Itt scenes that fucked you up

Itt scenes that fucked you up

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what anime is this?

Urusei Yatsura. The episode was about a girl who was terminal ill. She always saw the protagonist (Ataru Moroboshi) running to school, with a big smile of his face. She comes back as a ghost and her only wish is to go out in a date with him.


What ep number

Episode 157: "I Love Darling's Kindness..."

My insides feel all tangled up when I think about this anime. There was something beautiful there in the middle of all the chaos and tragedy.

Akira and Miki were cute in Crybaby. The ending wouldn't tear me up nearly as bad if it weren't so uncertain about comes of them after their deaths. I like to think that the bike scene was a flash forward and was the two of them together in some sort of afterlife.

Yeah, truly humans are capable of being just as evil as demons when we're at our worst

So sad bruh


>I like to think that the bike scene was a flash forward and was the two of them together in some sort of afterlife.
Same. They deserve a happy ending.

>playing bowling

Akira was too good for this world

I was just extremely pissed off at the end that humanity went extinct.

>that scene where Akira informs her of her family's death and they both break down and lose themselves crying



Okay guys I dont get it. How do demons go into a human body? Is there any condition to meet? Or do you just go to the Sabbath and get "lucky"?



they have to enter at a moment when the person has lost all sense of reason and are acting on instinct and hope that they aren't pure-hearted like Akira.


Miki crying broke my heart.
Speaking of another powerful scene After Ryo reveals his identity and even the rappers pull their guns against him, Miki just goes down the stairs and says that Akira was also crying and suffering, she defends him and knows what he's still a good person.


Mami from Madoka. Don't have a webm. And that's a good thing.


Does all series from Go Nagai ends in genocide/apocalypse? It's kinda lame knowing everyone will die just because I watched some stuff from this author, but it's all like this?

Major One Piece spoiler

I just didn't really feel like the anime had much of a point other than "Humans are shit."
We all know how bad humans can be, and the anime, by manner of having some characters oppose the shitty humans, does show that some humans can be nice as well, but it just seems to revel in its nihilism. "Woo, look, they're shooting each other and killing the protagonists! Shocking, right!"
I don't know, it just really didn't resonate with me, and I was expecting to love it, Berserk is one of my all-time favourites. Is the manga much better?

Crybaby's Miki was too precious and pure for Go Nagai's sinful world.

I don't think so, Nagai does tons of shit.


>Mayuri... Who's lab member 004?

I never get why Ace is so beloved, it was a non existence character and when he died i was more sorry for luffy than... what was his name?


I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, did I? This is not leaving me anytime soon.


Should have quit when they hugged in ep9, would have been better off

sauce on this one?

It's ok, user. It's hard to get more fucked up after Go Nagai's shenanigans. Unless you actually pursue the fucked up shit.


Jesus... The beginning of Fire Punch annnd the middle was pretty hellish. And whatever part we're on rn desu

His first manga ended with the PTA butchering an entire school

>the entirety of episode 13

that shit made me anxious as fuck

We needed a reason for Whitebeard to get involved early andfor him to be friendly. Well, BB ruined it later, but Oda created Ace early into the story with this intent.

>the way she snaps out of it just to hug Akira when his identity becomes known
It's Kaiba's level of feel train again.

Fire Punch adaptation by Yuasa fucking when.

friends for life



Miki saying goodbye to Akira from Amon the darkside of Devilman.

Not gonna lie... Punpun's dream of talking to Aiko after she killed herself really fucked me up...

Never ever. We will never see best director animated.

Still fucked up desu



Hunter X Hunter spoiler

>> playing bowling
Just like when I was playing golfing.

How can this scene mess you up emotionally when we barely know the characters in this?


>the moment she remembers

The whole portrayal of humanity was seriously offputting. We really aren't as degenerate or tribalistic as this anime makes us out to be. Honestly, I was kind of glad that humanity got wiped out, because we acted like a bunch of subhuman apes in this fictional universe.

