Why the fuck do i see so many SJWs interested in anime lately...

Why the fuck do i see so many SJWs interested in anime lately. You almost can't have any discussion anymore on any anime group without them spilling some shitty propaganda.
I actually miss times where 99% of weebs were creepy perverted neckbeards.

Do you not remember the Hetalia and Inuyasha fangirls

Who cares?


>partake in "anime groups"
Play stupid games, win stupid prices.

Sup Forums itself has those type of people.
Just don't talk about politics here, or else there will be a huge shitstorm on the thread that someone talked about politics once.

Yes, Yoshi!

The creepy perverted neckbeards were rudely awakened to a new self-awareness by modern feminist & gender criticisms, which then produced two psychological tendencies. One tends towards reaction (negative) and the other tends towards progression (positive). Hence we have losers "practicing self care" before inevitably hopping on HRT and observant reactionaries like yourself who are disgusted by this pattern but are really more likely to be affected by this trend than normies.

Because ruining games wasn't enough now they want to ruin animes as well.

This shit pisses me off so much, especially because anime is something that should throw those fags off and it's supposed to be /ourhobby/
Meanwhile they not only are in groups but have real influence (Funimation subs/dubbing) which is shitty as fuck.
How do we stop this?

t. soyboy

t. faggot

Weren't they just as perverted as the men just on the other side of the spectrum?

Normalfags got bored of pretending to like videogames and have already started to pretend to like anime. SJW just follow since they see it as a good opportunity to make some propaganda.
If you want to blame something blame CR.

Because Japan is next on the hit lust after the West falls.

you do nothing, auts

Just recently i saw a serious discussion about how each anime "trap" character should be labeled in some fucking made up genderqueer terms.
This shit is getting out of fucking control.
I want off this train right fucking now.

I personally believe the kikes are to blame.

At least many anime-focused e-celebs and reviewers are boycotting CR and promote watching anime illegally.

What was her name again?

fuck off back where you came from

Animu is mainstream now, it's getting the same treatment as vidya and nothing you can do will stop it.
Prepare for
>That's right, I am girl AND an Otaku ^_^

Too problematic for you?

The fact that you know about what e-celebs say/do is enough of a good motivation to kill yourself.

absolutely sweetie

Whenever you encounter SJWs, just start posting rape doujins for whatever series they're talking about. Remind them of the culture they're claiming to like.

I want to fucking kill myself.

That started decade ago, mate.

Where? Why would you ever leave Sup Forums? What's a sjw anyay?

The good thing is that Japan will not pander to some annoying gaijins from California.

do you think this is Sup Forums? kill yourself

You yourself can only have fun through trolling, manipulation and guilt. You got no right calling anyone out on the same thing.
I miss the time where it was possible to have a normal fucking conversation on Sup Forums and maybe, possibly even laugh, even if it wasn't always anime related.

Fuck off

Not until they become dependent on Shitflix money.

you need to go back

you need to go back too

Fuck off back to Sup Forums with this nonsense. What other website are you from that you're even around these people to begin with?

Because anime is very pro women.


The "good old days" were shitty too, even without shitters like OP

Japanese sales will drop, and they will realize that pandering doesn't sell in Japanese society.

Fuck off Sup Forumstard. I'd take SJWs over your kind any day.