ITT: The last anime you watched is getting a live action adaptation by Hollywood...

ITT: The last anime you watched is getting a live action adaptation by Hollywood. You're put in charge of making it happen. You can't stop it from happening. If you back out, some other schmuck from Hollywood will come along and make it worse. What do you do to make it less shit? How fucked is the project?

pop team epic.

fucking how do you make a live action movie about that?

Get Guillermo Del Toro to direct it. He'd be the perfect man for the job. Though audiences would probably compare it to Hellboy.

You can't. It's fucked.

High school delinquent and her class president friend shenanigans.

What happened to that live action adaptation of Monster, Del Taco?

the live action scene with the VA's and producer and producers tongue in cheek struggle to get people to work on his godawful project

get tommy wiseau to direct it and tell him he's adapting a slice of life romance anime

>getting anything funded in Hollywood these days that is not an all-women remake/prequel/sequel of a movie classic

>hollywood makes a live action adaptation of your favorite anime
>your waifu is now a frizzy haired sassy black woman
>your waifu's love interest is now Jamie Foxx


This could actually work...

Yeah, I don't know.


How come he had one absolute killer performance in Ray and except that nothing but shit?

It's ruined no matter what I do.

Prison School
I don't know how in the current political climate it could be anything other than cut to hell and back.
I guess I'd tone down the female fanservice, while upping the shots of the shirtless boys. Attempt to preserve the masochism. Also change the setting to a University.

It would work as live action, I guess.
Too bad Juliette Binoche is too old, she'd be perfect as Chito.

>Cowboy Bebop
It could work. It was basically a pastiche of western sci fi and western cinema to begin with and has a decent following in America. In the hands of a good director I could see it being alright.

Let see
>Swap all the divine/magic stuff with ayys and science.
>age up the cast a bit.
>Double the les for progressive points
And I will pick Karin for the obligatory race swap because Karin bullying is funny

I know almost nothing about modern Hollywood besides the rape stories.

Spirited away
I don't could work, I think.

Why would the most generic model cyborg body for The Major be a jew? What sort of distopia has cyborg jew as the most default model?

monster starring nicole kidman by lanthimos

Because since she had her rhinoplasty I guess Scarlett Johansson is supposed to be sexy.

I'd probably watch that.

>implying anything made by Miyazaki can work in live action
Haha, nope.

Just launder money to fund Eva 4.0 instead of caring about the movie

I for the life of me don't understand how anyone can consider her attractive.

Hmmm... Get David Lynch to direct it, at least.

This. Hollywood does it all the time.

ezpz, no special effects, no crazy shit, just get a decent cast of experienced actors and shoot at some locations around the town and countryside. Script could be condensed into Tenma's story.

How come they haven't adapted this yet? It's like perfect for a TV show

I always thought it'd work as a good HBO miniseries. I'd fund it.

>junji itou collection

Well, unfortunately modern Hollywood horror films are in a fucking awful state.

I may have some hope if I can get James Gunn to at the very least write the adaptation as he still understands schlocky horror, maybe see if I can get Stephen King to attach his name to it as well so people can attribute how offkilter it all is to him and hopefully rationalize their inability to embrace it.

They've tried. Del Toro was going to direct.

Guillermo del Toro "tried" for like 6 years before giving up, but he says that about a lot of projects so I have no idea how much effort he actually puts into it when he says he is trying to make something happen. I think at one point Showtime had been talking about picking it up but not any more.

I actually marathoned this last night.

Honestly, I think Guy Ritchie channeling his The Man From U.N.C.L.E. might work.

>I was rewatching Fafner
Instead of a straight adaptation I'd rather do a movie of the first encounter with the Festum. While it's not that much important to the series as a whole I'd at least try to get everyone who was around during that time right when they were hopeless and lost encountering something they didn't have any plan to deal with them. Though I'd need an immense budget for the CGI if I want to do it right and some practical effects. I'd hand it off to a director who loves giant robots punching shit as much as I do like Del Toro.

directed by michael bay.


>Dragon Ball Super

I would focus on the Zamasu arc.

>Start with a Sequence of Future trunks runnign away from Black attacks, it ends with him jumpoing in the time machine and goign back to the past mumbling something like "Sorry dad, I need help"
>jump to credits, title the movie Dragon Ball: the wrath of the gods.
>Show the scene of beerus having the dream about the SS god and waking up
>Wish comes and tells him about frieza killing all the saiyans but that some are left on earth.
>Jump to goku on his farm truck, whis and beerus appear and they fight, they
Goku, and they move on to introduce the rest of the cast.
>Move to a scene of gowasu and zamasu with the tea talking about ningens
>Just as they are invoking the dragon balls to ask shenron Trunks appears in bulma's house.
>Wish reprimends him for timet ravelling but after trunsk expalnatiuona bout black understands his situation.
>Black appears from the future with the ring, beerus senses his ki.
>3 plot threads happen now, Vegeta goes to the rosat tot rain, bulma and goihan go to find about the super saiyajin god as drifting from the movie, shenron does not know but points him to the sage that answers questions.
>Goku goes with wish and beerus to investigate Zamasu in U10 for the ki they sensed, they fight and evil Zamasu is born.

