>scummy drinking bro

>Killing the horny loli
the fuck's your problem retard

Lolis, that's my problem. They're shit, just like Megushit. So fuck off, m8.

You should kill yourself and make the world a better place

Right back atcha, pedofag.

I'm bored of KNSB threads, just give me S3 already

>not realizing that S3 would generate a shit-ton more KNSB threads

Yeah but we'd have new material to discuss and laugh about

Like waiting for S4.

Which would be good. That said, these threads are still decent, as long as they don't start with stale memes.

Most threads start with stale memes.
>"wich girl wud u fug"
>"why is aqua so dumb"
>"my girl > your girl"
>"i wanna rape megumeme over a table"

dont be rude

The megumeme is IMAGINE, newfag


I'll IMAGINE raping YOU over the table shitbrain

>implying I wouldn't like it

why not read the books?
S3 will just be a bastardization of them anyway.

I fucking INVENTED that meme, don't tell me what to type!

>Come,now, and walk the path of explosions with me

>walk the path of plebs
Waste of satan trips.

Oh, sorry sir, I didn't know I was talking to a professional memesmith.



How do we fix this character?

We don't; she's perfect as is! Also, nice trips.

Sell into sex slavery

two trip, lovely

She looks pretty perfect as is.

Fuck her.

I fucking SCREENCAPPED your post that only got two replies!
You'd be NOTHING without me!

Thank you for your service, anonymous.

Make her breasts bigger

Make her breasts smaller

Keep her breasts the same since their perfect

Give her another set of breast


>Those shikishima guntool doujins
Nice that even Wiz got one.

can everyone please stop bullying Aqua?

Okay, let's treat Aqua with respect. What do you like about her?

Her feet.

she's a sheltered goddess, so it's expected that she'll stumble, but she's resourceful with showman magic and she's selfish but as long as no one's suffering

I like how she's the goddess of sex for younger men

Uh, but she's not? She's the goddess of water and oversees the death/reincarnation of youths.

Lmao what? The "bend her over" has been over here for more than 2 years.

Fuck her.

Darkness just needs a good dicking, then she'll calm the fuck down.

>sell oregano to for $20 a gram
Only marriage material here is Wiz, but she's not an option apparently.


Bakaqua is made for bullying.

Canonically Aqua doesn't wear panties. But she doesn't need to because canonically Aqua doesn't have a vagina. I mean lets look at the facts
>isn't embarrassed with no pantsu like other girls who have vaginas
>doesn't have to pee like Megumin because no vagina
>Despite bending over, being on all fours, hunching over where her butt is full blown, there is no outline of a vagina where in normal circumstances of being in these various positions the clam would be staring everyone in the face
>no one reacts or cares of the no pantsu because she is built like a barbie doll
>Even Eris who has an in world Avatar wears panties and is embarassed without them. Aqua doesn't have an in world avatar like her, she was literally forced into the world through Kazumas Wish

I want to fondle Aqua's saggy tits.

This forced copypasta just doesn't have any magic to it, it doesn't make me smile

fucking stop

that post was just a few samefags samefagging

>bro(no homo fuck)

>Kazuma likely has a slightly above average penis length
t. Scumzuma

every thread I will post it

>Only marriage material here is Wiz
Best Lich

I can understand not wanting to fuck a retard or a kid, but is sex with a corpse any better?


She's a cuddly and sweet corpse


>fuck, marry

my nigga

Would Wiz marry Kazuma?

Impeccable taste, I have to say. fpbp indeed

didn't you see the OVA? she couldn't even handle his head on her lap.

How could she handle a man then?

I see you are a man of culture as well

Same way she agreed to the lap pillow. Just keep pressuring her and she'll cave.


No, Wiz is not for pressuring, Crapzuma. She is for gentle courting.

Just be nice to her, and she'll warm up to you.

Wiz took fucking forever to find out that guy was killing civilians and get angry. If it's just doing more and more lewd things, all she'll offer is hesitant protests as long as you take it one step at a time.

Wiz isn't for lewding

Wiz is for lewding

No, Wiz is for love and cuddles

If you take that away, all you're left with is cheap labor for Vanir and a punching bag for Aqua.


I want to this be this demon

Part 2 of the Fondling.

i want to be the cat

Cuddling those huge boobies!

Why is Komekko love eating pussy so much?

that demon cat is my spirit animal. All I want to do is snuggle with Wiz and gently fondle her phat tiddies.

But will she kiss him?

Fuck off and leave normalfag.

Actually she's dead, she won't warm up at all, she'll remain at room temperature.

Does that mean she'll never feel warmth from making love?


She'll feel your warmth.

>someone cumming inside her is the closest Wiz will get to feeling alive again

Guntool disagrees.

get on my level fags
fuck aqua
marry Megumin
if Aqua has baby kill the baby
if not, kill Darkness the blonde whore

Wiz is a pure sexual animal.


41 year old Hocchan a best.


Give her a hobby that doesn't involve masochism or sex.

good taste

Is this how Wiz keeps her shop open? She sells her body?

You know what's a good pastime? Bullying Yunyun.

Stop right there, scoundrel