Evergarden VS Darling

Which premiere was better for you?


Violett but I'm a Kyoani fag

None if them

Fate will win

Death March.

>how can I force the most shitposting into a thread


Darling made me actually curious for the next episode.

Darling in the FranXX. It's not even close.
However the best anime this season is Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho.

Both were pretty average but at least Evergarden didn't offend my eyes with garbage visuals.

Violet Evergarden has that "robot finds out what it is to be human" vibe. Darling has a Mecha plot that has the potential to go completely off the rails of absurdity so it's piqued my interest more. I'll still check out both though


In all honesty, Killing Bites was better than both.


Amazingly, Evergarden, and I hate new KyoAni. Franxx I had seen done a hundred times over.

Unnecessary studio wars

I'll have one Violet, thanks.

Zero Two is my new waifu!


To elaborate I'm a sucker for original anime. It's just much more fun to speculate what's gonna happen next with Sup Forums. Violet Evergarden threads already had LN fags spoiling the story for everybody.

FranXX. VEG had pretty pictures that's all. Not like I'm complaining anyway.


>Muh holding panties FrakXXX
>Muh boring evergarden

Fate Extra will save this season

I'm a Kyoanifag but Franxx had the better first episode, as cliche as it was.

Based Shaft saving anime once again.

>Implying the emotionally stunted robot girl who wants to learn how to love thing hasn't been done a billion times before
Don't try to pretend like VEG's story is anything unique or interesting. Only thing I'll give Kyoani is their usual excellent visuals. Besides that the story is derivative as fuck.

> Shangatsu no Lion
> Fate/extra

Shaft Saved the Season

As opposed to another mech anime?

>violet blurry garden
I mean, if I wanted to watch a boring shit drama/romance, I rather watch 3-gatsu, at least that have good characters, a story that just works and actual good artstyle/animation/direction.
>darling inside fran XXX
Pretty entertaining and luring, looking forward for more.

3-gatsu is just as bad as evergarbage

It's interesting enough to me since I'm way past the age of enjoying LN tier male MCs and juvenile jokes.

The faces are so fucking bad


I'm neither a Kyoanifag or Triggerfag but I have to go with FranXX. Many anons like to bring up generic elements of the story, characters, and presentation that hold back both shows, but I really like Zero Two's quirkiness. I understand that she is not completely original, but we don't get very many characters like her and I find her a lot more fun than Violet.

They pretty different, but i love both.

If FrankXX had a Badass character like kamina instead of a self-insert, this would be instantly 10/10

looking forward to both but evergarden more

this will never happen


Both are cliche ridden shitfests but Franxx being anime original has a slight chance of becoming something more, having read Violet's plot summaries I can say there's nothing in there that will be remembered in 6 months, no twist or climax, shit is as basic as it can get.

That's because 02 likes to do things that are meant to evoke sex, whereas Violet is just a passive kawaii uguu.

Violet has some dignity at least

Taking in consideration the concept of the series I think that's precisely the direction it will take, we start with an MC being a pussy (basically acting like the 99% of guys at that age) and end up with MC BIG BALLS owning pussy, taking in consideration its TRIGGER we are talking about I wouldn't find weird a huge ass mecha that requires multiple girls and the MC just riding everyone like a boss

Violet = pretty color and nothing else
FranXX = everything

That show is even worse than Violet Evershit.

Shit taste.

Violet is too dumb to have dignity. What is love?

Badass alpha male like Ginga Bishonen
Badass alpha female like Ange
perfect. instead, we get emo fuccboi and token psycho girl as the main.

>for the finale, all of the FranXX combine into one huge mecha and there's a huge orgy in the cockpit

Baby Don't Hurt Me


>a huge ass mecha that requires multiple girls and the MC just riding everyone like a boss
It'd be cool but won't happen. Darling in the FranXX is about wholesome monogamous relationships.

franxx is for underaged fags
violet is for the more refined members of Sup Forums

since Sup Forums has been overrun by shounenfags, I'm sure you know how this thread will go.

this but unironically


It's true though.

I'll stick with boku no darling thanks

>didn't even watch the show
Sasuga manbaby desu ne.

Franxx is a fun show for teenagers. Evergarden is the most ambitious kyoani show in a while and is aimed at young adults.

Her PTSD wouldn't allow her to remember until the magic word triggered the memory

That's literally what happened though
I know the colonel is still alive but the MC was too stupid to come to the conclusion that he was more than likely dead until some prostitute wrote a letter for a rando peasant

You know you must be 18 to post here right?

After seeing VEG (at least as much as i could) and death march, I couldn’t vomit anymore during FranXX, so I think the latter was better.

Did you ever see this “.” or this “,” ?

It’s honestly kind of insulting to franxx to try in mention the vapid mess that is evergarden.

