How come all Sup Forums related Pokemon stuff is shit? Ashnime is shit. Origins was shit. The various manga are shit...

How come all Sup Forums related Pokemon stuff is shit? Ashnime is shit. Origins was shit. The various manga are shit. Can't they just get a good author to write a LN, manga or original anime for them?

I'm sure most mangaka and studio would lick their fingers to write for a profitable franchise like Pokemon. Has an IP ever been so mishandled?

a lot of pokemon fans are retarded and consume all the media anyway

The entire franchise is made to sell toys/cards/videogames.
The anime are just a sales boost.

I've wondered about this as well. Pokemon is a massive franchise, you'd think it would have at least one good anime/manga adaption but nope, they're all varying degrees of crap. It's not like it would be that difficult to make a cool anime/manga set in the Pokemon world.

SM anime is great.

>The entire franchise is made to sell toys/cards/videogames.
>The anime are just a sales boost.
The main meat of Pokemon are the GameFreak games themselves; everything else is secondary.

Go on /vp/ it's mainly complaining about shit the franchise is.

Might read some of the manga, which series are good?

SM anime is fantastic. instead of being a generic battle anime it's now some bunkers combination of human-Pokemon relations, dumb humor and some battles (which are so far in between they are almost non existent). Regardless it's still a kids show that only dumbfucks take seriously.

the Nuzlocke manga was alright

/vp/ is always complaining

the target audience is younger than the usual, that's why.
why make something elaborate when kids will enjoy it for less?


That doesn't make it right. I'm sure even kids would enjoy it a lot more if it was actually good.

Specials/adventures are widely considered the best.

I had a very bad case of shit taste as a kid, and I bet most people had. I still do, however.

The anime is good currently, everything else is shit now.
Funny because 2 generations ago the games were fantastic and the anime was shit.

Atleast USUM is better than the mainline games that came out in the last 5 years so there is finally an improvement even if the bar is very low.

It's the exact same garbage as SM with even less justification for a third version than ever.

They just need kids to like it while the older audience plays the games and buys things like figures

>The various manga are shit
Say that to my face fucker

Pokemon Special is shiiiiiiit.

I found the manga a bit better; Pikachu was more of an asshole to Ash at times, and Jessie and James actually got a good end.

I think there was also a bit more Misty/female fanservice too.

The concept of pokémon only works for games

Why do you think so? The concept of Pokemon itself is fine, but they keep fucking it up by trying to adapt the games.

A guy accidentally gets ran over by a truck while on a shiny hunt.

God pities him and allows him to reincarnate in a pokemon world with a cheat ability that makes a pokeball as effective as a masterball. Follow the adventure Liang Xi on his quest to be a pokemon master.

tags: harem adult action violence

>God pities him
It's called Arceus

Dengeki Pikachu was made by Toshihiro Ono: who was, up until the manga, was almost exclusively a hentai artist. when it got translated into English, a good deal of racy shit had to be cut out.

But they're not exactly good though.

>The concept of a World where humans co-exist with strange monsters/animals and fight alongside them in a large scale journey ONLY can work in video games


Liang Xi
God damnit I would ride the hype train all season

Literally any original Pokemon anime wasn't made for a child audience would be an instant success and fan favourite.

You seem to have forgotten Kasumi in Dengeki