Houshin Engi

Dakki did nothing wrong.

See, I had to drop this in the middle of ep 1 because the fast pace was melting my brain, but then I see this and reconsider.

Did that Girls Bravo girl got fed up with the fag MC and went to another story to snack on guts?

Dakki did plenty of wrong things, but it doesn't matter because she's the best.

Yeah, the pacing is hell.
Is this going to be 12 eps or what?

23 but the first episode still tried to adapt an entire volume into a single episode.

Oh man I was expecting something akin to Usio to Tora remake-
Hopefully the pacing gets better.

Anyone else with a fetish for red-eyed and long-fanged demonesses?

Give it a few episodes. The series is quite good, next episode's pacing looks like it'll be better. Or just check the manga out if you want more Dakki.

What do you think about 90's Dakki?

Heeeh, I like.

I just might do that.

The old design was objectively better.

She looks perfect with glasses.

Tell me more


She threw people in her snake pit and then ate them.

What were the nipple tassels for though?

>tfw no more erect nipples

Honestly kind of sickened by how fast the pacing was. I didn't even care about what was happening and kept losing track because there was absolutely no coherent timeline. It just jumped from one event to the next and it was really jarring? I sincerely hope the rest is better and they were just trying to get the info dumping out of the way because this is NOT how a reboot is supposed to go.

I haven't read the manga but I used to own the original anime on DVD and while it was shit, at least it gave you time to comprehend what was going on in the story. Good god. I'm not sure which reboot has disappointed me more; this or Sailor Moon Crystal.

what chapter is hambuger


Did she want to eat the monkey?

She probably did.