Dragon Ball Super

All universe 7 needs to do to win is get rid of Dyspo and Toppo. Since Jiren doesn't want to kill universes he won't try to fight back. Also, MANGA LEAKS SOON

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Same Vegeta..

vs Beerus toying = nothing

vs Jiren seriously = rekt

Any doubt?

is he the best character to be introduced to the canon since Z ended?


>A farewell gathering for Hiromi Tsuru (voice of Bulma) was held. It was attended by hundreds of people and decorated with dragon balls. >Masako Nozawa (voice of Goku) teared up and said, "...dragon balls are useless this time... I'm sorry".

never forget

Kek, is this a translation error? I’m sure it didn’t mean to come out so hilarious.

what britney spear sons mean with this?


beerus is way stronger than jiren, remenber, he is one of the stronger gods of destruction without UI, and he can access to UI.

>comparing manga to anime
Are you retarded?

Reminder. THIS is the ORIGINAL Super Saiyan Blue. Better looking too.

is he full of shit?

Learn how to use the catalog.

Leave Jiren to me.

This thread was already up retard


>Jiren seriously

Still holding back

Not even necessary. They need to stay on platform. That's all.

Those colors are cancer

Reminder that Kefla is stronger than Vegetto.

Reminder that Vegito > Kefla

Prove it.

What is Goten's face conveying here?

Prove it.

>Vegito 0-2
>Kefla 1-0 (only kaiokek counts)

Whatever happened to this guy and his universe?

>destroys SSG Goku in Base
>SSG Goku previously said that it was the most power he'd ever felt, putting it above Super Vegetto

What guy?


Apparently they left with the ratings.

nice blank image

Wait, doesn't that mean Kefla is stronger than Jiren?

We just can't stop winning, baby.

Why doesn't Goku get a job like an MMA fighter? He'd have all the time in the world to train, and can make bank for his wife and kid on 3-5 work days a year?

The Zamasu problem. They basically wrote an arc on the idea of "Future Trunks was popular, lets cash in in that!" and "What if we had an Evil Goku, but we didn't want to make Turles canon?"
Then they managed to go about it in the worst way possible. Why would you write the finale in such a way that Trunks and Mai can't go back to their timeline, only to say "hey lol we're going to write you out of this timeline anyway"?

>this is a super saiyan form in 2018

>Vegetto's Final Kukehameha does nothing to Zamasu
>Vegetto struggles with Zamasu
>Goku with Kaioken can hurt Zamasu
>UI GokuSS Kefla>SSBKKx20 Gokuk

Cabba is one of the top saiyans we've seen in the entire dragonball series
> talented enough that vegeta recognized him and he turned super saiyan 2 with ease
> honorable enough that he sacrificed himself in the tournament of power for kale and caulifa
> strong enough that freeza recognized him as a problem and took him out while he was exhausted

Cabba is the saiyan we deserve

I don't know about that but I don't know why people get so mad about Vegetto being weaker than Kefla. She doesn't even exist and people are still mad about how strong Toei made her.

Kefla's name should have been Kalifla
Kefla is dumb.

Vegeta is expected to unlock UI's attacking part and then you might think that Vegito is the next logical answer to Jiren, but it would be so much better if Goku and Vegeta once co-ordinated and coordinated.

They've used Vegito in the last bow anyway, it's a cheap excuse if the opponents are too strong and do not progress in terms of characters. Goku and Vegeta do not learn new skills and overcome mistakes, they just get a cheap boost and win, then you forget that it ever happened.

People are already theorizing that Goku is trying to get a defensive interface while Vegeta gets an aggressive one.

It could be very interesting to change the transformation of the character at once, rather than in the super saiyan of all.

However, this poses several questions. It is possible that Goku and Vegeta cooperate more if you have the opposing attack defense capability. This is a wonderful change from dbz.

But how is the merger affected? The aggressive user interface and the defensive user interface are merged. Is it completely broken? Or are there any disadvantages and disadvantages of himself?

because HErcule turned the world tournament into the Dragonball equivalent of that even if his fights were legit and .. actually goku could serve as an rival if you use marketing right even if goku just loses on purposes to satan everytime... Picolo apparently has marketing knowledge so they should go talk with him

Keru + Caulifla. Makes sense to me.

The please of gravely from the fact that it is written in the screenplay is based on the Toei some fountain Toriyama does not matter. Ovules "Bardock - Goku's father 'is completely Toei produced, by the way Toriyama tinentibus culminate in design used Bardock and the arc of the Freeza panel in manga. Therefore, it is likely that they did Toei Saiyan press them breathing space. With this scene in the first episode Kai is reused, this error remains small.

However, in order to explain how the atmosphere around the planet Vegeta exceeds Bardock earth, simply being on the outer edge of it, as Goku beer in the battle of the gods. All in all, is a small thing, and what it is just to take liberties with a Toei save the cost to make a cool scene. Inasmuch as it is indicated by the rule of the cold: if the deep, very interesting, is not necessary to order that the sense.

