What was the first anime you watched?


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I didn't realize it was an anime at the time, though.

>It should be Serendipity



My friends kept imitating that thing Ayame did with his hands and I had no clue what they were on about. I watched it, and a few other shoujo anime before branching out to other genres.

Attack on Titan.

If pokemon doesn't count than madoka


>Just realized that was an anime.

some distant family member I was at put Princess Mononoke on to keep the kids quiet
a pretty bad choice considering I must have been like 7 at the time, they probably thought it's just a random kids' cartoon
the only thing I really remembered from it were the scenes with the corrupted boar and the giant spirit rising up over the forest


>I didn't realize it was an anime at the time, though.
I think everyone who grew in the 80s was like this. Arthur, Judoboy, Kamui, Wonder Boy, Queen Millenia, even Captain Tsubasa or Saint Seiya were just "toons".
People didn't really start to difference and talk about "manga" until the 90s

Technically Pokemon, but my first real one was Soul Eater in freshman year of highschool.

forgot to tell I was somewhere between 1.5 and 2 years old


I remember going to the local blockbuster and seeing several copies of Ninja Scroll movie in the kids section. I grinned and keep walking.

Yeah, and I feel silly now that you pointed it out.

I just found myself putting that disclaimer down, as if it were a reflex.

>muh first real one

your first real one was pokemon. period

well even in the 90s as a little kid everything was seen as cartoon

Dragonball is the first i remember watching in 1998 probably.

Captain Tsubasa
Saint Seiya
Candy Candy
Speed Racer

Hell smells to b& here

You're joking right?

This Nice to meet you, long lost brother.

I don't know how was in the rest of the world, around here it was the videogame magazines who started to talk about "manga" to refer to the books but also to refer to the japanese animated movies.
Actually, the distributor company of most of them was called "Manga" so anime ova were refered as "manga movies" during good part of the 90s. I think it wasn't really known as "anime" until mid-late 90s

Elfen Lied

Azumanga Daioh
Zettai Karen Children


>Candy Candy
I still have to witness a series with more suffering than this shit. Man, this was just terrible, I remember that part where she was so tired of living that just wanted to drown in the river, but she was rescued only just to lose yet another lover, FUCK! she couldn't even die!



Grew up in USSR so didnt have much anishit just cartoons. When Latvia got freedom remember seeing a guy selling VHS cases of some random mech shit. Dont remember the name., also shit didnt have any translation. Gonna ask my parents if they kept any shit from old apartment, cause i should still have them.

Fucking newfags

Arthur isn't from Japan. That's why I hate the term anime. I doubt Japanese call American animation "cartoon desu ka."

Namakura Gatana ,get out newfags ive been watchin anime for years

astroboy or maya the bee in national tv here on mexico.

I was talking about Moero Arthur, the anime in the OP

Are you from Spain maybe?


I stopped watching it in 3rd grade though, while after soul eater I started with my plebshit.

Dragon Ball
Sailor Moon

After Slayers I actively started watching anime.

akira on vhs

Looking back it was probbaly the moomins when I was like 2 or 3 that was my first anime; but having said that I'm not even sure if it's an anime or a cartoon, I guess it was party made by japs so you could call it an anime but then Im not entierly sure.


Probably this

best show

You must remember this;

Poor's man Beyblade


I probably saw shaman king first, but trigun got me hooked more.

Speed racer or Sailor moon.



Bible Black I guess

Toonami was a god send.

The earliest animu shit I can recall is Orange Road.
But I might have watched the Fist of the North Star or Harlock first on some weird parallel network first.


Dragonball, you can guess where i am from.

Rurouni Kenshin

Given the amount of syndication and dub changes, it's hard to be sure, but I'll go with this:


Fuck I miss bleach.

Probably Dragon Ball or Saint Seiya.

I have faint memories of Mazinger Z, but I am not sure.

>I still have to witness a series with more suffering than this shit

Remy? I don´t remember much about it, but I do remember the death of corazon alegre




Used to live in Japan because a relative was in the military and apparently I watched some anime while over there but I don't remember it. The first anime I really remember watching was Speed Racer and I had some VHS tapes of it. DBZ, Zoids, and CCS are others I remember watching on TV fairly early on.

I was 11 years old! Thought anime meant rape, demons, violence, super powers, nudity, awkward sexuality and more rape.

I bet you're from Portugal.

Captain Tsubasa was the first then it was Pokemon

cardcaptor sakura on citv

Sailor Moon


And I went straight into Night Shift Nurses after that. Don't ask.

Unironically this

Pokemon, even if the dub is an utter disgrace.

That Miyazaki movie about pigs back in kindergarten. Might be the only anime ever to have a dub in my shitty language.

>even if the dub is an utter disgrace.
kys weeb

Probably this. Kinda hard to tell what I watched at ~1 year old..

maya the bee and then some strange mecha shit i don't remember well enough to google. though i didn't know it was "anime" until sailor moon got to air few years later.

Dragon Ball Z. Though I didn't even know that it was "anime" and just thought it was an awesome cartoon

Kiki's Delivery Service

Mobile Suit Gundam

I just started rewatching it too and had no idea how good it really was.
>the savage banter between princess and fortune teller
>catgirl being best catgirl
>every character being fleshed out and driven instead of having one dimensional tit monsters, beta fag MCs, and beach episodes
>blu ray of elder gods quality instead of a shitty upscale

Yes, I also remember the Levis TV commercial with Ghost in the shell and some extra sex scene from another series.

I'm not really sure. I think pic related. I might be wrong though.
I know I've been watching anime forever. But my first memories, from the time I was 4-5 years old, are all blurred. I don't know which one was the very first one. If it's not Mazinger it might be Astroboy.
What I'm sure about, though, is that the one that got me into anime was Robotech (Macross saga), even though I didn't even know that anime was a thing back then. It was my favorite show when I was around 12. Then, when I was around 14 or 15 Saint Seiya came, and around that time I found about anime due to a specialized magazine I bought. So Saint Seiya was the first one I watched actually knowing what anime was.

Forgot the pic... duh.

it had to be either pokemon, hamtaro, digimon or medabots really wouldnt remember.

Let it rip, bitch.


You forgot Dance of Curse



If I were to be very literal, robot carnival a long time ago on sci-fi before they decided to misspell their name and show wrestling. I barely remember it though.

After that was technically Robotech reruns on old-school Moltar hosted Toonami. It was a rough first, but admittedly it was only up from there.

After that, sailor moon was what really got me going.

>People posting Muskethounds
>Not posting the superior Three Musketeers anime based on The d'Artagnan Romances (some parts of the anime cover The Three Musketeers up to The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later, without the time skip)

I see you're also a man of the muskethounds.

To be honest I haven't watchet any other anime about musketeers, Dogtanian/D'Artacán was a big part of my childhood so that's why I hold it close to my heart even thought other stories and snime may adapt better that story.

Imagine if you could only remember a handful of things about your first 6 years of life, I think you would guard those memories very close.


I'm not counting Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon, since I was watching that on tv since I was a child.
My first was either Death Note or Code Geass. Terrible choices.


Gotta be the Astro Boy 80s series.

Honestly don't remember.

Ranma was the first anime I got into big time. But, watched a ton of random stuff from the early 90's and late 80's- Bubblegum Crisis, 3x3 Eyes, Zillion, Metal Fighter Miku, Voltron, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenshi Muyo, Vampire Hunter D, Bastard, Akira, Appleseed, Macross 7...

are you me? i can't remember if i watched robotech or g-force first

fern looking thiqque