>Beerus kills evil zamasu after he tries to kill gogawsu.
>Goku Vegeta and trunks go to the future to check if the mensace has disappeared, it hasn, they get their asses whooped.
>they go bback to the past and bula and gohan have come back with the infoa bout SS god, they do teh ritual but zamasu interups coming from the future as black and zamasu.
>beerus is shamed because they have nto been hakaid, Whis point sout they wear the time rings.
>they repel the attack and the finally mange to dot eh ss god ritual
>they gob ack tot eh future and the fight happens, zamasu fuses and it's apparently unstoppable, not even ss god goku can stop him.
>in a moment of overconfidence after Vgeteta furiopusly attacks him Tronkasu cuts the ring from his hand, nad the hald of him dissapears as it was hakjaid in it's "legal" timeline.
>Goku finishes Zamasu.
>they have a big party.

I don't know abotut he cast, but I'd try to make it look somehow like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the new Star Wars.

Do we want another Dragonball Evolution?

Forget it, hollywood won't do Dragonball justice.

Hell, netflix can't even do death note justice.

>JunJou Romantica
This is going to be messy, and by messy I mean three movies for each timeline in season 1 or else I'd have to cut the fat excessively to fit all three into one. I don't think choosing just one story for the movie is going to work, but Shinobu and You's arc could be SUPER well done.

We don't but the trhead topic is

>ITT: The last anime you watched is getting a live action adaptation by Hollywood. You're put in charge of making it happen.

So I tried my best to put a plot that culd fit in a 2h hollywood movie with an aesthetic that could fit better than the shit they did with Evolution.

Its a recompilation movie of Robot Chicken and Jackass

...I'll back out and let some other guy take the blame for how inevitably bad it will be.

Shokugeki no Soma.. its fucked

I've never seen a good adaptation of either an anime or a video game, so I don't really care how they will ruin it.


SJWs would fucking neuter Soma if it ever got a western adaptation.

8/10 post

King's Game

I don't know. I guess the guy who directed saw can take a shot at it.

just cast Jim Carrey and Robin Williams' hologram. Leave em in a room with a green screen and you're done.

>Kekkai Sensen

That could translate pretty well.

> It will be done by the same guy who made Mean Girls
> Umaru is the evil Ashley who is fighting for an inheritance with her brother Tommas.
> Ebina is Elisabeth, a white school whore
> Kirie is Kill, the criminal black lesbian girl
> Sylphynford is a Ivanka Trump's critique aimed @ Donald

> My friends are crazy (2018)
> Tops box office.
> Pacific Rim 2 bombs.

The only appropriate director.

>what do you do to make it less shit
I'd try to achieve cinematography and atmosphere in the vein of Aguirre the Wrath of God, Nosferatu the Vampire, In the Company of Wolves, filmed on location as often as possible. I'd like to use old school filming techniques and film grain to give it that timeless, surreal feel of the great classics. Make it 100% great practical effects (ala The Thing), get Susumu Hirosawa to do the soundtrack. Hire mostly unknown actors so there will be no distracting celebrities and make sure that acting talent and good writing comes before appearance. Put emotional content and character development above action in importance and concentrate on the core themes of Berserk. I'd also try to lean a little closer to the horror genre than the other berserk adaptations while still keeping it action packed (ala Aliens). Other films I'd keep in mind include Seven Samurai for its similar themes of loyalty, honor, courage, Throne of Blood for it's bleak story of corruption and atmosphere, and Predator for its actions scenes of a man using his human skill and knowledge to overcome a more powerful, monstrous foe.

>How fucked is the project?
It could be good under the right circumstances. The story would still have to be somewhat abridged, due to the movie format, but I think I could still make a good film out of it if I avoided the mistakes of the film trilogy. It would be impossible to finish the entire story in the span of one movie though.

yuyu hakusho. cast ryan gosling as yusuke.

this could actually be handled well by hollywood

if only Syd and Mary Croft were still alive!

Is there a version of the movie were scarlett is replaced in every scene by a 2D animation yet? so I can finally watch it

Can't ruin something that's already fucked. Well, you can, but no one will care.

First of all, as I stated in my post on /wsg/ (pic related), live action adaptations would be the end for us. So let's not even joke about it.
Second thing is that, I was talking with a big-big movie producer some years ago. He told him that I don't give a shit bout movies because I watch Japanese cartoons. Then he started asking me about if he should think about making a live-action. Jokingly told him to fuck off and watch Evangelion first.

And now let me actually answer the ITT theme;
>fist of the north star
Could be an easy one to make and would be a great movie.
>Literal mad max set without cars
>For Ken, get an actor with who is manly and black(!)
>Yuria is Jennifer Lawrence
>translate things badly: omae wa mou shindeiru-Now, you die

boom imdb 8+

Karensha or Caren (aka spic) are the only options.

I heard that the idea was dropped because the American studios wanted to make a bunch of changes and Del Toro refused to budge.

>American studios wanted to make a bunch of changes and Del Toro refused to budge
Good man

I have faith in you user.
Make it happen.

Dagashi Kashi

Maybe it could be about the Dagashi shop threatened to be closed down by a bigger convinience store but Coconuts and Hotaru save the day by showing everyone the power of Dagashi, could even include the plot of Coconuts being persuaded to run the shop.

>GITS:SAC 2nd Gig