>collect ALL the daughterus

>impregnate ALL the daughterus

Yuzu consented

>letting you daughter get raped by a robot
Worst Mom of the season

Yuzumom doesn't know and also loves Mei. She literally married Mei's father because she wanted to take care of her.

>But she's endurant, and know how to use physical strength when needed, she takes an ill Mei on her back, she drives Mei to the airport with Harumin's bike, she chases in Kyoto streets and jumps on her to confess

Episode 2 was cute as fuck and I like the pacing they're going for, it seems like a very well put-together anime.
Glad because I absolutely blasted through the manga after watching the first ep and Im hungry for second viewing.

Yuzu is the best

Don't worry user, a new chapter of the manga is out in a couple of days.

Really? I tought the pacing was kinda strange for some reason, seems like things happened way too fast

They've chosen to cover lots in one episode rather than really lingering.

Maybe I'm just ADHD but I found it way more entertaining that way. All the beats are still hit but there's no (or little) over dramatised indulgent scenes.

Can't wait.

Reminder that Harumin WILL confess to Yuzu and that she WILL get rejected.

Well, the mall dialogue from the manga was moved to the first episode dinner conversation, which made their mall outing this episode shorter. Maybe they wanted to establish Mei's daddy issues earlier.

They did a good job if they intend to do 3 episodes per volumes.

Delete this, I'm getting strawberry panic flashbacks

I think they alos wanted to ponder Mei shower assult with the one in her grandfather’s mansion to show how broken she was and alleviate a little the risk to watchers not knowing the manga to be repelled by Mei’s character. Some people keep on talking shit on her, but at least she’s seen to have some background to her behavior.

No thanks. Matsuri needs to grow the fuck up though if she's gonna enter the harubowl

Why would she confess? She knows Yuzu already has a lover and is fine with her. In fact, she talked about wanting her own lover in volume 8.

Sakurako should make a spinoff of stopanic with chikaru as the MC but I suppose shes busy making good shekels with love live

>chikaru yuri harem series
The universe is too cruel and uncaring to give such things.

Will Matsuri or Harumin make the first step?


Harumin views Matsuri as a kid, so Matsuri will have to seduce her.


>stupid slutty gyaru butting into my life
>I'll just sex her until she shuts up

>I'll just sex her until she shuts up
>but then she falls in love

Imagine being so annoying that women will have sex with you just to shut you up

the anime didnt show us her real alpha side

Still best girl though

Matsuri for sure, if she really loves Harumin.

Why are 90% of these threads just circlejerking about the "rape" scenes? It might have been funny at first but thats really not what the show is about

Women can't rape or at least that what mom's generation believe. She probably grow up reading class s bullshit

Why is Yuzu so fashionable and alluring?

That's what a gyaru is.

Mei's behavior makes little to no sense.

It will in arc 3. So episodes 6 or 7 to 9. Mei will explain more her motives.


fucking trash, dropped

abusive 'romance' rapey yuri
now random lol I love her she's only been a bitch to me
drama out of this world too
stopping now, I'm sure I would only get pissed watching more of it


At least it's not MAL.

>inb4 you post this again next week

Harems are garbage no matter what. And no matter how hard you try to force it.

Because she is Chad!

Rape is literally the number 1 hook of the anime and the reason people talk about it in the first place
The producers know it and bet everything on the first rape scene at the end of ep1

There's nothing wrong with abandoning your daughter to teach 3rd world kids.

Shut up Shou.

At least he asked her if she wanted to join. Mei was the retard who didn't want to go with him

>not wanting to go teach niggers = retard

If Mei went with she would never have met Yuzu. So her mistake will ultilately bring her the greatest joy and the lover one could dream of. So retard at first but finally a good choice.

delet this!!!!

Hey, 3 days ago called. They said you broke some kind of time rule? I think you should go back to the timeline you're talking about. We actually moved past it. The bait stopped working on spastic morons who would rather live in a fantasy than just watch and enjoy the anime and now we mostly accept that Mei is a rapist, but Yuzu loves her anyway.

If you are socially and mentally retarded, sure.
But if you've actually got two brain cells to rub together it's perfectly understandable and well written

damn that shot was fucking gorgeous.

Daddy issues, therefore she must molest her stepsister.


I kind of feel like it's less understandable the more well-adjusted human being you are.

