it.

but there are some anime that dont need fs and they still have it like one piece, evangelion, magi, and many more.

there are times that i like an anime and i want my sons to watch it but i cant because of the fanservice.. i really think that fan service is not needed, if you want fs go watch, tlr, queen's blade, series that are involved around that.

but really for the sake of just watch tits and ass i can watch a hentai.

Why are your sons afraid of boobies? Did you raise them gay?

her skirt is defying gravity

>Death Note
>Psycho Pass
All shit.

>complaining that there is too much tits and ass in anime
When did anime fans become such literal gays?

Generally its because buy the bluray

really what's so wrong with your wife's sons seeing a couple panties?


if you dont like arse and tit meat shots you're a damn queer.

>watch bluray
>lens flare and steam is still there

Or sometimes even worse.

I don't remember this scene from Nichibros.

>using muh kids as an argument
Instead of being a parent and deciding what's right for your children to watch, you're instead shifting the blame onto the companies for making it.
This is literally the same logic turbo Christians in the 90s used to protest violence and the same logic SJWs use to stomp their feet and cry about sexually attractive fictional characters.

no its only that i want my kids to be kids. im the type of father that doesnt want my kids to yell at you that theyve fucked your mom online.

and there are anime that are for kids and other that are for adults only, one piece is meant for all ages but still has fs, and quite a lot, i like one piece, i think the story is amazing, but really i dont need nami and robin's tits on the screen every 2 minutes.


I already knew this thread would be filled with Americans without even opening it

i think you are wrong on that man,
hes saying that there are series that need fs and some that dont and still have it... i think hes right

I love it.

It's another dumb retards of Sup Forums and CalArts still thinks Japan anime fanservice are only those of the tits and ass variety.

Anime has fanservice.
You are not the target audience.
If you don't like it, don't watch it.
>But things should change to suit my needs because I have the moral high ground!

Americans are so gay they have a panic attack and write a petition any time they see a hot woman, especially if she's not real.

Most modern """"animated"""" hentai is shit unless you've already read the doujin it's based on, in which case it can be mildly passable to see it in motion. Doujins themselves vary wildly in quality, but if you find a good artist who caters to your tastes then all power to you. Fanservice is usually vanilla and all-encompassing enough that people enjoy it just because they know what they're getting.

The sound effects kill hentai ovas for the the most.
>stock squelch sound when they cum
>women slurring their words like they have brain damage
>disgusting blowjob noises

It's not that they're homosexual, it's that they are very brainwashed.
By feminists and Christians, who both want to squash sexual freedom for different reasons.

Feminists because men being able to get their sexual gratification from entertainment diminishes the sexual bargaining power of women, whose vaginas are not as essential to man's happiness in such a scenario.

Christians because thousands of years ago some Jews decided we needed more humans on Earth, which we did at the time, so sexual gratification should be incentivized behind marriage and reproduction. And so, all sexual gratification that isn't gotten through reproduction should be prevented.

I expect a bit of mild fan service in all anime. I'm usually pissed when there isn't any. It can be as simple as a flirt and blush. As long as something is there, I'm good.

100% this

hentai muted is literally hotter than hentai with sound

I dont even know how they make those retarded, ridiculous sounds. They're such a turn off.

>why is anime tailored towards 95% of its viewers?

I like the occasional animation pointers.

Exactly, complaining about fan service in anime is retard. It's like complaining about blacks in hollywood movies.

Anyone who thinks less fanservice = higher quality is retarded. fan service isn't used to lower budgets, its to try and turn a turd into something watchable.

It's good stuff.

>Anyone who thinks less fanservice = higher quality is retarded
> fan service isn't used to lower budgets, its to try and turn a turd into something watchable.

you just contradicted yourself what the hell

It has is black and white moments.
Sometimes grey and white, heck even grey and grey.
Personally dependence on its authenticity.

>It's like complaining about blacks in hollywood movies.
I wonder who posted this.

>Anyone who thinks less fanservice = higher quality is retarded
> fan service isn't used to lower budgets, its to try and turn a turd into something watchable.



>Anyone who thinks less fanservice = higher quality is retarded.
Yeah, anyone who thinks this is most likely underage. Watch Evangelion.

There's such a thing as tasteful and tasteless fanservice. If it's blatant "LOOK AT HER TITS" then it's lame. If it has build-up and uses fanservice as pay-off, the nit's worthwhile.

It's fine, things like in OP pic which are just natural things are even better
Tsugumomo does the lolrandom fanservice well, unlike to loveru, DXD, etc. It gets pretty gay when the mc pretends nothing is happening

>it's a hell of a lot better than watching ecchi fanservice anime if you just want to be turned on.
This is wrong, unless you've lost all control over your masturbation and a looped 30 second ecchi (or not) scene can't get you off.

>>Anyone who thinks less fanservice = higher quality is retarded
>> fan service isn't used to lower budgets, its to try and turn a turd into something watchable

It's not about political correctness you mong. It's about unnecessarily cheapening a cultural product with gaudy fan service.


>cheapening a cultural product

Everything in moderation.


This year looks pretty promising, considering the new seasons of ecchi shows.

comedy fan service like in gto is great

I've always wondered why people think this is a good argument. It's like saying "why buy a pudding cup when you can buy a gallon of lard."

Creepy pedo Japs

It usually feels really out of place and therefore it's mostly shit. It reminds you in most circumstances that you're watching a show that's desperately trying to rake in views by appealing to the least critical aspect of human nature. I can be okay though, sort of like how the more suggestive shots in Kill-La-Kill felt in keeping with the general tone and off the rails nature of the rest of the show.

The worst is when it occurs through some convoluted means purely for no other purpose, like a girl falling over for no real reason other than to just have an excuse for a panty shot.

I don´t have a problem with fanservice.

I do have a problem with shitty anime that have fanservice.

You can have very decent anime with no fanservice, very decent anime with a little or a ton of fanservice, and you can have anime that is pretty much nothing but very decent fanservice and therefore... get this... it is very decent.

For example, High School of the Dead was about 50% fanservice, but whatever wasn´t fanservice was still awesome. The characters tended to be unique and have charisma, the action scenes were alright even when they went retarded with the fanservice, it approached zombies from a traditional Western perspective instead of an Asian one, and so on and so forth.

But then you have mediocre shit that only uses fanservice to hide how shitty it is, or to entice people into watching it when it deserves to be thrown into the trash and forgotten. For example, there are tons of harem anime out there that are completey fucking shit, and only use fanservice to keep people hooked on a plot that doesn´t go anywhere, with forgettable characters. Or how about those battle academy anime? Again, terrible anime that use fanservice to replace actual content, much like how isekai use videogame stats to replace world building.

Fanservice is not a problem in itself. It is a tool that, unfortunately, can be misused and is misused way too fucking much.

I enjoy fanservice. Nothing better than a nice pantyshot.