Best artstyle, prove me wrong

Best artstyle, prove me wrong.

What's so special about it?

Looks about as generic and cookie cutter as it gets. Nothing to make it stand out from any other manga.

Looks like the Shin Sekai Yori fappable manga I once read.

Well, shes definitely wearing best panties

Same artist.

Where did Infection go wrong? By going full retarded?

How long does it take to get to this. The MC is retarded for his sister, and it is trudging along slowly.

Wrong, its good but best. Pochi is up there. The artist for kanojo okarishimasu is really good too. Hiten, Momoko, and hplay all are amazing, although they haven't been involved with manga.

He starts fucking by chapter 50.


>dat upview of her tits

thank you, user.


It's always been retarded since the early chapters though.

OP here, admit I actually made this thread to grab the source of the pic. Thanks.

Why haven't you been banned yet?

stop posting this sexy girl when her manga is not translated I can never read it

posting images like this can get you banned user, don't do this anymore

Only on nu-Sup Forums.

That's not Asanagi though.

It's translated up to chapter 40 though. You can watch her plump butt and DFC for 40 chapters.

Toriyama's early work was incredible. You can feel the passion before it was drained by Dragon Ball.

That's pretty nice OP

This looks incredibly generic to me. Nothing about it stands out.

I like it. The girls proportions are nice.

Best artstyle is sayman artstyle

Even early Dragon Ball was so comfy and full of life.
Dragon Ball was a mistake.

If Mikimoto isn't your favorite character designer, or at least top 3, all your opinions are fucking void.

Yasuomi Umetsu
Yasuhiko Yoshikazu
Nobuteru Yuki

Welp, suck it