Why does Japan hate Mature women

This woman got me hot the moment I saw her!
> Japan kills her off in the 1st episode because fans aren't into busty beauties and are all pedos closeting as Loli fanatics.

Nips have shit taste, duh.

Mature waifus when!

because she looks like a psycho and totally not waifuable
>japan doesn't like big breasts
it's like you haven't seen anime in the past 10 years
they shoehorn big breasted girls into nearly everything even an anime primarily consisting of lolis

I never said big breasts. I said mature hot women.

Because anime is mainly a medium for teenagers

>they shoehorn big breasted girls into nearly everything even an anime primarily consisting of lolis
Good. Lolis are shit, so big breasted women are needed to offset the washboards.

I dont understand how given the aging demographic. That's like saying Harleys are still mainly for young adults. They're not. The consumer base has aged with them.

a) She's not mature, she's just a murderous psycho, there's no maturity in that
b) It's a deeply violent show in which you can expect just about anyone to die, to begin with

You're right that Japan doesn't like mature women though, and if you'd posted one I'd have agreed.

Because lolis are simply cuter and superior.

Who knew

>aren't into busty beauties
Dunno that's how i interpreted this.
How would you define mature then? Just by age i assume?

>liking fat cows

>liking washboards that are so flat, they might as well be men
Actual faggot detected.

This is one of the reasons golden boy is pretty refreshing.

I hate MILF and Loli because they simply don’t arouse me

What does that make me?

When megumin is being preferred over the busty, curvy Darkness. You know Japan's got a problem. And OP I agree we need more mature sultry women as main casts.

Cartoons are for children. I'm sorry you have trouble understanding.

Sorry user. I just liked the pyscho bitch. They drawn her so hot only to kill her off. I realised with Japan they draw mature women so hot and powerful yet they become irrelevant in the end.

pick one

It means your biological imperatives are working. You are attracted to fertile women in their prime.

Yes, anything over 20

Most women I know in real life are more mature than 90% of the people that post on this site that's for sure.

>not liking girls who are pretty much traps but with actual pussies
How can your taste be so shit?

'cause I'm not a pedoneet like you.

Because japanese are childish.

>tfw you realize she was only put in there to keep eyes glued to screens while they intro'd the story
Classic case of forced "came for the tits, stayed for the lolgoodstorylol".

except nobody stayed because the story was shite

Right, which is why I added the adjective "forced".

it was a quite well executed hook of constructing a cliche MC intro just to subvert it in the first episode by killing her off. The show does this a couple of times afterwards and was quite entertaining, but lost me when the Tiger and Ox were choked by the chopped off Snake Hands. That shit was just getting too dumb for me.