Vegeta is stronger than Goku


>U7 just overpowers people for most of the tournament
>U11's strategy by half-time is literally scaring people away with how powerful Jiren is

They just wanted to make him say something wise.

Villages for its legal limit to leave without a Goku Super Saiyan extension are mainly powered by the Blue Bomb's Kaioken X20. If you still have reached the bottom of the kefli border. Considering what we already know, I remember a part of Holy 7, the blue, from the verse, he grows tears, with vintages that all mighty may be in his pursuit. Now she would be a killer with two or three shy on the other side. But it's not just that they do not have to worry about rolling and driving. Anilaza attendant feels he's on the field at the same time.

But lay in the face to collaborate with Kefli or even available, all three will be the last ones standing up Anilaza claims that the happiest saiyan risks after risks.

This. Every single time they fought Goku was a crippled mess at the end of the fight, and Vegeta has never lost a fight to Goku.


I can see it. The universe 6 actually started fighting without success and without Geren he is still in the ring and the UI goku will never be. Goku is another that I can actually see, because he is the only one who has time to manage the time. They promised to save their battle until the end and leave the tournament twice in tournaments.

Buren started defeating Goku during a series of events that Kifla left behind. If the jockey did not hurt, his fight was too fast because of a collision and a call. There is also the possibility that there will be no conflict, because the forerunner is stabbing in an attempt to strengthen Gock because Hit and Kababa were defeated. There is also a chance that the monarch can go after him and the canvas, he will not give them a chance to thaw them. Instead, if it is still striking, he can protect it from the fridge.

Oh, about happiness - what kind of situation?


Better than that piece of shit Gohan. Cabba's a true piece keeper.

>caulifla with muscle
Please toei she desperately needs it.

Vegeta getting Attack-UI and coordinating with Goku to beat final boss of this arc (in case Jiren isn't the final boss) would actually be the best possible ending for this.

>Red Oni (Goku) going DEFENSE
>Blue Oni (Vegeta) going OFFENSE
That actually breaks the trope of Red Oni and Blue Oni

This. If Goku and Vegeta fought even now Vegeta would definitely win.


If Goku is in UI Vegeta is fucked. And SSBKKx20 would still annihilate him.

You know what that name would look like in Japanese?

Exactly the fucking same as Caulifla.

>And SSBKKx20 would still annihilate him.
Not anymore, Vegeta's form is equal with Kaiokek.

With regular Kaiokek, not x20.

>this delusion

>being this retarded
Did Goku go KKx20 in the last episode? No? Then fuck off.

do you have the comprehension of a 5 year old?

>Jiren raped his ass even with KKx20
>He's not using it right now even though Jiren is fighting a little more seriously

Then Vegeta wins, it doesn't matter how strong Goku is if he keeps holding back like a retard even when his opponent is stronger than his 100%

Concession accepted.


it's so obvious what Vegeta's new form will be named

Super Vegeta Blue

>First fight got beaten so badly he had to flee like a bitch and had to beg for his life from fucking Krillin
>Second fight told Goku the fight was over and then sucker punched him because he was too much of a weakling to finish the fight fairly
Yeah okay

didn't kek try again

Still 2-0 buddy

Nope, neither of those are victories.

>expecting Toriyama to remember characters from past arcs

>making jokes at a funeral

That old bitch won't like it when someone makes a dragonball joke about her when they attend her funeral.

I think this quote is only jokey out of context. The report says she was in tears when she said it. I thought it was a sweet sentiment personally.

It was a very awkward thing to say.

Undefeated against Cuckarot.

t. socially inept retards.

Neither of those are victories user. You're wrong. I'm right. Die mad about it.

It doesn't matter what you think, user. Can't wait for 3-0.

Of course it doesn't. No matter what either of us think, I am correct, while you are not.

>imagine being a vegetafag RIGHT NOW

Get in here gokubros

>if you didn't find that quote beautiful then you are a retard
Spoken like a true socially inept autist.

Fortunately goku has never actually done that

Doesnt matter kk and ss dont stack

Youre right, in fact hes never done it!


You think ssbkk matters

Your argument was null and void from the get start

3/4 aint bad

I dont give a fuck what dead nips say about one another

>literally denying shit that has happened in the fucking show

So, when will Goku job to Vegeta, next? Will 3-0 be another KO?

Is this the sexiest Goku's ever been?
>those screams when he's fucking you

Jiren never said that he had no intention of winning.

tell me about Jiren
why does he wear the mask

lol, toeibrainlet detected

it's not a mask, squirt.

The asspulls in the manga weren't as bad as the asspulls in the anime, but they're still asspulls nonetheless. And at least the anime's asspulls are memorable; the manga's asspulls are just boring.

Look at this dude


no one will attend her funeral.

>ran away like a little bitch
>cried about it