This is a show that can’t even have a thread about its self cause it’s just that devoid of content and interesting ideas.
The only reason this thread exist is cause autist overhyped violet without it actually proving itself.

Franxx on the other hand came in quit no overhyping just a thread here and there to let us know it exist. Then it’s ep 1 drop and it’s completely captivated Sup Forums, I love it when the under dog is recognized like this.

Franxx best premier this season and aots so far.

>one is a mix of various cliche in a generic setting with your typical faggot MC
>other is a tryhard busted adaptation with fucked up colors, blurred backgrounds and a literal autist MC
I think I'll stick with CGDCT this season desu.

I'm going with Violet Evergarden.

t. underaged shounenfag

Franxx. It definitely has the possibility of ending up being something unremarkable but I think it's either going to end up being either a glorious train wreck or something actually kind of special. We're overdue for a good super robot show anyway.
Evergarden has great art but I really can't see the plot developing into something that actually puts the production talent behind the show to good use. I'll watch it but it's not something I'm hyped about, it's just another show this season.

FranXX, Violet Evergarden still has potential though

>waifuposting and shitposting makes the threads good
>it's the underdog despite being picked up by hordes of teens
It's re:creators all over again and I'm going to laugh at you kids once it all comes tumbling down.

Darling, just because evergarden seems too slow.

Poptepic > Franxx >>>>>> shit >>>>>> VEG

Violet. Darling is Guilty Crown tier bullshit.

Not sure if you've seen VEG threads but they're just shitposting. Shitposting about filters, shitposting about saber, shitposting about plotholes in the first episode. Oh and I guess sometimes there's that guy who comes in and posts uncensored spoilers. Which is probably him shitposting.

Which is why they're shit too. We can't have a single VEG thread without underages shitposting it to death.

I hope no one takes this post seriously.

Franxxx won't offer more than eye-rolling fanservice and overused anime chiches. If that's your thing by all means enjoy.

>KyoAni threads gets shitposted

It happens every season. Just how new are you?

> 20 minutes of glacial pacing, shallow characters, and "literally nothing happens"

> 10 minutes of pointless (?) exposition, 5 minutes of best girl, 5 minutes of actual fighting and characters doing shit

DitF wins, but even then it's not stellar.

Says the 16 year old.

I haven't seen any discussion about the show outside of talk of dubs, unmarked spoilers, and how kyoani is the bestest greatest thing that ever did anything ever and how if you even have a single criticism about this show you're the dumbest pleb.
And then they fall off the catalog because they weren't kept up with shitposting.

>nothing happens if a fight doesn't happen
Oh I am laffin

Is this your first time on Sup Forums? Only the best shows get shit posted and discussed a lot, it's cause they present us with content to fuck around with, that's part of the fun.
violet evershit can't even do that.

>Jan 28 air date
>No prescreen for the second episode
>Typical shaft production issues

It's going to be shit.

Both. Please no fighting.

Dragon Ball and naruto are the best shows ever because they get shitposted the most.
>t. Franxxfag logic

Which shows has the most threads/posts? That's how you know who's the real winner.

>Triggernigger show
>GodAni show


>Kyoani cucks trying to get discussion for their shit show by latching it on to better more interesting anime

Ew, fucking stop. Discuss your flop by itself, don't try and ride the coat tails of actually good anime.
Talk about embarrassing.

FranXX, KyoAni did not find a way this time.

Did Sup Forums start a scoring system? Could you link me to it so that I may vote?

1. All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga.
Franxx manbabies out.

That's because it's a LN adaptation which, unfortunately, never get much discussion about "what will happen next" because LNfags already know.
The only thing that you can really discuss is how it's being adapted.
LNs also have the tendency to start out slow for every volume so it's no wonder that VEG would come off as boring to most viewers whereas an anime-original like FranXX can have a proper hook in its pilot episode.

Sorry triggernigger, objective ratings trump your feelings. Any show that gets less than 8.5 on MAL is absolute garbage.

Please stop falseflagging as a kyoanifriend. We already have a bad enough reputation as is but posts like this just make it worse.

We're talking seasonal anime not long running shounen shit with millions of fans gathered over decades.

Every season, there's that one show that captivates Sup Forums, and has us discussion shit posting and having fun weak after weak waiting for the next episode until the next season.

evergreen was hyped up to be that show after a year of shilling, it finally came out and disappointed everyone, it's an anime devoid of content and interesting ideas worth talking about.
There hasn't been a single thread about the content of the show, and any and all threads are slow as shit filled with samefagging kyoani cucks, it's truly depressing.

Franxx on the other hand, out of nowhere answered our cries for a fun entertaining ride to save us from this season. Truly and unanimously AOTS.

>Gainax reunion show by based Nishigori
>same old KusoAni by ISHITdate
So far.