The themes are very dated but you have to keep in mind the rough plot is from the 70s, so of course the motifs are gonna seem very cliche


Good narratives aren’t dated by something like that. If it really reveal some great truth about human nature the core message wouldn’t feel dull.

Pic related twice.
Call me autistic but this anime was a huge mess. I really don't know how I finished this.

that was the point where they really went out of the way to say "hey. shit is getting serious now, nobody is safe". way pretty disturbing when i first saw it, i thought there was no way they'd kill off such a young qt, let alone in such a brutal way

>Leave the love of your life in the middle of an apocalypse to go hug kids


I think that Yuasa made a big mistake for sticking so close to the source material instead of making his own thing loosely based around the manga. Total nihilism doesn't fit him, in his works love ALWAYS wins and there's always a hope for the future and self-realization even if the world is fucked like in Kaiba.





I mean, the whole point of the series is God teaching Ryo how to love and sympathize. The earth had already been destroyed once before because of Ryo and he did not learn his lesson. Now that he realizes the wrong in his actions, the earth is free to breed life without being caught in Ryo's cycle. It is a positive ending, but positive in a scale too large for us to care about.

that makes me feel somewhat hopeful that Akira and Miki met in the afterlife in peace then.

The manga isn't nihilistic. It's just grim and tragic.

I can still feel the betrayal...

Time to cry.


This five second scene came out of nowhere and fucking destroyed me. I genuinely believes in what she says.

Fafner's good at making me cry

That's a little meta, but sure.

At least they got a happy ending but goddamn did it hurt.

I regularly just get annoyed when media claims that the second things take even a moderate turn for the worst all of human society will just collapse. I stopped watching the Walking Dead because of just how annoyed I was getting by how weirdly antisocial and sociopathic every single human seemed to be.
>holy crap, the first living humans we've found in six months!
>We could ask you for survival tips, how much of the area you know, trade resources to our mutual benefit, or even team up to watch each other's backs, and when we settle down next, have extra hands for farming and construction
>but no let's all just point guns at each other and act to our mutual detriment

Devilman wasn't the worst example of this, but a lot of that is riding off of assumed information given out during the timeskip where the world goes from "Demons? Really?" to "KILL YOUR NEIGHBOUR THEY'RE PROBABLY A DEMON"
Literally how does the world descend into anarchy that quickly. Most people probably wouldn't hang around in public places that often, but most people would assume their friends, family, and most of their co-workers to be okay. Although the show does go from implying 25% of the worlds population are demons to maybe 100 demons in existence worldwide, so that's all fucked.

it's just a boat tho



Sorry, I couldn't... all her emotions and feelings at once revealed

The anime isn't nihilist, and neither is the manga.

I think the manga does a better job exploring and presenting itself, though.
It's an exaggerated depiction of paranoia to fit an exaggerated conflict. Would society react and crumble quite like that? Maybe not, but it's not hard to find historical parallels.

Inuyashiki when he attempts to save his daughter Mari in the building fire but finds her dead body. Then attempts to heal her with his robo powers. When it doesn't work he tries to resuscitate her. Then when it doesn't work he starts to cry. I broke when he went back to try resuscitating her. I really thought she was dead. That scene fucked me up bad. It didn't help that I was high af at the time.

Damn the whole anime was a roller coaster. I'm glad only one scene was spoiled for me.

that and this fucked me up hard

god damn texhnolyze was a ride

It was a shit show though.

Yuasa said Crybaby is a story about love. It’s just that love only gains meaning for Satan when it’s too late. That’s the type of story Devilman is and I believe Yuasa did a great job of keeping the tragic ending while focusing on more hopeful themes like empathy and understanding. I believe that’s also why he included the final battle, so that he could show Akira trying his best to reach him. The contrast makes it really powerful, at least for me.

That entire episode was just total trauma

Kano has to be one of the most fucked up villains in all of anime.

No, but there's about an even chance of it.