Hello to yuo forum people! I have an idea! I'll draw you as madoka magical girls...

Hello to yuo forum people! I have an idea! I'll draw you as madoka magical girls. Tell a wish you'd like Kyuubey to grant and some other stuff you'd like to see then I'll draw you. I may not be able to finish every request if there's too much though.

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Draw me nude.

Do we just post a pic here?

I'd like to get her drawn as a magical girl (I censored this pic).

Kyuubey could grant said girl a wish to have never been ignored by her parents.

okay you wished "draw me nude" here's you as a magical girl. you're a very perceptive magical girl.

to be fucking honest i just want my life to be interesting so i would wish for some random useless shit just to become a magical girl

Pretty good. (Im not the one who requested it.) Got anywhere someone could credit you? Or do you wish to stay anonymous

Draw Satania as a magical girl!


I wish my father would stop drinking so much.

I wish to have a soul gem that stays pure forever (fuck you QB)

you can fly

Diana and Akko from LWA as yuri magical girls please.

I wish I was happy and always be happy forever onegai kyuubey-sama

Reminds me of Alice in wonderland

Wouldnkt that just make you a magical girl who can’t use magic?

I wish to be remembered in history

I just wanna be happy and leave this miserable world.

you can make creatures fall asleep

you never change so you can't memorize new information

I wish for the zionists to stop controlling the market

Like in Memento?

your ability is to know what is going on in any part of the world


i'm tired sorry to everyone who didn't get their drawing goodbye

maybe someone could take over me when I'm gone

damn im a cutie

I wish to have fun forever. Something Sci-Fi would be nice.

A greedy and simple girl who wishes for eternal wealth. Hiding her insecurities, she wishes to appear elegant and proper at all times, conforming to her shallow idea of wealth. Appearing like a stereotypical ojou-sama.

I wish I was less useless and just graduated already so that my parents could retire

I wish to be able to go to space without a helmet.

Draw this cunt i.imgur.com/REszwRY.jpg forcing to Madoka to smell her crotch