Are you really this simple minded?

In her formative years she was abandoned, and she internalised that, becoming distant emotionally and socially avoidant so that she didn't form bonds that would then hurt her when she was further abandoned (she believed this because a parent leaving a child is a very traumatic experience for them)

As for the sex/molestation, it's partially the fact that she's also attracted to Yuzu, and partially that it's the only weapon she's sure of in her arsenal - she isn't sure of her emotions so she goes for physical distraction instead.

it's like you don't understand humans at all...

Pretty woman but with lesbians.

O-ok maybe I've just got 'damaged' tattood on my forehead

Soooo she's like an octopus squirting ink but the ink is rape? That checks out.

She's a damaged girl

Matsuri will have to take Harumin's tits by force if she wants to have them

Yuzu cute

Dakara! I'm saying Yuzu should get with Harumin. Mei is damaged goods.If amazon wouldn't want her back she shouldn't want to have her!

More like SHITrus

Rangeban Nene.

Um. Yes?

Even though fiance sensei never gets mentioned again, I still get triggered when I think about mei kissing him,

"Is it too late for me to join in?"

It's okay, it's not like Mei's kiss virginity was worth anything.

Grow a fucking spine this is a chinese cartoon

Mei will get a new fiance next chapter. Brace yourself for hetposters

Wait, seriously, they just fucking drop that guy from the story?

... I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy that he's not gonna come back in a trite cliche, disappointed that the show pulled a fast one on me and manufactured that plot point solely to serve as a literal plot hook or to be impressed that they subverted all my expectations about this particular part of the story or what.

Her regular virginity might not be worth anything either, if her teasing Yuzu in volume 2 is any indication.

It may trigger you, but it's still the hottest and most romantic kiss this season.

There won't be any male characters after episode 6

What did you expect? He's a guy in a yuri story.

>What did you expect?

I dunno, continuity? Plot resolution? You know, the kind of things a good story would deliver!

I swear, I keep disappointing myself with the basic expectations of plot coherence.

It was worth a lot to Yuzu for sure
I don't like ntr and edgy hit in my cute chinese cartoons though
It will be cute to watch how yuzu gets mei back anyway
he can't appear again, people hate him

Guys I love you all

He was a was a plot device that left the story for "personal reasons".

Why would you even want that to keep going?

He was fire and disgraced for doing untoward actions against a minor, his plotline was over already.

Citrus made me realize how beautiful love is and made me accept same sex relationships
I'm literally addicted to /u/ right now too.

I'm not saying I would 'want' that. I'm just slightly frustrated that the story establishes hooks for the sole purpose of moving the plot forward and will abandon them the moment they're done serving that purpose. That's called a contrivance and it messes with my supervention of disbelief because it sheds the pretenses of the story being realistic. My tolerance for this is exceedingly low.

>tfw grandpa arranges meeting between manager and Mei
>manager and Mei recognize each other
>Mei wears her ring
>manager recognizes the ring that Yuzu wears too and bows out gracefully because he's a nice guy


>A jap manlet being this observant.

Kek. Keep dreaming.

>will abandon them the moment they're done serving that purpose.
They did this with the twins too.

This is a story aimed at teenage girls why are you taking it so seriously

If that was the case manager would just go with it as ruse and make grandpa think they are dating when in fact mei and yuzu can now be together without having to worry about next fiance

Because I'm not a teenage girl. I'm a grown adult. Who apparently also is the target audience of this show. Something has went terribly wring here,

What, stranger things have happened. And he knows that Yuzu is in a relationship and worked in the cafe to get rings.

I'll give them a pass on that once. Incest gets a one free pass. Them are the rules.

>manager of a fucking cafe
>suitable fiance for mei

Nice dude

He's rich, he owns a boarding house that the girls stay at

I bet Mei's grandpa bought property on the moon

Do you buy BD's?

But then how will they come out to their families? Also, the manager doesn't seem like the type of guy who wants to interfere with things and likes Yuzu. He doesn't even know who the fuck Mei is, even though he's seen her.

He's actually rich, Matsuri mentioned that.

That would piss off yuri fans royally, since the story has already had Mei talk about standing proudly with her decisions.

Wealth wise, he's supposed to be pretty rich. However he's not suited for teaching therefore it's probably not him.