Actual good animes

Name animes that had an actual impact and didn't ended being forgotten after the season ended.

Or animes that will be remembered after the season ends. (Nobody will remember Blend S or maid dragon the next decade, for example)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan
Cowboy Bebop
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ghost in the Shell
Shit, even Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are still well know over a decade after their release despite not being that good.

>Nobody will remember Blend S or maid dragon the next decade, for example
No shit. They're not supposed to. That kind of show isn't intended to be a monument of artistic expression which will stand the test of time, it's intended to be trashy entertainment. And there's nothing wrong with a little trashy entertainment.


>trip is "op"

Dfq is an impact? A huge devoted fanbase. By your definition SAO, Pokemon and YuGiOh were some of the best anime out there, better than both versions of fma.

We talk about an impact on the critics, not people that don't have brain.


>good anime
>posts something that's not strategical

>Especially the film

Pop Team Epic.

Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are well known because they kept fucking making and marketing more of it.

I will never forget Kanna.

There's no way someone could purposefully make an image as bad as that.

Spice and Wolf
Yu Yu Hakusho

Serial Experiments Lain only gets better with time.


>please recommend me some damn good animes
Don't worry, my fellow friends here at r/anime will do the their best to help you out!

Did it effect the industry in any way though?

unironically, SNK, Made in abyss and Death Note

Oh my sweet summer child

Love Hina. But maybe more the manga than the anime, although the anime was really popular as well.
And Ranma 1/2, obviously.

The most impactful thing about FMA was the meme chimera, really makes you think about the whole impact meme.

If Edward could bind his brother's soul to a set of armor, why couldn't he also bind his mom's soul?

Not anime but some Western directors cite it as an influence.

There's a difference between "actually good anime" and "well known". Wish the OP knew that.

What was better between FMA 2003 and Brotherhood?

To be fair as much as toyetic bait and the Hitler of masturbatory self-insert LNs have their flaws they did leave an impact

Hokuto no Ken?
Gundam 00?
Gundam Seed?
Code Geass?

Frankly I do not know, their quality relative, but I think they all left a mark.

Also Lupien the 3rd had some great seasons and Miyazaki movie is a classic.



T. edgy contrarian

2003 was made before all the manga chapters were out. So it has a lot of bizarre anime-only stuff in it.

Brotherhood is generally higher quality and way, way more faithful to the source material.

i am doubtful mia is going to leave much an impact.